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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ May 2, 1988

2020.10.08 18:03 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ May 2, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
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  • [NWA] The biggest story of the week is Barry Windham turning on Lex Luger to join the Four Horsemen on the April 20 WTBS taping. They made it meaningful. Windham and Luger were challenging Tully and Arn for the tag titles and they posted Luger, who bled for the first time in seven months. And Windham tried to make the tag on two occasions, but Luger wasn’t there, and J.J. Dillon got in his ear and with a bit of encouragement he lariated Luger so Arn could get the pin. Luger and Brody doing clean jobs in the same week has Dave joking the Road Warriors will be next. Anyway, Midnight Rider followed Windham into the heel dressing room and was jumped by all the heels, who unmasked him. But the faces saved him before we could find out who this mysterious enforcer of what’s right could have his face caught on camera. Windham rode off in the Four Horsemen’s limo holding the mask to close the show. Given the cards they’ve got set up all around the country for May, Dave thinks this must have been a spur of the moment thing, but by all accounts it came off fantastically.
  • The Crockett Cup, on the other hand, did not come off fantastically. At least not on the first night. Totally disorganized is the phrase Dave uses. The wrestling was excellent and the second night was a very good show, with the exception of having a half full arena. The first night had nearly a full house. The only good thing about the show, aside from the wrestling, is really that the right team won. Dave reviews both nights. Anyway, main things of note: Tony Schiavone announced at the beginning that Windham had pulled out and that Luger would pick a new partner, which everyone assumed would be Midnight Rider and would lead to them going to the end. The bracket was a mess and basically wasn’t really used. The first match was a forfeit since The Green Machine didn’t make it to the building on time (he was there by 8 pm when the tickets said the show would start, but the show started at 7 so yeah). Music miscues happened, the Mexican delegation was Curtis Thompson and Gene Ligon in red versions of the Cruel Connection’s outfits, and the Japanese team was Johnny Ace and John Savage because the actual Japanese team “missed their flight” or so they said. Steve Williams and Ron Simmons took on Rick Steiner and Mike Rotunda at the point the intermission should have happened and was supposed to be the final second round match according to the program, but yeah let’s roll with it. The crowd cheered the announcement that Ron Garvin was injured (following the use of the spike by Kevin Sullivan in the aftermath of the Prince of Darkness match, which meant Sting had no partner. Well, Lex Luger’s looking for a partner, so here we are, the beginning of Sting and Luger as the worst best friends. The final match of night one should have been the Midnight Express vs. the Varsity Club, since they were the only remaining teams left not to have second round matches. For some reason we got the Midnights vs. the Sheepherders instead, and this counts enough, because it’s how the Midnights made it to the quarter finals. Oh, and Flair, who won Most Hated Wrestler by the PWI this past year, gave a promo and got a standing ovation. Very hatred indeed.
  • And that’s just night one. But before night two, Dave talks about Ricky Steamboat’s gym in Charlotte. Dave went to pick up some t-shirts because those make great gifts. Well, the guy at the front desk refused to sell Dave anything because it was 5:01 pm and the gym was closed. “I flew in from California just to buy t-shirts” was not a convincing argument either.
  • Anyway, night two of the Crockett Cup began with announcements, and the crowd was buzzing because word of Barry Windham’s turn was starting to get around. But since it hadn’t aired, pretty much everyone was going off secondhand information. Anyway, the first announcement had to do with Garvin’s injury and the crowd cheered again. Then they announced Windham was out and had joined the Horsemen, and people were beside themselves hugging and cheering this news. And when Sting and Luger were announced, the women in the audience punctured everyone else’s eardrums. Night 2 sees a much improved quality of matches. The Fantastics vs. Varsity Club get 4 stars and Dave notes they had the best opening match he’s seen in years. Sting and Luger beat the Midnights in a 3.75 star match and Dave praises Sting (not “one of the elite workers in the world yet” but definitely on his way). Road Warriors vs. Powers of Pain used the over the top DQ Dusty finish they used last month for Midnights/Fantastics in the same arena, and Dave can’t believe the booking there. Arn and Tully beat the Fantastics in a 3.5 star match.Flair and Nikita Koloff had a completely predictable, watchable, ho hum match. The finals saw Sting and Luger beat Arn and Tully in another 3.5 star match, and Luger put some work into this one (he wasn’t in much at all in the earlier matches, and he blew up after 10 minutes in this one.
  • Dave guesses that the reason the finals drew so poorly comes down to a few factors. Nobody believes the $1 million prize, for one thing, and tournaments don’t draw without a really strong bracket. Nobody cares about Flair vs. Koloff. Midnight Rider isn’t doing anything for anybody and they put all their tv energy into that. The Crockett Cup has a three year history and has yet to sell out a building once. It’s time to re-evaluate. Fewer teams and matches would be a good start, and that would allow a meaningful world title match on night one. Getting outside teams would be good too because it would provide some drawing power by putting on the show people the crowd is not used to, but easier said than done.
  • Akira Maeda’s UWF sold out its debut show for May 12 in 15 minutes. Dave thinks this might be a record for pro wrestling. Fans camped out on April 15 outside the Korauken Hall box office to get tickets the next morning, and more than 6,000 fans were turned away once the show sold out. This news is forcing some re-evaluation of opinions on UWF. With this, Maeda is now the hottest guy going in Japan. It’s leading to demand for UWF to have television, and Tokyo Channel 6 wants to broadcast specials. They’re looking at the 11,000 seat Ariake Coliseum for August. Dave personally thinks UWF will attain a cult following for its hyper-realistic style, but it’ll lose the mainstream general public because of the lack of flash, high flying, and showmanship. That said, a Japanese reporter told him that if Maeda becomes “cool” in the eyes of Japan, he’s going to be “cool” regardless of what his style is and people will follow what he’s doing. If something is “in” in Japan, everybody follows it, according to the reporter. UWF gaining a following will likely hurt Baba and Inoki because they’ll look fake by comparison, and it’d wreck any plans WWF might have of entering the Japanese market beyond a week’s tour a year. Money shouldn’t be a big issue - they only have six wrestlers on contract and two front office people, so they can reinvest profits into the company heavily. That said, they only have three guys (Maeda, Nobuhiko Takada, ad Kazuo Yamazaki) with name value, which only gives them three options for main events, so staleness is a possibility. Only time will tell.
  • War is brewing in Oregon and Roddy Piper has thrown a spanner in the works. He’s appearing on April 30 for Don Owen. Piper turned down lucrative offers from the WWF and NWA in the past year, so this definitely feels like a personal favor to help out Owen, who gave Piper his big break in the late 70s. Even when he worked for WWF, Piper refused to work in Washington or Oregon because they weren’t Owen’s shows right up until the end of his career, when he worked a couple shows in Seattle and Tacoma after Owen had given up running those cities. He even worked Owen’s 60th anniversary card in 1985 when he was the top heel for WWF. Piper’s appearance has forced Billy Jack Haynes to push his debut card back a week to May 7, and Owen’s bringing in Tom Zenk and Curt Henning for that night.
  • [All Japan] Bruiser Brody jobbed clean by pinfall to Jumbo Tsuruta on April 19 to lose the International Title. The finish was a back suplex and it’s the first pin he’s taken in Japan since 1980.
Watch: Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Bruiser Brody
  • [WWF] The April 30 Saturday Night’s Main Event was taped on April 22. Results saw Beefcake beat Danny Davis and cut his hair. This was supposed to be HonkyTonk vs. Beefcake, and they ran ads for it all the way to the last minute, but Honky didn’t wrestle Beefcake. He did work both the taping and the taping from the night before and never dropped the Intercontinental Title, though. Duggan beat Hercules by DQ. Demolition beat the Bulldogs by DQ in a non-title match. Ted DiBiase beat Don Muraco. Randy Savage retained the WWF Title against One Man Gang. Andre the Giant squashed Jake Roberts, who got his heat back after the match with the snake.
  • Former Atlanta promoter Paul Jones passed away on April 17 at the age of 86. When they announced his passing at Jerry Blackwell’s tv taping in Marietta for his promotion some fans cheered because they thought the announcement was about the NWA manager Paul Jones.
  • There’s a movie called Tokyo Pop coming out shortly and a few joshi have non-speaking roles. Bull Nakano is among them. It’s apparently not a very good movie, and not worth it if you just want to see Bull.
  • The Edmonton Athletic Commission has warned Stampede that no spitting, swearing, or brawling in the crowd will be allowed going forward.
  • [Stampede] Wayne Hart and Gary Allbright (the latter to make his debut as Volcan Singh) injured their knees in training. Referee Hermann also has a bum knee that’s keeping him out, so yet another brother (Ross Hart) is filling in.
  • Apparently Owen Hart is having second thoughts about going to WWF. Three Japanese tours a year and working the rest of the year apparently seems pretty satisfying to him.
  • On April 23, Memphis formally announced a talent trade deal with World Class. Jerry Jarrett has taken over as booker for Memphis from Jerry Lawler, and he made the announcement that the Von Erichs, Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, Chris Adams, Terry Taylor, and “World heavyweight champion” and “first Black World champion ever” Iceman King Parsons would be coming in shortly. World Class has cut down Fort Worth shows to every other Sunday, which frees up some Mondays to come over to Memphis for work. Most of the guys in World Class could use the dates, because just working for World Class means they aren’t making any money. TV fans had no reaction to this, apparently.
  • [Memphis] Downtown Bruno called out Jerry Lawler on tv on April 23 while dressed kind of like Ric Flair. This led to Robert Fuller jumping Lawler from behind and putting a noose on him and dragging him around before choking him over the ringpost. Jeff Jarrett made the save. Continental did the same angle in Birmingham on April 18 with an airdate of April 23 with Tony Anthony and Tom Prichard, and since some cities get both shows some are upset at Fuller and Bruno doing it and copying the deal. Nobody seems upset at the whole lynching aspect, just at the copycat thing.
Watch: Robert Fuller hangs Jerry Lawler
  • Continental’s version of the noose angle got a lot of heat. Dirty White Girl/Lady Mystic (she’s used both names) came out with a black eye and pleaded with Gordon Solie to get Tom Prichard through two whole matches, with the idea that Tony Anthony (whom she valets) punched her. Eventually Solie gets Prichard and Anthony sneaks up behind him and handcuffs him then ties a noose around his neck and drags him to the ring where he hangs him and blood comes from his mouth. They destroyed the old set during the brawl, which is leading to the rename of the promotion as the Continental Wrestling Federation and the building of a new set.
Watch: Tony Anthony hangs Tom Prichard
  • Continental is doing a tournament in late May for a new CWF champion. Whoever holds the title will also be number one contender in the area for the AWA World Title, which Continental now recognizes as the world championship of record.
  • [All Japan] Brody and Tenryu’s title unification match drew 4,400 fans out of a capacity of 7,000 and ended at 30 minutes in a double countout. Since Brody dropped the title to Tsuruta, that means that the big une 10 Budokan Hall show will be headlined by Tenryu putting up the PWF and United National titles against Tsuruta’s International title.
  • All Japan’s ratings have dropped significantly since being moved from prime time to Saturday nights at 10:30 pm.
  • May 20 to June 26 are the dates for this year’s IWGP tournament in New Japan. Announced names include Billy Gaspar (Bob Orton), Owen Hart, Adrian Adonis (who has lost something like 80 lbs according to those in touch with him), Mr. Pogo, El Canek, Dr. Wagner Jr., and more.
  • New Japan is doing a big show at Ariake Coliseum on May 7. Inoki will defend the IWGP title against Vader, and Keiichi Yamada will challenge World Karate Association champion Don Nakaya Nielsen for his title. Nielsen had a famous match in 1986 against Akira Maeda which really helped establish Maeda’s popularity. Dave thinks it’s likely Yamada will be the first pro wrestler (to his knowledge, anyway) to do a job to someone from a different sport in one of these mixed matches, which would set Nielsen up for another mixed match in August against a bigger name wrestler.
watch: Nielsen vs. Maeda from 1986
  • Antonio Inoki gave a guest lecture at a school recently and a kid asked him if he could beat Giant Baba. Inoki said if he met Baba and couldn’t beat him, he’d kill himself.
  • WWF won syndicated ratings again for the week including March 27, taking third place overall with a 10.9 in 255 markets. Crockett got 6th place with an 8.4 in 183 markets, and All-Star Wrestling Network got a 5.6 in 164 markets. These numbers are for the weekend of Clash and Wrestlemania, and WWF predicts a new record for the following week, but we’ll see how that works out for them.
  • Adrian Adonis has either threatened to or already gone through with filing a lawsuit against the AWA over his ankle injury in January. That injury cost him a tour of Japan
  • There was an angle in Southern Championship Wrestling on April 17 where Mr. Atlanta knocked out Mr. Wrestling II and tried to unmask him. Out of nowhere comes a second Mr. Wrestling II to make the save. They’re calling the new guy Mr. Wrestling, and he’s being played by Joe Powell. Interestingly, over a decade ago Powell worked as an imposter Mr. Wrestling II.
  • Nearly everybody Dave said was gone from WWF in the past couple issues is still around. Outback Jack and Mike Sharpe were on tv recently in jobber roles, while Terry Gibbs and Craig De George did tv interviews. And even Hulk Hogan appeared as a surprise on April 21 to squash Boris Zhukov. He’s not booked for any other shows until the end of May, but obviously that doesn’t mean as much with the surprise appearance on the table.
  • Harley Race was hospitalized and had to have a foot of intestine removed.
  • Butch Reed was apparently fired along with Sika and S.D. Jones.
  • At the Superstars taping, Savage vs. Andre for the title was the dark match. It went three minutes and Andre choked Savage from the jump, and the fans just chanted for Hogan the whole time. Savage got DQed for hitting Andre with a chair when he started chasing Elizabeth.
  • Mel Phillips has been replaced as ring announcer by Mike McGuirk. Aside from messing up a couple tag team introductions, she did a good job on her first day.
  • A possible hint for the role of Big Bubba Rogers. Jimmy Hart said he’s looking for a bounty hunter to get Beefcake for what he did to Hart’s hair, so that might be him.
  • Dave responds to a letter asking him not to cover POWW or GLOW and requesting his opinion on the long-term effect of Wrestlemania IV sucking. Dave thinks it’s obvious at this point that Wrestlemania won’t have much long-term negative effect and that Crockett has already squandered whatever positives they had coming out of Clash by failing to realize that building the entire show around one person is the opposite of what they should do. Like a skilled politician, Dave argues that Vince can tell everyone his show was a success so often and convincingly that they forget, while Crockett too often fails to follow through and correctly take advantage of anything they manage to get hot.
  • Another letter heaps praise on the Malenko brothers for not needing a gimmick. “The Malenkos have a gimmick called wrestling, a term that seems to be forgotten, but as long as the Malekos are around there is still a chance it won’t be extinct.” I like me some Dean Malenko, but “guy who wrestles good” is a terrible gimmick if you have nothing else going for you, and Dean’s no font of charisma. There’s a reason he had a ceiling.
  • Owen Hart is rumored to be debuting for WWF in July as a masked wrestler with a gimmick something along the lines of Tiger Mask in terms of appeal to children. Dave thinks this would work great if he had people capable of working at his level and if WWF would let him do his good moves rather than try and quash his style to keep the rest of the crew from looking bad. And thus we have the first early mention of the Blue Blazer.
  • WWF is thinking of running a Randy and Elizabeth tv special. Dave thinks it might be a possible head to head against Crockett’s July ppv. Not until Summerslam 1991, Dave.
  • Starting with Survivor Series, WWF will be on tv in France.
  • Dave speculates that Crockett turned Windham due to unimpressive house show attendance. The April 17 Charlotte show drew “one of the smallest crowds in years” and the April 24 show at the Omni only drew 1,400, or less than 10% capacity, for what was an excellent show. Dave heard from someone in attendance that the Midnight Express vs. The Fantastics was a five star match. They had three shows booked for May, but after how poorly this show did, they cancelled two of them.
  • Crockett’s July ppv is tentatively scheduled for July 10. That’ll be the first Great American Bash ppv, and Dave’s guessing that they’ll keep the same plan for the main event and go with Flair vs. Luger.
  • Finally, the most important news of the year is in. WWF’s new tv announcer is Sean Mooney. He used to produce This Week in Baseball and co-hosted Light Moments in Sports with Joe Namath.
NEXT WEEK: WCCW announces card for Parade of Champions, Oregon war heating up, April 30 Saturday Night’s Main Event, Wrestling telethon in June, transcript of hour 1 of Bruno’s radio interview, and more
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2020.09.29 17:23 AncientAssociation9 Recontextualizing Daenarys

When people talk about Dany on this sub they talk about re thinking her character. They say that the audience should go back and take a second look at her actions throughout the series. If we do that then it is clear that she was always a violent Tyrant. The word tyrant is thrown out a lot, despite the fact that all monarchs are tyrants. The show makes a point to call her a tyrant as well through Sansa. The word has such a negative connotation attached to it (and rightfully so) that people try to compare her to the worst rulers in history. The problem with this is that you cannot also continue to claim that she is a grey character when the only people that she is compared to are the people history has colored as bad or evil. I think this is a mistake as it finds a ruler who is responsible for a lot of death and is hated in the history books to make a superficial comparison. Very rarely is she compared to individuals like Truman or Cleopatra as opposed to people like Tamerlane or Hitler. Part of this is the fault of the writers as they relied on Nazi imagery in the last episode and I believe this influences the thinking of audiences.
I have always said that if we are to truly look back on Dany, then we should also look back at all the characters and then expand that to how we talk about real life rulers. I believe this because simply stopping at Dany is not learning a lesson or challenging ourselves. When looking at Dany it is striking to me how much her journey resembles Abraham Lincoln. Most will scoff when they read that or call me a Dany stan because Dany is supposed to be an evil tyrant at the end and Lincoln is a celebrated US president, but that is the point. Remember we are asked to re examine Dany and in doing so we should reexamine others we celebrate even if it makes us feel uncomfortable.
This isn't to excuse Dany's actions or to tear down Lincoln. It is however designed to make us think about how we label people. I am not judging who was right or wrong in their decisions. My purpose is to show how similar some of their actions were, and to ask why one is celebrated and one is framed as a tyrant. I also understand that in some descriptions of Lincoln that I am simplifying a few things because this is long enough and I don't want teach a history class. I want to know what are the nuances between them? Should we look at Lincoln differently and if so does that call into question his causes the same way some call into question Dany's causes? Should we look at Dany a 3rd time and see her in a more positive light if we are going to continue looking at Lincoln in a positive light? Please discuss after reading their similarities.
Both Dany and Lincoln grow up poor. Obviously Lincoln isn't on the run or from a former well to do family but it is obvious that his background informed him just like Dany’s. Both Lincoln and Dany had very little education growing up and became sort of self taught. Lincoln only had one year of schooling but never stopped reading to better himself. Dany remarks that she could only count to 20, but we see her quickly picking up on different cultures and languages as she grows up throughout the series.
Abolition didn't start altruistically at first:
Both Dany and Lincoln don't start their abolition for the sake of abolition. Dany wants an army and Lincoln wants to preserve the union. Its their actions once they start abolition that are the most interesting. In re looking at Dany we are told that its her past actions that should have revealed her as a tyrant. Both she and Lincoln commit very similar actions for some of the same reasons during their respective tenures.
Collective Punishment:
Dany in anger decides that she would practice collective punishment when she crucifies 163 masters for the crucifixion of 163 children. Many say this was a sure sign of her tyrannical rule. They argue that she didn't bother to find out who was guilty and punished innocent men of the specific crimes they were accused of.
On July 31 1863 Lincoln issued order General No.252. Angered by the treatment of black union soldiers that were mistreated as POW's by the confederates, Lincoln ordered that any indignities suffered by them would be replicated on an equal number of Confederate POW's.
“For every soldier of the United States killed in violation of the laws of war, a rebel soldier shall be executed,” wrote Lincoln. “For every one enslaved by the enemy or sold into slavery, a rebel soldier shall be placed at hard labor on the public works, and continued at such hard labor until the other shall be released and receive the treatment due to a prisoner of war.”
This sounds a lot like Dany saying that she would answer injustice with justice.
None of the Confederate POW's were guilty of the crimes done while they were in captivity and thus were being punished in the same unfair way the Masters were. I do have to note that I am unsure if he ever had to carry out his threat, but you don't make orders like that without intent.
Was Lincoln wrong for this, or do you see an important nuance? Does the cruelty of Dany's actions outweigh the similarities?
Killing of POW's:
We need to remember that the practice of retaliatory killing was not uncommon during the civil war. Confederates often abused or killed surrendered black POW's and in retaliation the Union would respond in kind. These practices were not hidden from the generals and other higher ups. I wanted to mention this because although I am absolutely against killing POW's, there seems to be a real misconception about how often it was done in real life in order to further paint Dany in a bad light during the Tarley incident as if it is that out of the ordinary. Lincoln didn't do the deed himself, but he knew it was being done, and this finds him once again in the company of The Dragon Queen.
Willing to ignore rules or the law when it suits them:
In another act of collective punishment Lincoln suspends habeas corpus to silence dissenters and rebels. This gave the military the power to detain and hold anyone that spoke out against them. Some put the number as high as 14000 people and over 300 newspapers with no due process. The only difference between this and Dany's crucifixion's are obviously the deaths, but I doubt if Dany had done this her detractors would have felt any different about her being a tyrant.
Another common criticism against Dany is that the killing of Mossador and the feeding of the masters to her dragons shows inconsistency about how the rules do not apply to her depending on her mood. Doesn't Lincoln suspending habeas corpus to arrest political adversaries show the same disregard for the law?
In truth Dany feeding the master to the dragon is a lot like Robb Stark allowing his wolf to maul a man for questioning his authority as far as intimidation goes. In real life the intent behind trying to put down an insurgency is more like Bush and Gitmo.
I will burn their cities to the ground:
To be fair Dany only threatens this 3 times. The first time should be discounted because it was made under stress and desperation of dying after begging. She should be criticized for threatening it to the spice king. The 3rd time is a little tricky for me. Her city was being attacked. Launch a missile into a city in present day in any modern country and see what happens. Guarantee you sensible advisors will advise to strike back at the country of origin. Its only in modern times do we have the options to strategically attack just military targets. Even in universe Robb raids the Westerlands to pay Tywin Lannister back in kind. That is just how war is conducted unfortunately.
Dany burns KL down to the ground. For the purpose of this we will ignore the theory that she does it because of a mental break, and focus on the theory that says it was all calculated to end the war quickly and install fear. The atrocity is so grand that this is what first starts the lazy Hitler comparisons. I have always argued that this line of thinking puts her more in line with Truman and Lincoln. Dany’s burning of KL is very similar to Sherman's “total war” strategy in Georgia. It was brutal, destructive, and hurt southern moral. One of Sherman's subordinates explained it in this way:
“...If that terror and grief and even want shall help to paralyze their husbands and fathers who are fighting is a mercy in the end.”
Sounds a lot like Dany in S8 doesn't it?
Bend The Knee/ loyalty oaths:
Bend the knee or die seems to be pretty standard for Westeros. Every one from Renly, Stannis, Pappa Tully and Robert all practiced some form of it. Because of this I never understood why it was so wrong when Dany practiced it. Bend the knee is basically a loyalty oath. Would it surprise you that Lincoln also demanded fealty? Political prisoners and POW's were granted a Presidential pardon upon taking an "oath of allegiance" in Lincoln's ten percent plan. This plan featured an oath to "faithfully support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the union of the States thereunder" as a condition for a Presidential pardon.
Obviously Lincoln wasn't killing people for refusing his oath of allegiance, but he is living in a more modern time. Both rulers are products of their environments to a degree. loyalty oaths are a big red flag in democracies. The question should be asked if given the same situation but living in Dany's environment, would Lincoln also ask people to bend the knee or die, especially given some of his other actions during the Civil War?
Failure to protect newly freedmen:
After the US civil war the reconstruction was a failure. Like Dany in Astapor the government failed to follow up with protection for the newly freed slaves. This led to the rise of the Klan which is very similar to the Sons of the Harpey. Slavery as an institution didn't return, but Jim Crow was basically the former masters clawing back power and control over the former slaves for about a hundred more years . This is also similar to the masters coming back to power in Slavers Bay.
The difference here is that Lincoln was killed and cant really be blamed for the failure of the government to continue his plans. This is one that isn't an apples to apples comparison and more a similar outcome to the same problem.
Willing to kill innocents or allow them to die in order to build a better world:
Tyrion explains that Dany is willing to kill many in order to build a better world. Lincoln did not see building a better world as his destiny, but he was willing to allow innocents to die in order to further civilization as he saw it. Several massacres of Native Americans also occurred under Lincoln’s watch. The Sand Creek Massacre in southeastern Colorado in 1864 also resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Cheyenne and Arapaho. The US military attacked and destroyed a village of Cheyenne and Arapaho people in southeastern Colorado Territory, killing and mutilating an estimated 70–500 Native Americans, about two-thirds of whom were women and children. These men took scalps and other body parts as battle trophies, including human fetuses and male and female genitalia.
Very little is discussed about Lincolns treatment of Native Americans. Few would even know that he presided over a few Native American massacres, and often preached to them about joining civilization. It should be noted that Lincoln did not order this massacre and most likely didn't know about it until after it was over given that he would have been more focused on the war effort. A good point of distinction is that unlike with the crucifying's of the 163 masters there were investigations.
But it should also be said that despite the investigations the commanding officer who led the attack was allowed to resign with "strong condemnation" but no jail time or real punishment. What is the point of investigations if the guilty go free and the bad policies that contributed to the atrocities are continued? This helped continue distrust of the government and Native peoples opinion of Lincoln. Towns and streets were named after this man.
My point is that if Daenerys is to be held responsible for the attack on Mirri's village even though she couldn't have known what the Dothraki were going to do, then Lincoln can be held responsible for the attacks under his watch as he had more power to prevent them and made no effort to stop harmful Native American policies that may have pre dated his term, but he willingly continued to further settlement of the west and push his version of "civilization."
Not willing to allow secession:
Personally I was never sold on Northern secession in the show. I also never thought Dany not allowing it was some sort of red flag of tyranny as much as a difference of opinion that never really got debated. Tyrion himself even seemed to be skeptical of granting independence when Dany grants it to Yara. Even Renly was adamant to rule over a united 7 kingdoms when Cat asked what would happen if Robb refused his offer.
Why anyone believes that the North suffered more than any other place or that they deserve independence because of it is beyond me. They were not being oppressed. They suffered injustices like everyone else. They even helped fight a war to continue the subjugation of another group of people who fought for independence when they helped Robert put down the Greyjoy rebellion. If the main argument is that culturally different people should be allowed to govern themselves, then we have to ask should Lincoln have allowed the south to leave the union?
In the end both Lincoln and Dany are assassinated by people from a region that wants to secede from the established union.
Both leaders are considered tyrants by their secessionist foes. Are both leaders tyrants or is there a difference? Is our response to this question contingent on how we feel towards the goals of the opposing side and is that bias? How many leaders should we look back on and re examine as tyrants? Is Truman a tyrant for dropping the bomb and the internment of Japanese Americans? Is Bush a tyrant for Gitmo, or Obama for drone strikes that definitely killed innocent people? Where is the line and where is the nuance?
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2020.09.24 18:26 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr. 18, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
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  • Akira Maeda announced that he’s restarting the Universal Wrestling Federation (the Japan version, not the one Bill Watts had) and they’re running their first show at Korauken Hall on May 12. Nobuhiko Takada and Kazuo Yamazaki, along with Yoji Anjo, Tetsuo Nakano, and Shigeo Miyato are also going with Maeda. All of them are members of the original organization, which closed in September 1985. The official announcement was set for April 8, but the story broke early. Expect matches to be in the style of the original UWF, focusing on a hard martial arts style of kicks and holds with next to no showmanship. UWF lasted 17 months in its original incarnation and gathered a cult following in Tokyo, but it couldn’t draw on the road because they had no tv and the style was fairly impenetrable to all but the hardest core fans. Like, I love Shayna Baszler, but I also don’t want an entire promotion of Shayna Baszlers, and that’s UWF. Anyway, they’re not going to do tours like the other big promotions in Japan, but rather do a big show each month in the big cities only. Their next planned show in Tokyo after the return isn’t until August, and they won’t hit Osaka until December. Back in November Maeda shot on Riki Choshu, breaking two bones under his eye and getting Maeda suspended, before ultimately getting fired on March 1 after he wouldn’t come to terms on a new contract. Dave expects UWF 2.0 to have a hard time making it with only one show a month and videotape as their only revenue streams (yeah, tapes are too expensive for the PWG model to work).
  • And tying into all this, Takada and Yamazaki’s last match in New Japan saw another shoot incident. On March 19 in Korauken Hall, they wrestled Kuniaki Kobayashi and Norio Honaga, and Kobayashi slapped Yamazaki hard at the opening bell. Since he apparently was already going to quit, Yamazaki then shot on Kobayashi, kicking him in the face and they then brawled until several wrestlers broke them up. Later on he tried again when Kobayashi had Takada in an abdominal stretch.
Watch: Takada and Yamazaki vs. Honaga and Kobayashi
  • Outside that news, the world of wrestling is quiet in the post-Wrestlemania season. WWF will have tv tapings on April 21 in New Haven and April 22 in Springfield, Massachusetts, as well as a Saturday Night’s Main Event taping that week and a Madison Square Garden show on the 25th. The line-up for the New Haven taping has DiBiase vs. Beefcake, Savage defending against Andre, Honkytonk vs. Bigelow (may not happen, since Bigelow underwent double knee surgery last week), and Strike Force vs. Demolition. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of rating they pull for an entire show without Hogan.
  • WWF released information on their internal projections for Wrestlemania IV, and in hindsight they’re laughable. They anticipated a gross of $40 million when adding the gate, ppv, closed circuit, and projected videotape sales. As for their reports on what they did take: they’re claiming $1.5 million for the live gate (probably accurate, if you include the site fee Donald Trump paid), $20 million on ppv (they’re claiming a 9.8 buyrate), and $4 million incoming from the 100,000 video tapes they project selling. (Dave’s been told that’s never going to happen). Even adding up those figures, you fall ludicrously short of their projected $40 million, and yet publications are running with the numbers and even the $40 million number and not even bothering to add things up. And that really gives proof to the fact that it does not matter what the actual numbers are for WWF - they are entirely built up on image, and the whole wrestling business is too, for that matter. WWF needs to claim Wrestlemania IV was a bigger success than Wrestlemania III for three key reasons: 1. Advertisers and the media have predicted the end of the “wrestling fad” since the beginning and anything that would make them think it actually is dropping off will make sponsors drop WWF real quick, 2. WWF can’t allow an image of failure (and let’s be clear, Wrestlemania IV wasn’t a failure, it just wasn’t as successful as projected), and 3. It keeps people from looking into why it wasn’t as successful as projected. Now, the reasons there are that the tournament as an idea wasn’t as strong as they thought it would be and that weakens the image of Vince as a genius, but he can’t be blamed here because it looked like a good idea until the ticket sales numbers started coming in. And if someone got the idea that Crockett’s show hurt them, well that makes them competition, and WWF’s official company line is that there is no competition to them. So if you’re WWF, you have to project strength on all fronts and positive momentum no matter what, and in a way that’s what keeps them running - the momentum of their own image of success is more powerful than the reality of their actual numbers. And since to the wider world Wrestlemania was not a failure and Crockett doesn’t even exist, that might just be the biggest hurdle they have to overcome and should be Crockett’s number one goal. And indeed, WWF/WWE has always managed to keep a stranglehold on the public image of wrestling in the United States, even in the Monday Night Wars to an extent, as evidenced by the many times WCW’s contributions would be ignored or even labeled as WWF stuff.
  • Syndicated ratings for the week ending March 20 had WWF at number 3 with an 11.2 All-Star Wrestling network (AWA, Memphis, Pro Wrestling this Week, POWW, GLOW) got an 8.6 and 6th place, while Crockett had a 7.8 for 7th place.
  • The third Crockett Cup takes place on April 22 and 23 in Greenville, SC and Greensboro, NC, and it’s the least hyped yet. The Crocketts are projecting a sellout and $307,000 at the gate, and advance sales have been good, but Dave gets the feeling it might be too soon to run a big show after a big show, since it’s hard to get a crowd up in interest again so soon after a big peak point for interest. And then there’s the build, which has been awful. Flair vs. Koloff, the main event for the second night, won’t even be announced until April 16, like it’s a throwaway. Midnight Rider vs. JJ Dillon in a bullrope match probably won’t be announced until then too, and not even all the teams for the Cup have been announced yet, let alone the bracket. Dave knows about 14 teams, some of which haven’t been announced officially, and they have every name guy there is in the company, which means ten teams of jobbers. And that’s going to make the Greenville taping suck. Much better to limit things to 16 teams, but that’s not the Crockett way.
  • Gordon Solie leaving Global may be the biggest burial Dave’s ever seen. Bob Roop, the face commentator, talked about Solie as a once-great announcer and former legend who has absolutely lost it, while Red Roberts played heel and “portrayed Solie as someone who never [was] what he appeared to be” and said he was a “very ordinary man who was a different person when the camera was off.” They referenced little off-camera remarks Solie would make denigrating fans and brought up all the jobs he’s lost in the past few years (TBS, Pro Wrestling This Week, Championship Wrestling from Florida, which really isn’t a lot in wrestling, but whatever). Obviously, lots of hard feelings about Solie quitting Global to go work with Steve Keirn and Jerry Jarrett in their proposed Florida promotion.
  • Central States is now working with World Class to get big names for their big shows, and the first outing of this joint venture was a total disaster. It mostly comes down to the World Class guys not being able to get enough work in Texas. Anyway, they had Mike George defend the “World” title against Chris Adams, and George accidentally hit Adams really hard in the face with a dropkick. He broke Adams’ cheekbone and nose, and knocked out several teeth as well. No word on how long Adams will be out of action, but he’s going to have to have reconstructive surgery. Considering he just came back from a broken hand (which didn’t heal correctly in the first place), he may have the doctors re-break it to let it heal correctly.
  • Stampede had a near sellout in Calgary on April 1. The main event had Owen Hart and Jason the Terrible vs. Johnny Smith and Makhan Singh in a street fight (Owen and Jason won by DQ, so I guess those are possible in Calgary street fights). Everybody bled and Kerry Brown and Rip Rogers ran in to attack Owen and Jason, which caused the disqualification. At one point Smith hit Jason with a 45 gallon drum. For April 8 they announced an eight-man street fight, but due to the mayhem the Calgary Boxing and Wrestling Commission is refusing to authorize a street fight, so it’s going to be a regular eight-man tag match.
  • May 9 in Memphis is going to be Jerry Lawler night. They’ll have Curt Hennig defending the AWA World Title against Lawler, and if Lawler loses he’ll retire from wrestling. Their April4 stretcher match drew 6,500 on the strength of $1 student tickets. Lawler was going to win, until Scotty the Body (the future Raven) interfered ineffectively, and Eddie Gilbert came out after and used chloroform to knock Lawler out and put him on the stretcher. A riot almost broke out. On April 9 Scotty and Lawler had a grudge match where Scotty would get a date with Missy Hyatt if he won. He lost, bad, and Missy slapped him, and he’s back as a babyface since Lawler saved him from a beat down afterwards.
  • Dave hears that AWA is trying to get out of being a wrestling promotion and operate more as a booking office. The idea is to showcase as many wrestlers as they can on the Las Vegas tapes, use ESPN to sell shows for local promoters, and farm their talent out. We’ll see how that goes.
  • AWA is bringing some dude named Diamond Dallas Page in to manage Diamond and Tanaka. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are apparently also being booked out of the AWA now, which should end rumors of them going to the WWF.
  • Bob Orton signed a three year contract with New Japan.
  • Fabulous Lance still hasn’t arrived in World Class.
  • Correction on the description of the King Parsons title win in World Class. Black Bart and Buddy Roberts weren’t shining flashlights in fans’ faces when the lights went out.
  • New Japan had no tv for the past three weeks but returns on April 16 in a 4 pm to 5 pm Saturday timeslot. It’s going to get pre-empted regularly for the rest of the year due to TV Asahi having other sports they have higher on their priority list.
  • The departures from New Japan in the wake of the UWF announcement have them hurting pretty bad for roster depth.
  • Bob Orton’s getting over well in the small towns with his Billy Gasper the pirate gimmick. He’s doing lots of clowning around and that works in the small towns. It’s going poorly with the Tokyo fans, though.
  • Masa Saito did an interview on March 18 saying the guys in the pirate masks aren’t real pirates and he’ll bring real pirates to New Japan. Orton then did an interview and said they were real pirates, and said a third Gasper brother named Barry coming to Japan.
  • Two more All Japan Women retirements have been announced. Kazue Nagahori (age 19) and Condor Saito (age 20) announced their impending retirements on April 2. That brings us to 7 women leaving the promotion since December (including Dump Matsumoto, Yukari Omori, and Devil Masami). Losing Dump has done a huge number on their ratings - Dump’s retirement show drew a 13.2 (compared to an average range from 8.5-11.5), but their first show without her drew a 5.7.
  • The Jumping Bomb Angels returned to AJW and were billed as WWF Tag Team champions. They’re defending the titles over there right now. We’re a couple months from Moolah getting the titles and division killed off.
  • All Japan is building toward an April 15 match between Genichiro Tenryu and Bruiser Brody to unify the singles titles. Tenryu has the United National and PWF Titles and Brody has the International Title. This doesn’t go anywhere. This issue’s street date is one year to the day before the Triple Crown Championship is established.
  • Tom Magee is wrestling preliminary matches in All Japan, and Dave gives an overview of his career thus far. He debuted in October 1985 and everyone thought he’d be a future superstar. Built like Lex Luger, strong as an ox (he’s a three time winner of World’s Strongest Man competitions), 6’5” and north of 270 lbs, and experienced in gymnastics and karate so agile as all hell. On paper, he’s kind of like Lesnar: just a freak specimen of an athlete. Only, unlike Lesnar he couldn’t transition that into learning to wrestle even a lick. He started out in Stampede and his very first match was his best because he just kept getting worse. He had a terrible match in Japan against Riki Choshu where a spark of potential might have shone for a millisecond. WWF signed him and debuted him in a match against Bret Hart, and Hart made him look incredible and Vince was convinced he had the guy to replace Hogan., only to find out later that the match was all Bret and nobody else knew what to do to make him look good. They had him on the C string house show tours with no improvement in sight, and he left to go do strength stuff in Europe. Unlike Ultimate Warrior, whose build is similar and wrestling ability is even more negligible, Magee had no charisma or personality to save him. So 2.5 years after supposedly being the next Hogan, he’s still no better than he was on his first match and has no discernible future in the wrestling business. The match is on the WWE Network on the special Holy Grail: The Search for WWE’s Most Infamous Lost Match.
Watch: Tom Magee vs. Riki Choshu
Watch Tom Magee reminisces about his match with Bret Hart
  • Vince McMahon is trying to get lobbyist support to abolish the Washington State Athletic Commission.
  • April 2 in San Juan Puerto Rico drew 10,000 for WWC with Hercules Ayala beating Carlos Colón to retain the Universal Title by disqualification. On the same card, Invader #1 (fuck Invader #1) regained the TV title from Super Black Ninja (Keiji Muto).
  • Madusa Miceli is doing a test shoot for Playboy. Playboy’s wanted to do a spread with a pro wrestling personality, but several women have turned them down and Dave won’t name names, but you can probably guess accurately anyway if you know the major women in the business right now. I can’t decide if the extremely minimal coverage Dave gives American women’s wrestling at this point is an advantage in guessing (if you go by Dave’s coverage, Candi Divine, Sherri Martel, Medusa, Rockin’ Robin, The Glamour Girls, the Jumping Bomb Angels, Precious, Missy Hyatt, Misty Blue, Baby Doll, and Elizabeth are basically the only women in the United States), or if it’s an indictment of his coverage of women’s wrestling. Anyway, Medusa does the shoot, but doesn’t authorize release because she gets an offer to do a tour with AJW, and with the strict code of conduct in Japan for performers, she made the smart move for her career here.
  • Northeast Championship Wrestling is trying to get Iron Sheik and Sergeant Slaughter together for a match. The big wrench in the works there is Vince McMahon. If Sheik can clean up his act, he’s likely to get re-signed by Vince because McMahon still sees some cartoon villain value in him on the lower card.
  • Everything in Global is still revolving around the Dr. Red Roberts and V.C. Minh vs. Col. Kirchner and G.I. Joe Palardy feud. But worry not, they’ve got a guy named Steve Collins who’s turning heel because he’s got two valets called the party girls, and one (Dominique) is a heel. The other is apparently the hottest valet in the business right now, and I cannot believe that sentence is basically verbatim.
  • We get a letter from a graduate student in the radio-tv department at Auburn University (nowadays he’s a professor at Union University) who wants to offer his professional take on Clash and Wrestlemania. He says Clash definitely wins for best show and Sting/Flair wins best match, then runs down positives and negatives for each. For Wrestlemania, the camera setup, lighting, roster, Ventura, and quality finals are all big pluses for the show, and the venue had the requisite glitz and Bob Uecker fit in well with the zany cast of characters as well. For Clash, the big pluses were solid feuds, minimal Dusty, better lighting than their previous shows, good use of interview segments, Bob Caudle, three really excellent main event level matches, limited ad breaks, Jim Ross emerging as the best commentator in the company, better wrestlers, and a really hot crowd from start to finish. Negatives for Wrestlemania include Gorilla Monsoon’s cliches, the unwieldy tournament, too long a card, a weak main event compared to the match they had on Saturday Night’s Main Event (it seemed rushed for time), and the non-tournament matches were largely garbage, leading the whole show to feel unfocused, confused, and unprepared compared to Wrestlemania 3. Clash had some minuses as well though: too many crowd reaction shots, timing miscues on shots going wide, why were Jason Hervey and Ken Osmond at the judges’ table, the cop-out finish to the main event (they could have saved it with Osmond playing his character to break a 2-2 tie for Flair), maybe a bit more context on a couple things like Dusty/Tully/Magnum would have helped out, and they could have really used a video package for FlaiSting to set the stage for new viewers. He rates both shows out of five on several fronts. For overall production, Wrestlemania wins 4.5 to 4 over Clash. For match quality, Clash gets 4.5 to Wrestlemania’s 2. For crowd enthusiasm, Clash wins 5 to Wrestlemania’ 1.5. Clash gets 4 (for Jim Ross) and Wrestlemania gets 3 (for Ventura) on announcing. For overall excellence, Clash wins 5 to Wrestlemania’s 2, leading to overall totals of Wrestlemania 12.5/25 to Clash’s 22.5/25.
  • The rest of the letters are more thoughts on Wrestlemania and Clash. You can guess fairly accurately that the vast majority agree Clash was better. One ridiculously long letter takes a contrarian view and tries to argue that Flair looked like a sad, tired old man and the match gave him all the Sting he’ll ever need to see for the rest of his life.
  • In Global, there’s a team called Death Row and they beat up a plant in the audience. Dave thinks this is the stupidest angle ever, because why would fans buy tickets if they think it puts them in danger of getting beat up by the wrestlers for no reason?
  • Also Global, Rusty Brooks and Jumbo Barretta won the tag titles in a match where they were on opposite teams. Brooks was teamed with Tom Nash and Barretta with Matt Oddo, and somehow Brooks and Nash won when Barretta wouldn’t get in the ring to fight Brooks, but somehow Brooks and Barretta wound up becoming champions out of it. Nobody understands what happened.
  • Joe Pedicino is running a 20 hour wrestling telethon on May 28 to benefit the Atlanta Police Department. It won’t be just wrestling - there will be some movies and sports interspersed in. So I guess it’s not exactly a 20 hour wrestling telethon, now, is it, Dave?
  • So that Hogan movie? Not a biopic. It’s going to star Hogan and the story will be built around a toughman contest. Dave notes that every movie with that concept has bombed. Well, Dave’s wrong about this being a toughman movie, but he’s right about it bombing. We’re at least somewhat conceptually closer to No Holds Barred, at least.
  • Roddy Piper signed a three movie deal with John Carpenter for several million dollars. Good for Piper, but he needs to hope his movies continue to do well - one flop and Hollywood is likely to move on from him and the other movies will likely be forgotten.
  • WWF has done some spring cleaning. S.D. Jones, Iron Mike Sharpe, Sika, Outback Jack, Hillbilly Jim, Johnny V, and Terry Gibbs are all gone. Craig De George, an announcer, is also gone.
  • Vince McMahon is privately blaming himself for Wrestlemania not being as successful as expected. Particularly, he’s beating himself up for letting the creative slide. Is this where the beginning of the creative slide that gets us to the New Generation doldrums began? I don’t know, so I guess we might see.
  • NWA Main Event is the new big show, so obviously the best way to build it up is to have it pre-empted four weeks in a row right after it debuts. Yep. Atlanta Braves baseball has kicked NWA Main Event from its timeslot for the next few weeks and it wound up on at 11 am Saturday, so nobody saw it. There were apparently some good matches this week, and Dave promises to talk about the show and some of its production snafus next week.
  • Last week Dave incorrectly reported that Brad Armstrong had knee surgery. He didn’t. He just took off the week to rest up, but his knee is messed up and he probably should get surgery.
  • [NWA] Midnight Rider (Dave calls him Midlife Rider) debuted on the tv tapings on April 10. If you somehow don’t know, it’s Dusty. Anyway, he came in on a horse with Magnum T.A. leading the horse, then came out later and choked Tully Blanchard with a lasso.
  • The April 30 Saturday Night’s Main Event will be taped on April 22. They’re taping an episode of Wrestling Challenge too, so expect a 5 hour card if you’re there live. And bring a pillow, because this sounds dreadful: Savage vs. Gang for the title, Honkytonk vs. Beefer for the title, Bulldogs vs. Demolition non-title, DiBiase vs. Muraco, and Andre vs. Jake the Snake.
  • Big John Studd was set to return to WWF, but has pushed his planned return back to the fall. Push that back until December. It’ll be Studd’s final run in the company and it’s only going to last until June next year, but at least he’ll have a Royal Rumble win out of it. After that he’ll do occasional independent dates and retire in 1990 after discovering he has Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
NEXT WEEK: Big shows being built, New Japan coming to American tv?, more in-depth poll results analysis, and more
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2020.06.19 17:57 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ January 25, 1988

January 25, 1988
Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988
  • February 5 could be the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning of this current wrestling war. No doubt about it that McMahon’s Main Event will be a big success, especially with Andre vs. Hogan headlining and lots of publicity. There’s a good chance it cracks the top 15 weekly ratings, but that’s where things get tricky. If it succeeds, WWF will want to do it again, as will networks. Does this then mean weekly prime time wrestling? Just four years ago it was almost unthinkable that pro wrestling would be on network tv at all, and WWF has had a run of successes all through 1987. They’re firing on all cylinders and drawing big ratings with everything, and that’s the sort of thing networks find appealing. Could this lead to network tv for Crockett? Probably not - no way would Crockett give up the creative control necessary to make their show fit for network tv, and no network would have “you-know-who” (I’m guessing Dusty?) as the showcased star. Dave expects that if this show is a success, we may see WWF getting offered a weekly network deal by fall of 1989 to combat falling ratings (doesn’t that sound like Fox in 2019 making a deal with WWE?). The question is if WWF can put on interesting weekly tv shows long enough to keep interest in the long-term, and Dave’s not sure they can do that. He also isn’t sure Vince will be smart enough to avoid the trap of weekly network tv if the opportunity is there. On the other hand, whatever time they did get would be very lucrative for the duration. So would passing it up even be the smart move? Wrestling as a whole could fall to scandal at any moment, so is the long-term really worth considering too hard?
  • Focusing on the event itself, Andre and Hogan have big pressure on them. Andre’s condition means they can’t do a good match on their own, so they need a good finish and need to gimmick their way around the limitations. Hogan winning cleanly is the bad option - it would kill interest in Hogan’s match for Wrestlemania because nobody will be able to get over to Andre levels to be believable. Andre winning with Hogan challenging at Wrestlemania is the most discussed scenario, but Dave wonders if they’ll mortalize Hogan. It’s a hell of a needle to thread.
  • At the time of writing, Rumble vs. Bunkhouse is one week away. Dave fully expects Crockett’s ppv to fail, based on all indications he has. Dave’s pessimistic about their ppv numbers and the number of homes they’ll clear, and they’ve done a terrible job at hyping things up. The fact of the matter is this: every cable company will compare their performance to WWF (an unfair comparison), and that’s just going to not look good for Crockett. Failure here will make it harder to get the Crockett Cup carried, especially if WWF puts the pressure on after Wrestlemania. One of the companies Dave has contacts with has given indication that the Bunkhouse Stampede isn’t selling at all with them, which is not a good sign.
  • The Midnight Rockers are AWA Tag Team Champions. The December 27 match in Vegas ended with a double pin and the referee awarded the match to the Midnight Express. They’ve since announced that decision was overturned and the Rockers are champions. The real reason is that the Midnight Express have quit the AWA. Randy Rose wasn’t making enough money and wanted a guaranteed contract to keep him coming up from Georgia, and Condrey (who had a guaranteed contract) got his contract cut. So Condrey quit immediately, and Verne apparently didn’t want to keep using them so he didn’t even want to bring them back to do the job. Dave’s not sure where Paul E. Dangerously stands in this, but he’s heard stories indicating he’s still with them and that he’s split from them. Either way, he wasn’t at the most recent AWA taping. The Rockers are still mostly wrestling in Memphis, but expect that to change soon.
  • Good news for Crockett: their tv ratings seem to have stopped dropping and they might be rebounding. Their syndicated package has returned to the top 15 (coming in at number 14, two spots behind the All-Star Wrestling Network package which has 65 fewer stations it’s available on). So it’s good for Crockett that they’re improving, but that comparison to the ASW network means there’s still lots of room for improvement. WWF came in fourth place with their syndicated package.
  • All Japan Women has a big challenge ahead of them as both Dump Matsumoto and Yukari Omori arintend to retire in the Spring. AJW has a retirement rule in place where wrestlers are expected/made to retire at 26, and Omori just turned 26 last week. Matsumoto is 27, but they had waived the rule for her due to her drawing power and because they had no one to take her spot as a top heel. So this past year was spent building Bull Nakano and Condor Saito for that role, and the goal is to phase out Dump over the next two months. Dump, like Devil Masami, reportedly wants to continue wrestling and may tour North America. If used correctly, Dave believes she could make women’s wrestling in the U.S. and gain one of the biggest cult followings in all of wrestling. She’d need to be given the push and let completely loose for it to work, but “her gimmickry is such that she would actually get over more in the U.S. than in Japan.” Dave’s seen how Americans react to her in Japan and how they go to AJW shows just to see her (and more Americans go to AJW shows than go to either New Japan or All Japan), and he really thinks Dump has the potential to be among the biggest things going in America if she were to come over, on the same level as the Road Warriors. The Jumping Bomb Angels have been doing fantastically in WWF, so there could be a spot for Dump there. The only problem is it would mean phasing out most every American woman they have, because the only one they really have who can keep up is Leilani Kai. Anyway, Omori and Matsumoto retiring would mean five of the eight biggest draws for AJW would no longer be working there, leaving Bull Nakano, Lioness Asuka, and Chigusa Nagayo to carry things along as they try to develop new draws.
  • [Memphis] Another week, another week with neither Lawler nor Bill Dundee turning heel. Their January 11 match (ring vs. $5,000) ended in a ref bump and the visual was Dundee pinning Lawler, until Terry Taylor ran in and hit Dundee with a DDT, then beat up Lawler and the match was a no contest.
  • [Memphis] For January 18 they have Lawler putting up his ring against Curt Hennig’s AWA Title. Lawler’s talking about this as any kind of loss will result in Hennig getting the ring, and Dave wouldn’t be surprised if Hennig drops the belt, probably to drop it back to Hennig in Vegas in February at the next tv tapings.
  • [AWA] The last show in the Minneapolis Auditorium will be on February 4 and is being billed as Old Timers Night. They’re bringing in Dick the Bruiser, Kenny Jay, Leo Nomellini, Bronko Nagurski, Billy Robinson, Dr. X, Red Bastien, and Butch Levy for guest appearances, and Curt Hennig vs. Greg Gagne will be the AWA Title match. Otherwise the card is a mystery.
  • Nord the Barbarian’s car commercials have made him the most over wrestler in the Twin Cities after Hogan. AWA is, of course, afraid to push him too much lest he leave and it winds up hurting them. Nord doesn’t work dates outside Minnesota, even.
  • Due to the Winter Olympics coming to Calgary next month, Stampede’s going to have to move from their usual spot in the Pavilion. The Pavilion seats 2000 people, and their shows in February will be in a 1000 seat building.
  • Southern Championship Wrestling’s second tv taping drew 400 and had a couple highlights. Dick Slater said in a promo that when he was through with SCW he’d be more hated than Bill Watts. The other highlight was Bruiser BRody accidentally calling Grizzly Boone Grizzly Smith. The promotion’s figurehead president also confiscated Paul E. Dangerously’s mobile phone.
  • Global in Florida now has Gordon Solie doing tv for them. The Malenko brothers are the best workers, and Solie talks about how much the fans are booing those dastardly Russians even as they get nothing but cheers and are the most over guys in the promotion.
  • The UWF (Japan version) has folded and is closing up, and that’s the only real news in New Japan. The UWF was Akira Maeda and his friends negotiating as a group with New Japan and they had their own business office. With Maeda gone from New Japan, the group has dissolved and been fully absorbed into NJPW. Kazuo Yamazaki is being kept on, and Maeda will probably return in the future. UWF guys will now stop wrestling a different style and won’t sell UWF merchandise at shows anymore.
  • [New Japan] Inoki and Fujinami are teaming again. Dave finds this pretty unsatisfactory and indicative of how any success New Japan is having right now is in spite of their booking, not because of it. They teamed, feuded, never had a singles match, and are now teaming again all without the feud ever coming to anything or getting resolved. Irritating.
  • [World Class] The Freebirds (King Parsons, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts) won the WCCW 6-man tag titles on January 4. The former champs were Kevin Von Erich, Steve Simpson, and Chris Adams. Matt Borne subbed for Kevin in the match as the Birds attacked Von Erich backstage and left him injured, but he came out during the match to interfere and cause a disqualification. And in WCCW titles change on disqualification, so yeah. Anyway, extra funny for Dave is how pointlessly they lied on commentary in the match where Kevin, Steve, and Chris won the titles on Christmas in the first place. They called it the finals of a tournament being held around the country over the past several months, but everyone knows Simpson was out for several months because of a torn retina and only just came back. Not to mention the other guys involved who were either in Japan, not working for World Class, or otherwise occupied. Lying’s baked into the DNA of the business, but that doesn’t mean everything you say has to be a lie.
  • World Class is pushing Ken Mantell’s wrestling school hard on the air. They’re calling it the World Class Academy of Wrestling. It was formerly known as the UWF training center.
  • Mantell’s come up with a hell of a gimmick match idea, and it’ll be the feature on the January 22 Dallas show for WCCW: the Thunderdome match. It’s a ten man elimination tornado cage match pitting Kevin & Kerry Von Erich, the Fantastics, and Chris Adams against the Freebirds, Jack Victory, and John Tatum. There are five sets of handcuffs in each corner, and when a man gets pinned he gets handcuffed to the ropes. When all five members of a team are cuffed, the winners get the keys and can uncuff their guys, after which the referee will leave the ring and they get five minutes to beat up the cuffed and defenseless losers. Dave thinks this sounds like a great match concept and expects a sellout on the strength of it (and no, as much as he’s been ragging on WCCW, there’s no sarcasm there at all - he’s genuinely positive on this).
  • Word this week on WCCW’s ownership is that Mantell owns 30%, but the company’s been restructured and he’s Managing General Partner and calls all the shots. Fritz has called at least one shot, though so…
  • Steve Corey had been helping revive WCCW’s business with spot shows, but some of his ideas lately have been not great. He recently promoted one in combination with a Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evert-Lloyd tennis exhibition, and Dave thinks there can’t be anything dumber than trying to put in one show a women’s tennis exhibition with pro wrestling. Fortunately the tennis players balked and the show wound up canceled, but jeez.
  • **Last note from WCCW: on the January 4 show they had Brian Adias and Frankie Lancaster vs. Missing Link and Bill Irwin in a first blood match between Wild West and WCCW representatives. Link and Irwin won, and Bill Mercer went on and on about how it was a win for Wild West over World Class, which has Dave thinking at least Crockett did one thing right with their UWF vs. NWA angle. There Crockett had NWA win and come out on top and look superior, which was stupid, but smarter than scuttling Wild West, then having Wild West look better than World Class anyway. The galaxy brain move would have been to not mention promotions at all.
  • WWC from Puerto Rico now airs on channel 41 out of Patterson, New Jersey in the New York area.
  • Dave got a line-up for a January 9 card in Pasadena, Florida for “Women’s Championship Wrestling.” Wendi Richter was listed as world champion, and Luna (Vachon) and Lock (Wenona Littleheart) are there as The Daughters of Darkness.
This appears to be from a bit earlier, but Women's Championship Wrestling
  • Dave’s calling off his hunch about Lawler winning the AWA Title in the short term.
  • [NWA] Dick Murdoch has a great match with Nikita Koloff. That alone is a big surprise, but he’s also giving hilarious promos and has become the highlight of the promotion. Dave doesn’t think their February 6 barbed wire match will be as good, but he’s pleasantly surprised about Murdoch putting on his working boots.
  • [NWA] Barry Windham vs. Tully Blanchard for the Western States Title on January 15 (to air January 23) was awful. It went almost half an hour, and 17 minutes in they did a bit where Barry injured his leg and limped for the rest of the match. Near the end, he did a flying clothesline and the referee counted to two before stopping, expecting the bell to ring for a time limit draw. But the bell didn’t ring. So he looked at a replay and called for the match to resume, only for Flair and Arn to run in, with Luger running in to make the save, with the Horsemen beating Luger up and wanting Windham to join them. Several fans jumped the rails and ran into the ring to attack the Horsemen and had to be dragged out, and in the end Luger and Windham shook hands. Dave says scrap any notions of Windham being the fourth horseman (he considers that Steve Williams probably has too many Japan commitments, and that really just leaves Ron Garvin which won’t happen), because it looks like they have no candidates lined up. Au contraire, Dave. They’re just slow-burning Windham’s heel turn. Wait until April.
Watch: Barry Windham vs. Tully Blanchard for the Western States Title
  • Once again we have a letter asking for coverage of POWW and GLOW. There’s more space in the issues now that Dave’s gone to two columns, so coverage of them and of more international wrestling from England, South Africa, and Mexico would be welcome. Seems like Dave’s got a small, but vocal subset of subscribers clamoring for more coverage of women’s wrestling at home as well as abroad.
  • Roddy Piper’s The Highwayman pilot is going to be picked up. Piper is probably not going to be involved in the series going forward, though. In other news, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and Lex Luger were in a pilot for Canadian tv called “Learning the Ropes.” It’s about Lyle Alzado (who was also involved in the pilot for The Highwayman and also won’t be involved in the series going forward) as a single father schoolteacher with two kids who works as a wrestler on the weekends. They made four pilots and it’s set up as a half hour sitcom. Not sure yet if it’ll be picked up, but the letter writer who gives us these bits of info about these projects promises to let us know if she can find out.
  • Roddy Piper is also going to be the lead in John Carpenter’s next movie, which is a great sign for him having a future in Hollywood. It’s a little movie called They Live.
  • Iron Sheik appears to be returning to WWF. Dave expects him and Bubba Rogers to debut on the January 26-27 tapings.
  • Wrestlemania IV won’t be at the Superdome. Dave’s not sure where it will be, but the Superdome, Kingdome, and Silverdome are all booked for the NCAA basketball tournament. Dave’s been told they’ll be at a 20,000 seat arena, but only a few know for sure and they’re keeping their lips sealed.
  • Joel Watts (son of Bill) quit WWF’s tv crew and is apparently getting out of the wrestling business. I’m gonna blindly blame Kevin Dunn.
THURSDAY: Bunkhouse Finals and Royal Rumble, NWA bleeding talent, Starrcade buyrate revised, and more
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2020.05.23 02:37 price21 (Giveaway) 2 MA Screen Passes Left (Long list, Sorry)

Screen Pass Info: How much time do I have to watch the movie after accepting a Screen Pass? Once a Screen Pass is sent, it must be accepted within 7 days. Once accepted, you will have 14 days to start watching the movie and 72 hours to finish once it’s been started. More info:
(If you know of a better way to share the list, please let me know. Thank you.)
Only 2 passes left for May.

  1. 12 Strong HD
  2. 2 guns HD
  3. 300 HD
  4. 300 rise of an empire SD
  5. 40 year old virgin (Unrated) HD
  6. 47 Ronin HD
  7. 500 days of Summer HD
  8. Accepted HD
  9. The Accountant
  10. Admission HD
  11. Alien Covenant HD
  12. Almost Christmas HD
  13. American Pie (Unrated) HD
  14. American Pie 2 SD
  15. American Sniper HD
  16. A Million Ways to Die in the West (Unrated) HD
  17. Aquaman HD
  18. Argo HD
  19. Armageddon HD
  20. Assassin's Creed HD/4K
  21. A Star is Born HD/4K
  22. Atomic Blonde HD/4K
  23. Austin Powers Goldmember HD
  24. Austin Powers International Man of Mystery HD
  25. Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me HD
  26. Bad Moms HD
  27. Bad Times at the El Royale HD
  28. Balls of Fury SD
  29. BASEketball HD
  30. Batman and Robin HD/4K
  31. Batman Begins HD/4K
  32. Batman Forever HD
  33. Batman Gotham by Gaslight HD
  34. Batman the Killing Joke HD
  35. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice HD
  36. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition) HD
  37. Beerfest (Unrated) HD
  38. Beetlejuice HD
  39. Beverly Hills Ninja SD
  40. The Big Lebowski HD
  41. Billy Madison HD
  42. Black Dog HD
  43. Blackkklansman HD/4K
  44. Blade Runner 2049 HD
  45. Blended HD
  46. The Blind Side SD
  47. Blockers HD/4K
  48. Blood Diamond HD
  49. The Boss (Unrated) HD
  50. The Bourne Identity HD
  51. The Bourne Legacy HD
  52. The Bourne Supremacy HD
  53. The Bourne Ultimatum HD
  54. The Break-Up SD
  55. The Breakfast Club HD
  56. Bridesmaid SD
  57. The Campaign SD
  58. Central Intelligence HD
  59. CHIPS (2017) HD
  60. The Change-Up HD/4K
  61. Con Air HD
  62. Cop and a Half SD
  63. Crazy Rich Asians HD
  64. Crazy Stupid Love HD
  65. Crimson Peak HD
  66. Darjeeling Limited HD
  67. Darkest Hour HD
  68. The Dark Knight HD
  69. The Dark Knight Rises HD
  70. Date Night (Extended Edition) SD
  71. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes HD/4K
  72. Death Race SD
  73. Die Hard HD
  74. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story HD
  75. Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) HD
  76. Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ultimate Edition (2015,Animated) HD
  77. Dude Where's My Car HD
  78. Dunkirk HD
  79. Edge of Seventeen HD
  80. Elf HD
  81. The Family Stone HD
  82. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald HD/4K
  83. Fantastic Beasts and Where to FInd Them HD
  84. The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift HD
  85. Fast times at Ridgemont High HD
  86. The Fate of the Furious HD
  87. The Fluffy Movie (Extended Edition) HD
  88. Four Christmases HD
  89. Friday HD
  90. Friday After Next HD
  91. Game Night HD/4K
  92. Get Hard (Unrated) HD
  93. Get Out HD/4K
  94. Get Smart HD
  95. The Girl on the Train HD/4K
  96. Girls Trip HD
  97. Godzilla (2014) HD
  98. Going in Style HD
  99. The Goonies HD
  100. Gran Torino HD
  101. The Grand Budapest Hotel HD
  102. The Great Gatsby HD
  103. Gremlins HD
  104. Hairspray (2007) HD
  105. The Hangover (Unrated) HD
  106. Happy Feet HD
  107. Happy Gilmore HD
  108. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone HD
  109. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets HD
  110. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban HD
  111. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire HD
  112. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD
  113. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince HD
  114. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 HD
  115. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 HD
  116. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army HD
  117. Hitchcock HD
  118. The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition) HD
  119. The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies (Extended Edition) HD
  120. The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition) HD
  121. The Holiday HD
  122. Holiday Inn HD
  123. Horrible bosses (Totally Inappropriate Edition) HD
  124. Horrible Bosses 2 HD
  125. Hot Fuzz HD
  126. The House HD
  127. How to Train Your Dragon SD
  128. How to Train Your Dragon 2 HD
  129. Identity Thief HD
  130. Idiocracy HD
  131. Inception HD
  132. Inglourious Basterds HD
  133. The Intern HD
  134. Isle of Dogs HD
  135. It (2017) HD/4k
  136. Jason Bourne HD/4K
  137. Joy HD
  138. Junior SD
  139. Juno SD
  140. Justice League HD
  141. Kickass 2 SD
  142. Kicking and Screaming HD
  143. King Arthur Legend of the Sword HD
  144. Kingsman Golden Circle HD/4K
  145. Kingsman Secret Service SD
  146. A Knight's Tale SD
  147. Kong Skull Island HD/4K
  148. Kung Fu Panda HD
  149. The Last Samurai HD
  150. The Lego Movie HD
  151. Les Míserables HD
  152. Let's Be Cops SD
  153. Life of the Party HD/4K
  154. Lincoln SD
  155. Little Nicky HD
  156. Logan HD/4K
  157. London has Fallen HD
  158. Lone Survivor HD
  159. The LoTR Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition) HD
  160. The LoTR Return of the King (Extended Edition) HD
  161. The LoTR Two Towers (Extended Edition) HD
  162. The Lost World: Jurassic Park HD
  163. Madagascar HD
  164. Mad Max Fury Road HD/4K
  165. Magic Mike HD
  166. Mallrats HD
  167. Mamma Mia HD
  168. Mamma Mia Here We Go Again HD
  169. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates HD/4K
  170. Miss Congeniality SD
  171. Mortal Kombat HD
  172. Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation HD
  173. The Mountain Between Us HD
  174. Mr. Deeds HD
  175. The Mummy HD
  176. Murder on the Orient Express
  177. Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 HD
  178. National Lampoon: Christmas Vacation HD
  179. National Security HD
  180. Neighbors SD
  181. Neighbors 2 HD
  182. Next Friday HD
  183. The Nice Guys HD
  184. Non-Stop SD
  185. Ocean's Eight HD/4K
  186. The Other Guys HD
  187. Pacific Rim HD/4K
  188. Pan's Labyrinth HD/4K
  189. Pitch Perfect HD
  190. Pitch Perfect 2 HD/4K
  191. Pitch Perfect 3 HD
  192. The Producers SD
  193. The Proposal HD
  194. The Purge HD/4K
  195. The Purge Anarchy HD/4K
  196. The Purge Election Year HD/4K
  197. Rampage HD
  198. Ready Player One HD/4K
  199. Rebound HD
  200. Red Sparrow HD/4K
  201. The Replacements HD
  202. The Revenant HD/4K
  203. Ride Along SD
  204. Ride Along 2 HD
  205. Rise of the Planet of the Apes HD/4K
  206. Rock of Ages: Extended Edition HD
  207. The Rocky Horror Picture Show HD
  208. Role Models HD
  209. Rush hour 1 HD
  210. Rush hour 2 HD
  211. Rush hour 3 HD
  212. San Andreas HD
  213. Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase SD
  214. Selena SD
  215. Semi-Pro HD
  216. The Shape of Water HD
  217. Shaun of the Dead HD
  218. Sherlock Holmes HD/4K
  219. Singin’ in the Rain HD
  220. Sisters (Unrated) HD
  221. The Sitter (Unrated) HD
  222. Sixteen Candles HD
  223. Skyscraper HD
  224. Speed HD
  225. Speed Racer HD
  226. Spy (Unrated) HD
  227. Stand and Deliver SD
  228. Straight Outta Compton (Unrated-Director’s Cut) HD
  229. Suicide Squad HD
  230. Sully HD
  231. Super Troopers HD
  232. Super troopers 2 HD
  233. Superbad (Unrated) HD
  234. Table 19 HD
  235. TAG HD/4K
  236. Taken SD
  237. Taken 2 HD
  238. Taken 3 SD
  239. Ted HD
  240. Terminator 3 HD
  241. This Means War HD
  242. Tombstone HD
  243. Trainwreck HD
  244. Transporter SD
  245. Transporter 2 SD
  246. Tully HD
  247. Unsane HD
  248. V for Vendetta HD
  249. Van Helsing HD
  250. Wanderlust HD
  251. Wanted SD
  252. Waterworld HD
  253. The Wedding Singer HD
  254. Why Him? HD/4K
  255. Wild HD
  256. The Wizard of Oz HD
  257. Wonder Woman HD
  258. The World’s End HD
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2020.04.28 06:24 price21 (Giveaway) 2 MA Screen Passes Left (Long list, Sorry)

Screen Pass Info: How much time do I have to watch the movie after accepting a Screen Pass? Once a Screen Pass is sent, it must be accepted within 7 days. Once accepted, you will have 14 days to start watching the movie and 72 hours to finish once it’s been started. More info:
(If you know of a better way to share the list, please let me know. Thank you.)
3 still available for June
  1. 12 Strong HD
  2. 2 guns HD
  3. 300 HD
  4. 300 rise of an empire SD
  5. 40 year old virgin (Unrated) HD
  6. 47 Ronin HD
  7. 500 days of Summer HD
  8. Accepted HD
  9. The Accountant
  10. Admission HD
  11. Alien Covenant HD
  12. Almost Christmas HD
  13. Along Came Polly HD
  14. American Pie (Unrated) HD
  15. American Pie 2 SD
  16. American Sniper HD
  17. A Million Ways to Die in the West (Unrated) HD
  18. Aquaman HD
  19. Argo HD
  20. Armageddon HD
  21. Assassin's Creed HD/4K
  22. A Star is Born HD/4K
  23. Atomic Blonde HD/4K
  24. Austin Powers Goldmember HD
  25. Austin Powers International Man of Mystery HD
  26. Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me HD
  27. Bad Moms HD
  28. Bad Times at the El Royale HD
  29. Balls of Fury SD
  30. BASEketball HD
  31. Batman and Robin HD/4K
  32. Batman Begins HD/4K
  33. Batman Forever HD
  34. Batman Gotham by Gaslight HD
  35. Batman the Killing Joke HD
  36. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice HD
  37. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition) HD
  38. Beerfest (Unrated) HD
  39. Beetlejuice HD
  40. Beverly Hills Ninja SD
  41. The Big Lebowski HD
  42. Billy Madison HD
  43. Black Dog HD
  44. Blackkklansman HD/4K
  45. Blade Runner 2049 HD
  46. Blended HD
  47. The Blind Side SD
  48. Blockers HD/4K
  49. Blood Diamond HD
  50. The Boss (Unrated) HD
  51. The Bourne Identity HD
  52. The Bourne Legacy HD
  53. The Bourne Supremacy HD
  54. The Bourne Ultimatum HD
  55. The Break-Up SD
  56. The Breakfast Club HD
  57. Bridesmaid SD
  58. The Campaign SD
  59. Central Intelligence HD
  60. CHIPS (2017) HD
  61. The Change-Up HD/4K
  62. Con Air HD
  63. Cop and a Half SD
  64. Crazy Rich Asians HD
  65. Crazy Stupid Love HD
  66. Crimson Peak HD
  67. Darjeeling Limited HD
  68. Darkest Hour HD
  69. The Dark Knight HD
  70. The Dark Knight Rises HD
  71. Date Night (Extended Edition) SD
  72. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes HD/4K
  73. Death Race SD
  74. Die Hard HD
  75. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story HD
  76. Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) HD
  77. Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ultimate Edition (2015,Animated) HD
  78. Dude Where's My Car HD
  79. Dunkirk HD
  80. Edge of Seventeen HD
  81. Elf HD
  82. The Family Stone HD
  83. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald HD/4K
  84. Fantastic Beasts and Where to FInd Them HD
  85. The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift HD
  86. Fast times at Ridgemont High HD
  87. The Fate of the Furious HD
  88. The Fluffy Movie (Extended Edition) HD
  89. Four Christmases HD
  90. Friday HD
  91. Friday After Next HD
  92. Game Night HD/4K
  93. Get Hard (Unrated) HD
  94. Get Out HD/4K
  95. Get Smart HD
  96. The Girl on the Train HD/4K
  97. Girls Trip HD
  98. Glory HD/4K
  99. Godzilla (2014) HD
  100. Going in Style HD
  101. The Goonies HD
  102. Gran Torino HD
  103. The Grand Budapest Hotel HD
  104. The Great Gatsby HD
  105. Gremlins HD
  106. Hairspray (2007) HD
  107. The Hangover (Unrated) HD
  108. Happy Feet HD
  109. Happy Gilmore HD
  110. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone HD
  111. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets HD
  112. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban HD
  113. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire HD
  114. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD
  115. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince HD
  116. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 HD
  117. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 HD
  118. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army HD
  119. Hitchcock HD
  120. The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition) HD
  121. The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies (Extended Edition) HD
  122. The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition) HD
  123. The Holiday HD
  124. Holiday Inn HD
  125. Horrible bosses (Totally Inappropriate Edition) HD
  126. Horrible Bosses 2 HD
  127. Hot Fuzz HD
  128. The House HD
  129. How to Train Your Dragon SD
  130. How to Train Your Dragon 2 HD
  131. Identity Thief HD
  132. Idiocracy HD
  133. Inception HD
  134. Inglourious Basterds HD
  135. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry HD
  136. The Intern HD
  137. Isle of Dogs HD
  138. It (2017) HD/4k
  139. Jason Bourne HD/4K
  140. Joy HD
  141. Junior SD
  142. Juno SD
  143. Justice League HD
  144. Kickass 2 SD
  145. Kicking and Screaming HD
  146. King Arthur Legend of the Sword HD
  147. Kingsman Golden Circle HD/4K
  148. Kingsman Secret Service SD
  149. A Knight's Tale SD
  150. Knocked Up (Unrated) HD
  151. Kong Skull Island HD/4K
  152. Kung Fu Panda HD
  153. The Last Samurai HD
  154. The Lego Movie HD
  155. Les Míserables HD
  156. Let's Be Cops SD
  157. Life of the Party HD/4K
  158. Lincoln SD
  159. Little Nicky HD
  160. Logan HD/4K
  161. London has Fallen HD
  162. Lone Survivor HD
  163. The LoTR Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition) HD
  164. The LoTR Return of the King (Extended Edition) HD
  165. The LoTR Two Towers (Extended Edition) HD
  166. The Lost World: Jurassic Park HD
  167. Madagascar HD
  168. Mad Max Fury Road HD/4K
  169. Magic Mike HD
  170. Mallrats HD
  171. Mamma Mia HD
  172. Mamma Mia Here We Go Again HD
  173. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates HD/4K
  174. Miss Congeniality SD
  175. Mortal Kombat HD
  176. Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation HD
  177. The Mountain Between Us HD
  178. Mr. Deeds HD
  179. The Mummy HD
  180. Murder on the Orient Express
  181. Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 HD
  182. National Lampoon: Christmas Vacation HD
  183. National Security HD
  184. Neighbors SD
  185. Neighbors 2 HD
  186. Next Friday HD
  187. The Nice Guys HD
  188. Non-Stop SD
  189. Ocean's Eight HD/4K
  190. The Other Guys HD
  191. Pacific Rim HD/4K
  192. Pan's Labyrinth HD/4K
  193. Pitch Perfect HD
  194. Pitch Perfect 2 HD/4K
  195. Pitch Perfect 3 HD
  196. The Producers SD
  197. The Proposal HD
  198. The Purge HD/4K
  199. The Purge Anarchy HD/4K
  200. The Purge Election Year HD/4K
  201. Rampage HD
  202. Ready Player One HD/4K
  203. Rebound HD
  204. Red Sparrow HD/4K
  205. The Replacements HD
  206. The Revenant HD/4K
  207. Ride Along SD
  208. Ride Along 2 HD
  209. Rise of the Planet of the Apes HD/4K
  210. Rock of Ages: Extended Edition HD
  211. The Rocky Horror Picture Show HD
  212. Role Models HD
  213. Rush hour 1 HD
  214. Rush hour 2 HD
  215. Rush hour 3 HD
  216. San Andreas HD
  217. Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase SD
  218. Selena SD
  219. Semi-Pro HD
  220. The Shape of Water HD
  221. Shaun of the Dead HD
  222. Sherlock Holmes HD/4K
  223. Shrek HD
  224. Shrek 2 HD
  225. Singin’ in the Rain HD
  226. Sisters (Unrated) HD
  227. The Sitter (Unrated) HD
  228. Sixteen Candles HD
  229. Skyscraper HD
  230. Speed HD
  231. Speed Racer HD
  232. Spy (Unrated) HD
  233. Stand and Deliver SD
  234. Straight Outta Compton (Unrated-Director’s Cut) HD
  235. Suicide Squad HD
  236. Sully HD
  237. Super Troopers HD
  238. Super troopers 2 HD
  239. Superbad (Unrated) HD
  240. Table 19 HD
  241. TAG HD/4K
  242. Taken SD
  243. Taken 2 HD
  244. Taken 3 SD
  245. Ted HD
  246. Ted 2 (Unrated) HD
  247. Terminator 3 HD
  248. This Means War HD
  249. Tombstone HD
  250. Trainwreck HD
  251. Transporter SD
  252. Transporter 2 SD
  253. Tully HD
  254. Unsane HD
  255. V for Vendetta HD
  256. Van Helsing HD
  257. Wanderlust HD
  258. Wanted SD
  259. Waterworld HD
  260. Wedding Crashers HD
  261. The Wedding Singer HD
  262. We’re the Millers HD
  263. Wet Hot American Summer HD
  264. Why Him? HD/4K
  265. Wild HD
  266. The Wizard of Oz HD
  267. Wonder Woman HD
  268. The World’s End HD

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2020.02.23 04:50 AFLbot AFLW 2020: Round 3 - GWS Giants (42) def West Coast Eagles (14)

Post Match

Welcome to the /WestCoastEagles post match discussion for the round 3 match between the Giants and the West Coast Eagles. Be sure to grab your user flair from the sidebar; opposition fans and supporters welcome!


Match Details
Match AFL 2020 Round 3 - GWS Giants Vs West Coast Eagles
Date Sunday 23 February 2020 @ 01:10 PM
Venue Blacktown International Sportspark (BISP)
Weather 26.0C, Possible shower


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
GWS Giants 1.1 (7) 3.2 (20) 5.4 (34) 6.6 (42)
West Coast Eagles 0.0 (0) 0.0 (0) 0.0 (0) 2.2 (14)

Scoreboard: Quarter by Quarter

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
GWS Giants 1.1 (7) 2.1 (13) 2.2 (14) 1.2 (8)
West Coast Eagles 0.0 (0) 0.0 (0) 0.0 (0) 2.2 (14)
Quarter Result GWS by 7 pts GWS by 13 pts GWS by 14 pts WCE by 6 pts
Quarter Length 16:05 mins 17:04 mins 17:06 mins 18:26 mins

Scoreboard: Extended

Team Minutes in front Left Behind Right Behind Left Poster Right Poster Rushed Behind Touched Behind
GWS Giants 54 mins 1 4 0 0 1 0
West Coast Eagles 0 mins 1 1 0 0 0 0

Scoring Events

Qtr Time Score Team - Player (G.B)
1st Quarter
Q1 01:48 BEHIND Giants - Rebecca Privitelli (0.1)
Q1 07:47 GOAL Giants - Cora Staunton (1.0)
2nd Quarter
Q2 05:43 GOAL Giants - Jacinda Barclay (1.0)
Q2 07:52 BEHIND Giants - Cora Staunton (1.1)
Q2 15:47 GOAL Giants - Rebecca Privitelli (1.1)
3rd Quarter
Q3 04:48 RUSHED BEHIND Giants
Q3 08:42 BEHIND Giants - Yvonne Bonner (0.1)
Q3 10:34 GOAL Giants - Rebecca Privitelli (2.1)
Q3 14:21 GOAL Giants - Rebecca Privitelli (3.1)
4th Quarter
Q4 01:55 BEHIND West Coast Eagles - Mikayla Bowen (0.1)
Q4 02:39 GOAL West Coast Eagles - Mikayla Bowen (1.1)
Q4 04:36 GOAL Giants - Haneen Zreika (1.0)
Q4 08:05 BEHIND Giants - Cora Staunton (1.2)
Q4 09:09 BEHIND Giants - Jodie Hicks (0.1)
Q4 16:59 GOAL West Coast Eagles - Imahra Cameron (1.0)
Q4 18:04 BEHIND West Coast Eagles - Imahra Cameron (1.1)

Team Statistics

GWS Giants Statistic West Coast Eagles
46 Possession % 34
35 pts (09:09 4th Qtr) Biggest Lead 0 pts (-)
902 Fantasy Team Score 782
215 Disposals 171
101 Contested Possessions 89
112 Uncontested Possessions 77
65 Disposal Efficiency % 54
30 One Percenters 34
136 Kicks 113
79 Handballs 58
1 Bounces 5
48 Tackles 60
15 Tackles Inside 50s 4
5 Centre Clearances 5
12 Stoppage Clearances 20
17 Total Clearances 25
11 Contested Marks 5
9 Mark Inside 50s 2
30 Inside 50s 17
13 Rebound 50s 24
43 Turnovers 55
55 Intercepts 44
6 Goals 2
6 Behinds 2
35 Goal Accuracy 40
4 Goal Assists 1
20 Goal Efficiency 11
17 Shots At Goal 5
56 Shot Efficiency 29
28 Hit-Outs 19
15 Free Kicks For 21
21 Free Kicks Against 15
0 Interchanges 0

Player Statistics

Match Awards: 🔥: Highest AFL Fantasy Score🥇: Highest Disposals🏅: Most Goals⭐: Highest Metric👎: Most Turnovers/Free-kick Against🤡: Most Clangars

Midfield - General Play

Legend: MG: Meters GainedK: KickH: HandballD: DisposalM: MarkT: TackleHO: Hit OutG: GoalB: BehindAF: AFL Fantasy Score
Player                              # Match Awards MG K H D M T HO G B AF
GWS Giants
Alicia Eva #2 143m 9 5 14 2 7 0 0 0 70
Alyce Parker #3 ⭐⭐ 374m 15 7 22 3 1 0 0 0 68
Annalyse Lister #14 198m 7 6 13 3 6 0 0 0 67
Rebecca Beeson #6 ⭐⭐ 99m 8 10 18 0 3 0 0 0 58
Brittany Tully #36 ⭐⭐ 96m 5 5 10 0 8 0 0 0 57
Elle Bennetts #22 ⭐⭐ 255m 6 5 11 6 2 0 0 0 51
Haneen Zreika #24 👎🤡 148m 6 5 11 1 5 0 1 0 44
Jodie Hicks #5 122m 7 1 8 0 4 0 0 1 42
Lisa Steane #20 138m 8 6 14 0 1 0 0 0 40
Jessica Dal Pos #7 172m 7 3 10 4 0 0 0 0 39
Cora Staunton #13 210m 8 2 10 1 1 0 1 2 37
West Coast Eagles
Dana Hooker #17 🔥🥇⭐⭐⭐⭐👎 207m 14 9 23 4 8 0 0 0 101
Mikayla Bowen #1 115m 8 6 14 0 3 0 1 1 57
Niamh Kelly #12 37m 4 4 8 1 1 0 0 0 25
Hayley Bullas #24 105m 5 2 7 1 2 0 0 0 24
Katherine Orme #32 134m 5 0 5 1 0 0 0 0 18
Emily Bonser #6 -8m 0 1 1 0 2 0 0 0 7

Midfield - Extended

Legend: 1%: One PercenterCP: Contested PossessionUP: Uncontested PossessionCM: Contested MarkM50: Marks Inside 50CLR: Total ClearanceCC: Centre ClearanceST: Stoppage ClearanceI: InterceptI50: Inside 50R50: Rebound 50TI50: Tackles Inside 50
Player                              # 1% CP UP CM M50 CLR CC ST I I50 R50 TI50
GWS Giants
Alicia Eva #2 0 6 9 0 0 2 1 1 3 2 1 3
Alyce Parker #3 1 12 10 1 1 2 1 1 6 2 3 0
Annalyse Lister #14 4 5 8 0 0 0 0 0 6 2 1 1
Rebecca Beeson #6 0 10 8 0 0 4 1 3 1 3 0 1
Brittany Tully #36 1 6 4 0 0 2 0 2 1 3 0 3
Elle Bennetts #22 2 4 7 1 0 0 0 0 7 0 2 0
Haneen Zreika #24 3 6 6 1 0 1 0 1 0 3 0 1
Jodie Hicks #5 0 4 2 0 0 1 0 1 1 3 0 2
Lisa Steane #20 2 5 6 0 0 1 1 0 4 2 0 0
Jessica Dal Pos #7 2 6 4 0 0 0 0 0 6 1 2 0
Cora Staunton #13 1 2 7 0 1 2 0 2 2 2 0 0
West Coast Eagles
Dana Hooker #17 2 13 10 1 0 4 0 4 4 1 4 0
Mikayla Bowen #1 2 9 3 0 0 2 0 2 4 0 1 0
Niamh Kelly #12 1 5 3 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0
Hayley Bullas #24 2 4 2 0 0 1 0 1 3 0 0 0
Katherine Orme #32 1 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0
Emily Bonser #6 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Midfield - Around the Ground

Legend: DE%: Disposal EfficiencyTO: TurnoverCLG: ClangarFF: Free-kick ForFA: Free-kick AgainstBO: BounceSAG: Shot At GoalSE: Shot EfficiencySI: Score InvolvementGA: Goal AssistG%: Goal EfficiencyTG: Time On Ground
Player                              # DE% TO CLG FF FA BO SAG SE SI GA G% TG%
GWS Giants
Alicia Eva #2 71 2 3 2 1 0 1 0 2 0 0 84
Alyce Parker #3 63 4 2 2 2 0 0 0 5 1 0 71
Annalyse Lister #14 53 4 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 87
Rebecca Beeson #6 66 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 77
Brittany Tully #36 50 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 68
Elle Bennetts #22 90 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 2 0 0 88
Haneen Zreika #24 63 5 8 2 5 0 1 0 4 0 100 89
Jodie Hicks #5 50 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 2 0 0 88
Lisa Steane #20 71 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 68
Jessica Dal Pos #7 90 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 83
Cora Staunton #13 60 4 4 0 2 0 3 0 5 0 33 82
West Coast Eagles
Dana Hooker #17 56 7 4 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 87
Mikayla Bowen #1 57 4 4 2 0 0 2 0 2 0 50 66
Niamh Kelly #12 37 2 3 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 83
Hayley Bullas #24 42 1 4 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 70
Katherine Orme #32 40 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 47
Emily Bonser #6 100 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 54

Ruck - General Play

Legend: MG: Meters GainedK: KickH: HandballD: DisposalM: MarkT: TackleHO: Hit OutG: GoalB: BehindAF: AFL Fantasy Score
Player                              # Match Awards MG K H D M T HO G B AF
GWS Giants
Ingrid Nielsen #25 124m 6 0 6 4 2 5 0 0 43
Jessica Allan #39 15m 1 1 2 0 0 23 0 0 25
West Coast Eagles
Parris Laurie #25 36m 1 7 8 2 4 18 0 0 57

Ruck - Extended

Legend: 1%: One PercenterCP: Contested PossessionUP: Uncontested PossessionCM: Contested MarkM50: Marks Inside 50CLR: Total ClearanceCC: Centre ClearanceST: Stoppage ClearanceI: InterceptI50: Inside 50R50: Rebound 50TI50: Tackles Inside 50
Player                              # 1% CP UP CM M50 CLR CC ST I I50 R50 TI50
GWS Giants
Ingrid Nielsen #25 0 4 3 2 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Jessica Allan #39 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
West Coast Eagles
Parris Laurie #25 3 6 3 0 0 3 0 3 1 1 0 0

Ruck - Around the Ground

Legend: DE%: Disposal EfficiencyTO: TurnoverCLG: ClangarFF: Free-kick ForFA: Free-kick AgainstBO: BounceSAG: Shot At GoalSE: Shot EfficiencySI: Score InvolvementGA: Goal AssistG%: Goal EfficiencyTG: Time On Ground
Player                              # DE% TO CLG FF FA BO SAG SE SI GA G% TG%
GWS Giants
Ingrid Nielsen #25 50 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 71
Jessica Allan #39 100 1 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 70
West Coast Eagles
Parris Laurie #25 75 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 89

Forward - General Play

Legend: MG: Meters GainedK: KickH: HandballD: DisposalM: MarkT: TackleHO: Hit OutG: GoalB: BehindAF: AFL Fantasy Score
Player                              # Match Awards MG K H D M T HO G B AF
GWS Giants
Rebecca Privitelli #19 🏅⭐⭐⭐⭐ 127m 7 5 12 4 1 0 3 1 64
Elle Bennetts #22 ⭐⭐ 255m 6 5 11 6 2 0 0 0 51
Haneen Zreika #24 👎🤡 148m 6 5 11 1 5 0 1 0 44
Jodie Hicks #5 122m 7 1 8 0 4 0 0 1 42
Aimee Schmidt #11 184m 6 4 10 3 2 0 0 0 41
Cora Staunton #13 210m 8 2 10 1 1 0 1 2 37
Jacinda Barclay #34 82m 3 4 7 2 0 0 1 0 29
Yvonne Bonner #27 157m 7 1 8 1 1 0 0 1 26
West Coast Eagles
Imahra Cameron #19 305m 12 5 17 3 5 0 1 1 84
Belinda Smith #14 ⭐⭐ 196m 9 1 10 3 4 0 0 0 54
Courtney Guard #4 👎 275m 8 3 11 1 2 0 0 0 36
Ashlee Atkins #9 59m 5 1 6 0 3 0 0 0 28
Tarnee Tester #23 45m 2 1 3 1 1 0 0 0 15
Beatrice Devlyn #7 32m 1 1 2 1 1 1 0 0 13
Grace Kelly #15 41m 2 3 5 0 0 0 0 0 12
Kellie Gibson #2 46m 2 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 6

Forward - Extended

Legend: 1%: One PercenterCP: Contested PossessionUP: Uncontested PossessionCM: Contested MarkM50: Marks Inside 50CLR: Total ClearanceCC: Centre ClearanceST: Stoppage ClearanceI: InterceptI50: Inside 50R50: Rebound 50TI50: Tackles Inside 50
Player                              # 1% CP UP CM M50 CLR CC ST I I50 R50 TI50
GWS Giants
Rebecca Privitelli #19 0 7 5 3 3 0 0 0 2 0 0 1
Elle Bennetts #22 2 4 7 1 0 0 0 0 7 0 2 0
Haneen Zreika #24 3 6 6 1 0 1 0 1 0 3 0 1
Jodie Hicks #5 0 4 2 0 0 1 0 1 1 3 0 2
Aimee Schmidt #11 1 4 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 1
Cora Staunton #13 1 2 7 0 1 2 0 2 2 2 0 0
Jacinda Barclay #34 0 4 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Yvonne Bonner #27 0 5 4 0 0 1 1 0 2 1 1 0
West Coast Eagles
Imahra Cameron #19 0 9 8 1 1 2 0 2 2 1 2 0
Belinda Smith #14 0 4 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 6 0
Courtney Guard #4 2 7 5 0 0 2 1 1 4 2 2 0
Ashlee Atkins #9 2 3 3 0 0 1 0 1 2 0 0 0
Tarnee Tester #23 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1
Beatrice Devlyn #7 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Grace Kelly #15 1 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0
Kellie Gibson #2 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0

Forward - Around the Ground

Legend: DE%: Disposal EfficiencyTO: TurnoverCLG: ClangarFF: Free-kick ForFA: Free-kick AgainstBO: BounceSAG: Shot At GoalSE: Shot EfficiencySI: Score InvolvementGA: Goal AssistG%: Goal EfficiencyTG: Time On Ground
Player                              # DE% TO CLG FF FA BO SAG SE SI GA G% TG%
GWS Giants
Rebecca Privitelli #19 66 1 1 1 1 0 4 0 5 0 75 70
Elle Bennetts #22 90 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 2 0 0 88
Haneen Zreika #24 63 5 8 2 5 0 1 0 4 0 100 89
Jodie Hicks #5 50 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 2 0 0 88
Aimee Schmidt #11 60 1 2 1 1 0 0 0 4 2 0 66
Cora Staunton #13 60 4 4 0 2 0 3 0 5 0 33 82
Jacinda Barclay #34 71 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 3 0 50 63
Yvonne Bonner #27 62 5 3 1 2 0 2 0 1 0 0 65
West Coast Eagles
Imahra Cameron #19 47 6 3 2 0 1 2 0 2 0 50 81
Belinda Smith #14 60 4 4 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 97
Courtney Guard #4 36 7 4 1 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 83
Ashlee Atkins #9 66 2 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 86
Tarnee Tester #23 66 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 56
Beatrice Devlyn #7 100 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 60
Grace Kelly #15 80 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 84
Kellie Gibson #2 66 3 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 86

Defence - General Play

Legend: MG: Meters GainedK: KickH: HandballD: DisposalM: MarkT: TackleHO: Hit OutG: GoalB: BehindAF: AFL Fantasy Score
Player                              # Match Awards MG K H D M T HO G B AF
GWS Giants
Nicola Barr #8 165m 9 3 12 3 1 0 0 0 34
Louise Stephenson #12 50m 4 1 5 2 1 0 0 0 24
Pepa Randall #21 106m 4 3 7 0 2 0 0 0 24
Tanya Hetherington #9 53m 3 2 5 2 0 0 0 0 19
West Coast Eagles
Emma Swanson #13 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 410m 15 4 19 2 6 0 0 0 79
Chantella Perera #27 219m 5 4 9 3 6 0 0 0 58
Talia Radan #26 123m 5 2 7 0 4 0 0 0 36
Maddy Collier #8 64m 3 1 4 1 3 0 0 0 24
McKenzie Dowrick #5 109m 2 1 3 1 3 0 0 0 23
Sophie McDonald #35 105m 5 0 5 1 2 0 0 0 23

Defence - Extended

Legend: 1%: One PercenterCP: Contested PossessionUP: Uncontested PossessionCM: Contested MarkM50: Marks Inside 50CLR: Total ClearanceCC: Centre ClearanceST: Stoppage ClearanceI: InterceptI50: Inside 50R50: Rebound 50TI50: Tackles Inside 50
Player                              # 1% CP UP CM M50 CLR CC ST I I50 R50 TI50
GWS Giants
Nicola Barr #8 1 2 11 0 1 0 0 0 2 2 0 1
Louise Stephenson #12 2 4 0 2 0 1 0 1 4 1 0 0
Pepa Randall #21 7 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 2 0
Tanya Hetherington #9 1 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0
West Coast Eagles
Emma Swanson #13 0 9 9 0 0 8 4 4 2 4 3 0
Chantella Perera #27 3 6 3 1 0 1 0 1 7 1 2 0
Talia Radan #26 5 1 6 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 1 0
Maddy Collier #8 4 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0
McKenzie Dowrick #5 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2
Sophie McDonald #35 5 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 1

Defence - Around the Ground

Legend: DE%: Disposal EfficiencyTO: TurnoverCLG: ClangarFF: Free-kick ForFA: Free-kick AgainstBO: BounceSAG: Shot At GoalSE: Shot EfficiencySI: Score InvolvementGA: Goal AssistG%: Goal EfficiencyTG: Time On Ground
Player                              # DE% TO CLG FF FA BO SAG SE SI GA G% TG%
GWS Giants
Nicola Barr #8 50 4 6 0 4 0 1 0 4 0 0 67
Louise Stephenson #12 60 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 81
Pepa Randall #21 57 2 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 81
Tanya Hetherington #9 100 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 80
West Coast Eagles
Emma Swanson #13 63 3 4 2 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 81
Chantella Perera #27 44 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 96
Talia Radan #26 28 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 83
Maddy Collier #8 25 3 4 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 86
McKenzie Dowrick #5 66 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 49
Sophie McDonald #35 60 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 77
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2020.01.28 18:00 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Aug. 3, 1987

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-5-1987 1-12-1987 1-18-1987 2-2-1987
2-9-1987 2-16-1987 2-23-1987 3-2-1987
3-9-1987 3-16-1987 3-23-1987 4-6-1987
4-13-1987 4-20-1987 4-27-1987 5-4-1987
5-11-1987 5-18-1987 5-25-1987 6-1-1987
6-8-1987 6-15-1987 6-22-1987 6-29-1987
7-6-1987 7-13-1987 7-20-1987 7-27-1987
- - - -
  • Another slow week, so slow that the leading story is that Wrestlemania 3 officially broke the record for highest grossing pay-per-view event in history. The previous recordholder was the 1982 Gerry Cooney vs. Larry Holmes fight for the heavyweight title, which grossed $10.05 million. Wrestlemania 3 grossed $10.3 million, plus $1.6 million at the gate and $5.2 million from closed-circuit for an estimated total of $17.1 million. That also stands as a record for highest grossing wrestling event of all time. Obviously WWF didn’t take all of that, as cable companies and others get their cut, but it was still incredibly profitable.
  • International Wrestling (Montreal Territory) has officially folded. Last week was their final week and Pat Patterson was present to make a pitch to their headline babyface Steve DiSalvo to join the company.
  • Sherri Martel made her WWF debut on July 24 and defeated the Fabulous Moolah for the WWF Women’s Title. Martel leaving AWA (and she did so while still AWA Women’s Champion) isn’t a surprise, though. Dave thinks she’s easily the best all-around performer of all U.S.-based women, but going to WWF’s low workrate style and being a face could diminish her performance quick. She got great heat (but unfortunately wasn’t able to translate that into being a draw) in AWA mainly through her colorful language, and that won’t fly as a WWF babyface. Regardless, anything is better than Moolah, even Ronnie Garvin in drag.
Watch: Sherri Martel wins WWF Women's Championship
  • The Great American Bash continues to draw big for Crockett. The Greensboro show on the 11th drew $150k and Charlotte on the 18th drew $175k according to Crockett (Dave questions the latter, as the latter number translates to about 16000 tickets when all crowd estimates he had were between 20-24k people). July 20 in Greenville was an all-time record for the city at $70,000 and the Dallas show on July 23 also drew about $70k. Dave has a big report on the July 25 Philadelphia Bash, which drew about 8500 people, but probably didn’t top the record for highest gate in the city. The Lex Luger dating game bit went off without an angle, surprisingly, and it was made to look legit to the fans (but the girls picked for the game obviously knew about the game in advance). Nothing really huge of note on the matches themselves, other than that Nikita Koloff beat Luger in a cage match by DQ when Luger used a foreign object which is only notable because I forget sometimes that you could get disqualified in cage matches back then.
  • Jim Duggan should be back to work with WWF at the end of August as a babyface. Dave is glad about this because the suspension only happened due to an incredible string of bad luck in the first place. Of course, this is the 80s, so the next sentence has aged poorly: “Not that drinking while driving is something to be condoned, but it is hardly the type of activity that should cost someone their job, at least with the realities of the biz.”
  • Variety magazine had a review of Body Slam which Roddy Piper and Sam Fatu (Tama the Islander) filmed on their summer vacation last year and is due out next month. The review was surprisingly favorable, and Dave’s never heard of a wrestling movie getting good reviews even when the movie is okay. Most people Dave knows loved The One and Only (which Piper had a small role in and Henry Winkler played a Gorgeous George type character) and Paradise Alley (starring Sylvester Stallone and featuring a great performance by Terry Funk) was at least average, but critics panned both. Anyway, other wrestlers also appeared for cameos like Ric Flair and Bruno Sammartino, and Dave wonders about Piper’s prospective future in Hollywood. No doubt Piper could play wrestler in Hollywood - he has a lot of experience playing wrestler in wrestling land. The real questions are if he can make enough just doing that, and if he can be good in roles that aren’t just playing wrestler.
Watch: Wrestling with Wregret reviews Body Slam
  • Houston has become the major battleground between WWF and NWA. Both companies held shows there on the 24th (Crockett with a Bash, WWF with the Martel title win and Mr. T as referee between Savage/Honkytonk). Dave has no gate figures yet, but he expects NWA to have won the day due to their deeper lineup. They go head to head in Houston again on the weekend of August 29, as WWF brings Hogan vs. One Man Gang on the 28th, as well as Duggan vs. DiBiase (Houston has long been where Duggan is most popular), Moolah vs. Martel in a rematch, and Bruno Sammartino vs. Hercules Hernandez. The NWA/UWF card for August 29 doesn’t have a complete card, but they’re calling it Champions Night and have six title matches scheduled including Steve Williams vs. Bubba Rogers for the UWF title, LugeKoloff for the US Title, Sting/Eddie Gilbert for the UWF tv title, and Rock’n’Roll express vs. Arn/Tully for the NWA tag titles).
  • Although he’s advertised to resume with WWF at the end of this month, Jim Duggan was at the July 25 UWF taping. He was backstage, showing interest in returning. Dave says it’s pretty clear he’ll be in one place or the other soon enough.
  • On commentary Bruno Sammartino has had to pretend he’s never heard of Bam Bam Bigelow before. It’s Bruno’s role and WWF likes to be a bubble, but it’s just dumb. Bam Bam was all over the wrestling magazines and Sports Illustrated had an article on him even.
  • With Tom Zenk gone, WWF is figuring out a repackage for Rick Martel. The word Dave has currently is they plan to give him a new partner and drop the Can-Am Connection gimmick. Martel’s not a great promo but is extremely talented in the ring, and Dave thinks it would be interesting to team him with Billy Graham. Graham can’t work at all now, but he’s a great promo. He gives that one pretty much zero odds of happening, though.
  • Just a quiet note, and more me noticing a trend than Dave picking it up here, nearly every report Dave has gotten since the Jumping Bomb Angels arrived for WWF has had their match with Judy Martin and Leilani Kai as the best match of the card. This has been going on for a few issues, and it’s pretty universal to every report Dave has gotten and which he’s printed. If the JB Angels and Glamour Girls are on a card, they’re almost surely the best match.
  • A few issues back Dave reported on the beef between Stampede Wrestling’s school and the Les Thornton school. Here’s an update. A student at Stampede’s school quit after nine days, and the contract offers a refund of $1500 of the $2000 (CAD) tuition if you drop out within seven days. The student then met with Les Thornton and attempted to run the Harts out of business, and it got to the Boxing and Wrestling Commission where it was thrown out and the issue is dead. From what Dave hears, the students of the Harts who were complaining came in with poor physical conditioning and wanted to begin wrestling right away and were resentful of the Harts trying to get them in decent shape before letting them in the ring. And Calgary style demands good cardio and all-around conditioning.
  • [Stampede] The second most dangerous and tragic job in professional wrestling after being a Von Erich is being Hiroshi Hase’s tag team partner. His first partner, Fumi Niikura, suffered a heart attack late last year and hasn’t returned to wrestling yet. Another Japanese wrestler, named Matsuda, was brought in and trained to be Viet Cong #2 but nearly died from a brain hemorrhage. He’s recovered well enough that he may wrestle again someday. The latest Cong, Shinji Sasazaki, was more fortunate but still tore the cartilage in his knee. He needs surgery and will be out of action for a while.
  • Davey Boy Smith was supposed to work full time for Stampede in August and September, but he probably won’t due to the need for babyfaces in the tag division in WWF. With Zenk gone and Brian Blair gone for a while and Dynamite Kid operating at about 30%, the Rougeaus are the only face team WWF has operating at 100%. Back on the May 26 Stampede show where Badnews Allen was destroying Owen Hart, it was Davey Boy who made the save and Allen did a promo challenging Smith later on. Smith and Allen would probably be the main event angle in September for Stampede if not for WWF.
  • Lastly for Stampede, Dave is convinced Brian Pillman should win rookie of the year. His flying moves are some of the best in North America, and he reminds Dave of Tommy Rogers but bigger.
  • Terry Taylor returned to UWF at the July 23 Bash show in Dallas. He ran into the ring and attacked Chris Adams, leading to Black Bart and Eddie Gilbert beating Adams and Windham. He’s scheduled to make his in-ring return on August 8, and should be okay as long as he doesn’t stretch his abdomen or take any shots in that region.
  • [Memphis] They’re headlining the July 27 show with Bockwinkel vs. Lawler, with the winner challenging Hennig on August 10. And for what it’s worth, Lawler was very giving to Brickhouse Brown in their recent matches and made him look great. Fans just didn’t buy Brown on top, so back down the card he goes.
  • Sheik Adnan al-Kaissey was fired form AWA. Tommy Rich has also been given an ultimatum: he can either keep working for Deep South in Georgia (where he’s booker and top star) or he can work in AWA, but he can’t do both.
  • AWA drew roughly 100 paid in Milwaukee on July 24. Somehow, though, they’ve decided they’re in good enough shape to tour West Germany (in conjunction with promoter Otto Wanz) this fall, and worse yet they’re making plans to run a show in Charlotte, North Carolina. Even Hulk Hogan only managed to draw 2400 in Charlotte, so Dave has no idea how they think they’re going to get anybody at all.
  • [Alabama] Scott Hall starts next week and taking up the Lord Humongous gimmick. That should tell you everything about how far his star has fallen. This time last year he was primed to be a world champion and all the major promotions wanted him, but now this.
  • Rumors abound that something has changed with the ownership of the Alabama territory. Dave’s current knowledge is the Fullers are still in charge, but Ron West is trying to gather the money to buy a controlling interest.
  • New Japan is trying something ambitious. They’re running August 19 and 20 at Tokyo Sumo Hall, and if they can sell both nights out the total gate will be nearly $900k. August 19 will have the first and second rounds of a 10-man junior heavyweight tournament (featuring names like Keiichi Yamada, Nobuhiko Takada, Shiro Koshinaka, Kuniaki Kobayashi, and Hiro Saito) and will be main evented by a 10 man elimination tag match between Riki Choshu/Tatsumi Fujinami/Akira Maeda/Super Strong Machine/Kengo Kimura vs. Antonio Inoki/Yoshiaki Fujiwara/Masa Saito/Kantaro Hoshino/Seiji Sakaguchi. Fujiwara is the only under-40 on the second team (though Hoshino and Saito are still top-notch workers). The August 20 show will have the finals of the junior heavyweight tournament, Animal Hamaguchi’s retirement match, and Inoki/Saito vs. Choshu/Fujinami in the main event. After the card was announced, Fujinami told reporters he wants none of that and wants a singles match with Inoki instead. All of the above notwithstanding, Riki Choshu is still not cleared to be on tv.
  • All Japan Women will be getting Leilani Kai next month. They tried to sign Debbie Combs as well, but couldn’t get in contact with her. And in the ongoing saga of Shinobu Kandori and her inability to commit to anything in wrestling, she wrestled her final match with JWP on July 18 and beat Jackie Sato (more on this in two issues, it got nasty in the match). She now says she hasn’t decided if she’ll go to AJW or if she’ll go into a different martial art yet.
  • [NWA/JCP] Ric Flair has a pinched nerve in his neck and it has caused his fingers and occasionally the arm to go numb. Dave’s not sure that he buys that as the reason Flair didn’t wrestle Road Warrior Animal in Chicago, though. The injury has been getting worse, but everyone in JCP is banged up from this tour, and Flair wrestled that afternoon in Roanoke and the next day in Greenville.
  • Al Blake (Vladimir Petrov in JCP) made the Twin Cities newspapers as he was on trial last week for drug trafficking charges. Blake is part of a group of six charged with selling controlled substances in 1983-84, and the case is just going to jury as of Dave’s most recent report. This is the first case in the history of Minnesota where police have tried to introduce videotaped evidence, though the judge threw the evidence out of court. Dave says it’s times like these Jim Crockett can be glad he’s not Vince McMahon because “a Titan wrestler pretending to be a Russian, coming out as an American and being up on charges like that would bring down half of his organization with the resulting publicity. Since it was a Crockett wrestler, the news media didn’t pick up on it outside Minneapolis.” Dave thinks there's a chance Blake may get acquitted simply on the basis of making all his court dates this weekend, but that may not be a germane point.
  • J.D. McKay Jr., a writer for Pro Wrestling Digest, writes in about something Dave said in Wrestling Forum. Dave said anyone who thinks Nikita Koloff has improved should be forced to watch his match against Arn Anderson from July 7. McKay takes this as a rebuttal to his article in the Digest, and asks Dave why can’t Nikita just have an off night like a Randy Savage, Barry Windham, or Steve Williams do occasionally. Why isn’t it possible Arn Anderson was also having an off night, and two off nights made for a horrible match? Is it at all possible smart fans are too hard on wrestlers, especially those wrestlers who started out not so good? Dave responds and says that it’s possible he’s overly harsh on Nikita and Luger, but if you heard what many wrestlers say about their abilities you’d think Dave’s overly nice to them. Dave thinks Luger’s improved quite a bit, but not Nikita - and readers overwhelmingly say Nikita’s match is the worst on the card when they send reports to Dave, and his opponents are generally well regarded.
  • ”Everyone knows that Space Mountain is the shortest ride in the park and you feel a little sick when you get off.” - Jimmy Garvin.
  • That promotion from Edmonton Dave wrote about last week? They’ve apparently run into difficulties and may already be dead.
  • Mark Lewin and Tom Prichard are apparently WWF-bound. They're both being brought in, it looks like, based on some advertising for a show. Prichard is no surprise as his brother Bruce works in the front office, but Lewin’s a surprise and makes no sense to Dave. Maybe they want to have an over-50 bodybuilding contest with Billy Graham? Dave then clarifies, for those confused if he’s joking, that he thinks they’re just under 50, then legit checks his records and discovers that Lewin was born in 1937.
NEXT ISSUE: Bruiser Brody does a job (for real this time), Mr. T a flop, Sherri Martel and the women’s revolution?, WarGames 2, and more
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2020.01.16 19:59 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ July 13, 1987

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-5-1987 1-12-1987 1-18-1987 2-2-1987
2-9-1987 2-16-1987 2-23-1987 3-2-1987
3-9-1987 3-16-1987 3-23-1987 4-6-1987
4-13-1987 4-20-1987 4-27-1987 5-4-1987
5-11-1987 5-18-1987 5-25-1987 6-1-1987
6-8-1987 6-15-1987 6-22-1987 6-29-1987
7-6-1987 - - -
  • Crockett’s Great American Bash Tour is looking more successful than expected. The first four shows drew big, grossing roughly $600k in total, including a $250k gate for the July 4 show at the Omni in Atlanta for the first ever WarGames match. Dave spends the bulk of the first page running down that card and giving impressions based on readers’ reports. It opened with Michael Hayes in concert, and the crowd loved it. They also had a David Allan Coe concert as well, so the wrestling didn’t start until 8:30 pm. Between that and the WarGames match going about 30 minutes by necessity, the rest of the matches were short, but Dave is told they were action packed. You’re obviously here for WarGames. That went 26 minutes and J.J. Dillon surrendered as the Road Warriors annihilated him. Not a match of the year candidate, but full of great action and the order of entry was Dusty and Arn followed by Tully, Animal, Flair, Nikita, Luger, Hawk, Dillon, and Ellering. The pops whenever a babyface entered the cage to even things up were wild.
  • WWF settled out of court with John Stossel of 20/20. Back in 1984 David Shults slapped Stossel hard on each ear during an interview in MSG. The settlement gives Stossel $425k, $275k of which will come from WWF directly with the rest covered by insurance. WWF didn’t want this to go to trial, especially not with the Duggan/Sheik incident fresh in everyone’s minds. And if it had gone to trial, odds are very good the payout would have been much more.
  • International Wrestling (the Montreal territory) will be no more by the end of the month. They’ve been struggling since WWF took Dino Bravo and Rick Martel, and word is that WWF will be picking up the tv and arena contracts from the promotion. Dave expects they might pick up Steve Strong, their top babyface, as well (Strong will only work one match for WWF in the 80s and instead become The Minotaur in WCW).
  • [JCP/NWA] Jim Cornette is out with injury. He injured his knee on June 27, kicking Ricky Morton. It’s not the knee he injured in the scaffold match in November, but the damage was similar in nature though less severe. He had arthroscopic surgery this past week, but he needs major surgery (and rumor has it he won’t get it, since it’ll keep him out for several months).
  • [JCP/NWA] The New Breed are recovering well. Chris Champion’s arm was broken in two places, but the breaks were clean and he’s mending quickly. Nelson Royal will be out longer due to the burns he got on the back of his head.
  • Crockett is promoting a Dating Game segment for July 25 in Philadelphia, featuring Lex Luger. Should be the same idea as when they did it in Florida with Ed Gantner, and they’ll probably have Nikita Koloff pretend to be one of the girls, leading to Lex winning a date with Nikita and building some matches. Florida’s version was pretty good because Gantner had some funny promos for it and played dumb jock well. Luger fits the bill, but Dave’s not sure he has the sense of humor to pull it off (or any sense of humor at all).
  • Richard Landrum, former Crockett tv announcer until Tony Schiavone took the job, has been sentenced to 90 years in prison. He was convicted of nine felonies in a case that looks like it came right out of a Lifetime movie - he wire-tapped his estranged wife’s phone and then put a bomb in the car of a guy she was dating.
  • [Stampede] The Owen Hart vs. Badnews Allen match from June 19 sounds like it was a wild match. They drew 1200 fans and it ended with Allen going nuts and beating down two referees. Hart did two dives to the outside onto Allen after the match, and they did fines and a suspension and everything.
  • Central States is a mess and it’s unclear who the tag champions are. Karl Kovacs and Warlord won the tournament on June 8, but they fired Kovacs shortly thereafter and Warlord left for Japan. Dave’s also heard that Bobby Jaggers and Bart Batten won the belts, but they’ve now split up with Jaggers turning heel on Batten. No idea what’s going on here.
  • A small note from WCCW’s June 29 tag tournament: “Ted Arcidi & Texas Red (Gene Lewis) down Bruiser Brody & The Spoiler (Don Jardine--the original famed Spoiler from the 1970s).” They wound up losing in the finals to Killer Brooks and Len Denton. One issue - that’s not Gene Lewis as Texas Red. Some big green guy named Mark Calloway is under the mask. That’s right, this was a tournament featuring several tag team matches against the Undertaker, playa.
Watch: A different Texas Red match from around this time, because I can't find any of the matches from this tournament
  • In other news, WCCW’s new tv efforts are looking really impressive. It’s still stupid to push Kerry like this (even if it makes sense in that they make more from merchandising the Von Erichs than they do from wrestling), but it’s very sad to see. WCCW’s tv from June 28 was better than any other promotion’s television show in the past several weeks.
  • [Memphis] Dave saw a newspaper report of a fan in Louisville suing Lawler because Lawler spat on them.
  • Ted DiBiase’s vignettes are getting over big. Dave thinks Virgil might wind up being WWF’s answer to Big Bubba and make it big as a face (well, they’ll try it several years from now). But Dave also can’t abide that thought because Virgil is so bad at wrestling that “words haven’t been invented to describe him.”
Watch: Ted DiBiase's debut vignette
  • [UWF] Rick Steiner’s younger brother Scott will start in early August using the name Scott Sanders. Ron Simmons will also be coming up around that time, which will be great for him as it’ll get him in there with top workers and help him become the future star many want him to be already. He may be set up to tag with Steve Williams.
  • Scott Hall seems to be gone from Florida.
  • Dave believes the WarGames match was taped in full and might appear on the Bash video tape they’ll release in the fall. Gotta love how uncertain this kind of stuff was back then in a way.
  • Clarification on Montreal territory: they might still run in Northern Ontario, but they’ll be out of Montreal by the end of the month. WWF won’t be taking over contracts. If they manage to survive, they’ll be little more than a skeleton.
  • [JCP/NWA] More on Cornette: they’re kayfabing his injury as Robert Gibson putting him in a leglock and tearing up his knee. Dave’s understanding of the real story is Corny jumped up to stomp Morton and his leg gave out when he landed due to major cartilage damage.
  • Continental did a whip on a pole match between Dutch Mantell and Wendell Cooley. It went to a no contest, with a biased referee in favor of Cooley, tradeoffs of the whip, and a heel jobber giving Mantell a whip and both guys popping each other with whips until they were pulled apart. Next week they’re going to have a no-rope bullwhips legal match.
Watch: Highlights from what I'm pretty sure is the whip on a pole match described above, and if not, it's another one between the two
  • Honkeytonk Man pinned Bruno Sammartino on June 18 to keep the Intercontinental Title. Dave thinks it might be the first time Bruno’s been pinned since he lost the WWF Title to Billy Graham about a decade ago. We're getting a correction on this one, because Bruno was not pinned.
  • A show featuring Negro Casas vs. El Hijo del Santo drew 5000 fans to Olympic Auditorium in L.A. on June 27. That’s more than NWA and UWF have drawn in the area, as well as more than any WWF card since before Wrestlemania with the exception of WWF’s July 4 show this year.
  • AWA’s June 13 tv taping drew 2200, mostly because the fans didn’t realize the Midnight Rockers weren’t going to be there. They weren’t advertised either.
  • Andre the Giant is due to resume his feud with Hulk Hogan in the fall. Business is usually down during the summer, so Dave supposes they didn’t want to waste the angle on the summer crowds when they could make much more money later in the year.
  • A couple letters this week ranting about how much they hate Dusty Rhodes and one is irked that even those who hate him qualify the statement by saying “Well, he’s a good booker, at least.” One goes so far as to say it’s vomit-inducing to see people say he’s the best booker in the business. Dave responds to that one and, while he doesn’t like coming to Dusty’s defense, it’s pretty clear that he’s the reason JCP survived through the initial contraction and are the clear number two promotion today. He doesn’t think Dusty’s a genius and he disagrees with several of Dusty’s ideas on how to use talent, but the data speaks for itself: Dusty is a good booker if for no other reason than he knows how to make his promotion money at the gate.
  • Pennsylvania’s legislature is debating about deregulating pro wrestling. WWF is campaigning to deregulate, and Linda McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon both testified for deregulation. Linda compared wrestling to the Harlem Globetrotters and the Ice Capades, which are not regulated. However, when asked if wrestlers cut themselves to bleed for the matches she replied, “I am aware of past practices of that happening. In the World Wrestling Federation, it is not permitted or condoned.” Monsoon’s testimony focused on shows being hurt by having to have commission-appointed referees (it should be noted that Monsoon's son is a referee under contract with WWF). Unless the legislature rescues the state commission on this, the commission will likely be out of wrestling by the end of 1987, at which point NWA matches in Pennsylvania will probably once again feature all the blood. Because they love blood in Philly.
  • Jack Hart from Memphis will be getting a rename in WWF. He’ll be using his real name, Barry Horowitz.
NEXT ISSUE: WWF suspends several for drugs, Steve Williams wins UWF title, Lex Luger wins US Title, and more
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2019.11.09 17:48 M_Tootles Mother of Theories: Jon "Snow" & Daenerys, Child of Three — Part 5 of 5, Featuring SAUSAGEGATE (Spoilers Extended)

On-screen reading is probably a bit easier on my blogspot, A Song of Ice and Tootles, HERE.
This post is a direct continuation of Part 4, which you can read [HERE]. By "direct continuation", I mean DIRECT continuation: it begins "in the middle" and makes no sense on its own. If you're new to the series, Part 1 is [HERE].
This post is the final "Part" of my "Mother of Theories". It is divided into four very distinct sections. First, I discuss Ashara Dayne, Jon's putative mother. Second I discuss the timeline of Jon and Dany's births. Third, I look at Jon's physicality and how that "marries" with BAJRALD. Finally, I turn back to the issue of Dany's lineage and past, whom I have mostly neglected after Part One.

Ashara Dayne at Harrenhal and Thereafter

Edric Dayne tells Arya a story about Ashara at Harrenhal in ASOS Arya VIII—one that suggests Ashara boffed Ned, not Brandon. Edric can't fathom that Arya is unaware of Ashara Dayne, nor that she doesn't "know" that Wylla is Jon's mother. Edric's story is a "just so" tale of Ned and Ashara falling in love which is no more trustworthy than the idea that Wylla is Jon's mother. It carries zero dramatic heft. What does it explain? It's rather odd that almost no one believes a word of Edric's claim that Wylla is Jon's mother (and rightly so), yet most folks are convinced he's telling the truth about Ned and Ashara.
Edric, of course, has no first hand knowledge. He "knows" only what he was told many years later. Selmy also remembers Harrenhal. Let's take a look at both versions and try to make sense of them in light of BAJRALD.
Edric tells Arya he wanted to talk to Ned at Ned's tourney, but didn't know what to say. Clearly, then, he was raised to revere Ned, his eponym (as both are called "Ned"). Edric then brings up Jon Snow, telling Arya:
"He is my milk brother."
"Brother?" Arya did not understand. "But you're from Dorne. How could you and Jon be blood?"
Irony alert! Arya is "mistaken" in assuming Edric means he and Jon are blood relatives (he quickly clears up that he means only that they shared a wetnurse), whereas Jon is, in fact, Edric's half-Dornish uncle via Ashara.
Edric claims that Wylla is Jon's mother. Since this is what Robert believes as well, we can surmise that this was to be Ned's official cover story. So why didn't Ned tell anyone? We know Ned is known to be a bad liar—
"You never could lie for love nor honor, Ned Stark." (GOT E VII)
"You are … such a bad liar, Ned Stark," [Robert] said through his pain. (GOT E XIII)
—who hates lying, especially to those he loves:
Ned had held the babe in his arms; he could scarcely deny her, nor would he lie to his sister… (GOT E IX)
For a moment he was at a loss. He could not bring himself to lie. (GOT E XIII)
Having promised Lyanna he would deceive the world about who Jon is and having settled on the Wylla story as his cover, I suspect he quickly realized that he did not have it in him to smoothly sell people on a concocted backstory. Fearing that the more he said, the greater the chance he would stumble and jeopardize the only thing that really mattered—the idea that Jon was his bastard son— he realized that simply saying nothing save that Jon was his bastard afforded the best chance of keeping secret what had to remain secret. Notice that this is more or less exactly the tack Ned takes when Cat asks him about Ashara by name (which he treats as her asking him about Jon, because Ashara is Jon's mother)—
"Never ask me about Jon," he said, cold as ice. "He is my blood, and that is all you need to know." (GOT C II)
—or when Jon asks him about his mother:
And your mother, what of her? [Ned] will not even speak her name. (GOT J VII)
Ned realizes he can't be caught in a lie if his lips don't move.
Most everybody recognizes right away that Edric's story about Wylla and Jon is bullshit, in part by virtue of the fact that Arya, a naive ten-year-old, simply accepts this dramatically neutered story without much fuss:
Jon has a mother. Wylla, her name is Wylla. She would need to remember so she could tell him, the next time she saw him.
This just isn't how huge mysteries are resolved in dramatic fiction. Yet by seemingly asking us to accept such a blatant falsehood (which he knows will be seen as such), GRRM sets us up to then accept the other story Edric tells Arya: that Ned hooked up with Ashara at Harrenhal. This is every bit the dramatic wet blanket as Wylla-Jon, yet many readers assume this is true, in large part because Arya gets angry about it, which tacitly sets it in a different structural bucket from the patent falsehood about Jon and Wylla.
Edric believes Ashara committed suicide as a result of having her heart broken by Ned:
"My father was Ser Arthur's elder brother. Lady Ashara was my aunt. I never knew her, though. She threw herself into the sea from atop the Palestone Sword before I was born."
"Why would she do that?" said Arya, startled.
Ned looked wary. Maybe he was afraid that she was going to throw something at him. "Your lord father never spoke of her?" he said. "The Lady Ashara Dayne, of Starfall?"
"No. Did he know her?"
"Before Robert was king. She met your father and his brothers at Harrenhal, during the year of the false spring."
Notice that GRRM has Edric breezily specify that Ashara meets Brandon, too, yet that isn't foregrounded. Mystery writing 101.
"Oh." Arya did not know what else to say. "Why did she jump in the sea, though?"
"Her heart was broken."
…"Did someone break it?"
He hesitated. "Perhaps it's not my place…"
"Tell me…"
He looked at her uncomfortably. "My aunt Allyria says Lady Ashara and your father fell in love at Harrenhal—"
"That's not so. He loved my lady mother."
"I'm sure he did, my lady, but—"
"She was the only one he loved." (SOS A VIII)
The idea of an animated, laughing Dornishwoman killing herself because she can't marry a quiet, joyless schlub like Ned—
[Cat] remembered her own childish disappointment, the first time she had laid eyes on Eddard Stark. She had pictured him as a younger version of his brother Brandon, but that was wrong. Ned was shorter and plainer of face, and so somber." (SOS C V)
—defies common sense, yet the world believes Ashara killed herself, and Edric, at least, has been told she did so over Ned. Thus it's likely that the notion of a Ned-Ashara affair was intentionally floated in-world, presumably to divert attention from the more than inconvenient truth.
It can be argued that when Arya asks Harwin about Ned hooking up with Ashara at Harrenhal, Harwin doesn't totally rule out the possibility, and even hands us on a silver platter a shiny new reason to believe Ned might have become temporarily more like Brandon at Harrenhal:
"There's nought like a tourney to make the blood run hot." (SOS A VIII)
Doubtless Harwin is correct. There's just one problem if you think "Harwin's Law" means Ned may have done something wholly out of character (which still doesn't tell us why in the world Ashara would have been into him and not Brandon): ASOIAF has at this point already coyly informed us via Jaime Lannister that while a tourney like Harrenhal could have caused Brandon to get horny (as it did), it wouldn't have the same effect on a man like Ned. How so and why not?
"Brandon was different from his brother [Ned], wasn't he? He had blood in his veins instead of cold water. More like me." (COK C VII)
The metaphors inform one another: "Blood run[s] hot" at tourneys—blood like the "wolf's blood" in Brandon's veins. When a man's veins are full only of "cold water", though, "instead of… blood", as Ned's are, "Harwin's Law" logically can't affect him. If your theory lives because one bit of poetic license undermines everything we see about a character, it dies when another bit of poetic license meshes perfectly with the first, flipping its import on its head.
Harwin's broader response to Arya's questions about the story of Ned and Ashara is of great interest. His purpose, of course, is to explain why Ned did nothing wrong if he did sleep with Ashara. But in exculpating Ned (and, to be sure, stating plainly that he doesn't buy the rumors about Ned and Ashara), Harwin implicitly establishes that if Brandon had boned Ashara, there would have been "harm in that", since Brandon was "pledged":
"Lady Ashara Dayne. It's an old tale, that one. … I doubt there's any truth to it. But if there is, what of it? When Ned met this Dornish lady, his brother Brandon was still alive, and it was him betrothed to Lady Catelyn, so there's no stain on your father's honor. There's nought like a tourney to make the blood run hot, so maybe some words were whispered in a tent of a night, who can say? Words or kisses, maybe more, but where's the harm in that? Spring had come, or so they thought, and neither one of them was pledged."
This being a work of dramatic fiction, it makes no sense that we should buy "nothing to see here" when a far tastier possibility is being tacitly proffered.
Note that just as Harwin doesn't buy that Ned hooked up with Ashara at Harrenhal, so does he dismiss Edric's belief that Ashara's grief was for Eddard—
"She killed herself, though," said Arya uncertainly. "[Edric] says she jumped from a tower into the sea."
"So she did," Harwin admitted, as he led her back, "but that was for grief, I'd wager. She'd lost a brother, the Sword of the Morning."
—which would again be a weird authorial choice if Edric's claims are simply true, as it undercuts whatever (minimal) dramatic impact the supposed "revelation" had.
If Ashara did commit suicide, which I doubt, it makes more sense that she killed herself out of grief because the man she loved was dead than because he merely married someone else. (It also makes more sense that she'd do so over a hottie like Brandon than over that man's shorter, plain-faced, somber brother, although this is fundamentally a restatement of the argument that a woman like Ashara would not have fallen for Ned in the first place.)
Regardless of whether Ashara actually "threw herself into the sea" (or "jumped… into the sea" in Arya's words), I submit that it's no coincidence that the one other time we hear of someone else doing the same thing it's related to covering up the fact that he broke a vow and shamed himself by sleeping with someone he wasn't supposed to (who subsequently gave birth):
The best thing [Sam] could do would be to slip away and jump into the sea. *If I'm drowned, no one need ever know that I shamed myself and broke my vows,* and Gilly can find herself a better man, one who is not some big fat coward. (FFC Sam IV)
Sam's thoughts here have obvious resonances with the idea that Brandon broke his betrothal vows and sired a son on Ashara, thereby endangering the Stark-Tully alliance and proving to Lyanna that Ned was clearly "a better man" than Brandon was, which per my belief that ASOIAF is constantly "rhyming" with itself suggests that BAJ is correct.
I do wonder if another "rhyme" might tell us something about Ashara's fate. It has been argued that Ashara is the House of Black and White's "Waif", who like Ashara has strikingly large, dark eyes. I don't think this is so, but I do wonder whether we're supposed to wonder if she is, and if the Waif's story therefore might not inform Ashara's in some significant way. Specifically, I wonder whether Ashara might have indeed fallen from the Palestone Tower into the sea, not after jumping but after being pushed by a stepmother hoping to clear the way for her own children to inherit Starfall.
Consider that Ashara was probably born c. 263 or so (assuming she was 18 at Harrenhal), that she seems to have been more than a couple years younger than her two brothers (Edric's nameless lord father and Arthur), the younger of whom was already winning tourneys as a member of the Kingsguard c. 276, and yet she has a sister, Allyria, who seems to have been born much later than even she was (since Allyria is merely betrothed to Beric Dondarrion c. AGOT). The gap between the births of Ashara (and her older brothers) and Allyria suggests that Allyria is a half-sibling, born to a second (or third) wife. Edric—the current Lord of Starfall and the eldest (surviving?) son of Ashara's older brother—wasn't born until several years after Ashara's "suicide", which means that when Ashara "died", it was plausible that her children (whether Jon or some future acknowledged child) might inherit Starfall after the death of her seemingly then-childless older brother. Did Ashara have a new stepmother who wanted her out of the way so that her own children's children might inherit Starfall? Allyria may have just been born, putting the two of them into a situation more than a little akin to that described by the Ashara-esque Waif:
"I was born the only child of an ancient House, my noble father's heir," the waif replied. "My mother died when I was little, I have no memory of her. When I was six my father wed again. His new wife treated me kindly until she gave birth to a daughter of her own. Then it was her wish that I should die, so her own blood might inherit my father's wealth." (FFC CotC)
I'm not saying this is what happened, nor that Ashara truly died, regardless of whether it did. But it's possible. (To be clear: I'm saying that it's possible that the Waif and Ashara rhyme and that Ashara was pushed from the Palestone Sword, not that the Waif is Ashara.)
I'll speculate more about Ashara after we look at Selmy's version of what befell Ashara at and after Harrenhal, beginning now:
Even after all these years, Ser Barristan could still recall Ashara's smile, the sound of her laughter. He had only to close his eyes to see her, with her long dark hair tumbling about her shoulders and those haunting purple eyes. Daenerys has the same eyes. Sometimes when the queen looked at him, he felt as if he were looking at Ashara's daughter… (DWD tKB)
As Catelyn does, Selmy calls Ashara's eyes "haunting"
—a word which not coincidentally could easily describe Jon's reoccurring dreams of his mother's face, the most notable feature of which is her "kind" eyes:
Yet he dreamed of her at times, so often that he could almost see her face. In his dreams, she was beautiful, and highborn, and her eyes were kind. (GOT J III)
As I've mentioned, I believe Ashara's eyes look like Dany's eyes in large part because Dany is a "child of three", and Ashara's brother Arthur is Dany's co-sire. (We likewise see Dany's hair "tumble" like Ashara's, albeit "across her eyes" rather than "about her shoulders".)
Selmy broods on:
But Ashara's daughter had been stillborn, and his fair lady had thrown herself from a tower soon after, mad with grief for the child she had lost, and perhaps for the man who had dishonored her at Harrenhal as well. She died never knowing that Ser Barristan had loved her. How could she? He was a knight of the Kingsguard, sworn to celibacy. No good could have come from telling her his feelings. No good came from silence either. If I had unhorsed Rhaegar and crowned Ashara queen of love and beauty, might she have looked to me instead of Stark? (DWD tKB)
Edric believes Ashara's heart was broken by Ned Stark, and many people certainly read what Selmy says here and conclude that he's confirming Edric's version of events, while newly revealing that Ned knocked up Ashara. Per this reading, Ashara "looked to" Ned Stark at Harrenhal, Ned then "dishonored her" by sleeping with her and getting her pregnant, and Ashara killed herself in grief for their stillborn daughter and for the "loss" of Ned to his marriage to Catelyn. That's what I think we're pretty clearly "invited" to think at this stage.
But the language GRRM uses here is wildly ambiguous. We don't know which "Stark" Selmy is referring to. We don't know what he means by "dishonored her". We don't know whether he means Ashara "looked to… Stark", who then "dishonored her", or whether he means she "looked to" Stark after she was "dishonored" by somebody else. I suppose it's even theoretically possible that he means she "looked to" Stark, and later someone else "dishonored her".
Precisely because GRRM uses such ambiguous language, I think it's most likely that Selmy does know about Ashara and Brandon, and that his knowledge is being withheld from us for the nonce by this obtuse verbiage.
Selmy worshiped Ashara, plainly, yet he is friendly with and clearly esteems Ned in AGOT—
"Well spoken, child," said the old man in white. "As befits the daughter of Eddard Stark. I am honored to know you, however irregular the manner of our meeting. I am Ser Barristan Selmy, of the Kingsguard." He bowed. (GOT S I)
—and defends Ned to Dany in ADWD:
"Your Grace," said Selmy, "Eddard Stark played a part in your father's fall, but he bore you no ill will. When the eunuch Varys told us that you were with child, Robert wanted you killed, but Lord Stark spoke against it. Rather than countenance the murder of children, he told Robert to find himself another Hand." (Dae II)
This makes little sense if he thinks Ned "dishonored" Ashara: the term simply has too pejorative a connotation. Even if all Selmy means is "had sex with" (as he almost certainly does—see below), euphemistically, the fact that he choose to say "dishonored" shows at least mild distaste for what happened, which belies the friendly nature of his relationship with Ned. It's likewise almost impossible to believe that Selmy has such high regard for a man he explicitly believes may have driven his lost love to suicide.
If it's thus unlikely that Selmy thinks that Ned "dishonored [Ashara] at Harrenhal", I think it's quite likely that when Selmy says she may have been "mad with grief… for the man who had dishonored her", he is implying that said man died during Robert's Rebellion. Death is, after all, why people evince "grief", and it makes sense that a sober guy like Selmy would wonder whether Ashara was grieving over another death (in addition to that of her child) rather than over some figurative romantic "loss".
What might Selmy mean when he says that Ashara was "dishonored" by a man who probably died during Robert's Rebellion? It's very tempting to wonder whether this might mean that Ashara was raped at Harrenhal—perhaps by Aerys (who dies and is thus available for Ashara to potentially grieve over). This is unlikely, though: I looked at every use of every permutation of the term "dishonor" in the canon, and it is never used to refer to rape. It is used in the context of oathbreaking, betrayal, and insults/disrespect, but as regards sex it seems to refer to simply having consensual sex with an unmarried woman, especially when a child is produced, but never rape. For example, in the following passage, it just so happens to be the very man I believe is Brandon and Ashara's son who argues first that he would "dishonor" a woman merely by having sex with her", and then that she would certainly be dishonored if he impregnated her:
"Do you mislike [Ygritte]?" Tormund asked him…
"No, but I . . ." What can I say that he will believe? "I am still too young to wed."
"Wed?" Tormund laughed. "Who spoke of wedding? In the south, must a man wed every girl he beds?"
Jon could feel himself turning red again. "She spoke for me when Rattleshirt would have killed me. I would not dishonor her."
"You are a free man now, and Ygritte is a free woman. What dishonor if you lay together?"
"I might get her with child." (SOS Jon II)
Arys Oakheart likewise believes that he has "dishonored" Arianne by having sex with her—
"What if someone were to go to your father and tell him how I'd dishonored you?" (FFC tSK)
—while Sansa backs up the idea that a woman who gives birth to a bastard is dishonored:
"Is that what you would have from me? A bastard?" She pulled her fingers from his grasp. "Would you dishonor me that way?" (WOW Alayne I)
Thus we can be fairly confident that when Selmy speaks of "the man who had dishonored [Ashara] at Harrenhal", he at first means "the man who had sex with Ashara at Harrenhal," or perhaps "the man who impregnated Ashara at Harrenhal." It's thus likely that when Selmy wonders whether Ashara was "mad with grief… for the man who had dishonored her at Harrenhal" and when Selmy wishes she had "looked to me instead of Stark", he's remembering that Ashara had sex with Brandon after she "looked to" him for a good time and later grieved Brandon's death along with the (supposed) death of her (supposed) daughter.
That said, Westerosi notions of rape and consent are probably a far cry from our own: If Aerys (or anyone else) had sex with Ashara at Harrenhal after quietly giving her a "love potion" to make her "willing", I'm guessing Selmy would think only that she'd been thereby dishonored, rather than raped, per se.
Love potion? As I argued in my work on Tyrion's lineage, Love potions exist in ASOIAF—
"Maegi, they called her. … Half of Lannisport used to go to her for cures and love potions and the like." (SOS Ty III)
"…once my sister Rhae put a love potion in my drink, so I'd marry her instead of my sister Daella." - Egg (tSS)
—and constitute a huge Chekhov's Gun.
Thus it's possible that Selmy's memory is that Ashara "looked to" Brandon for succor after having sketchy Westo-roofied sex with Aerys (or some other party).
Make no mistake: Just because TWOIAF's Maester Yandel believes Aerys was true to the sacred vow he ostentatiously made in 275 AC to remain faithful to Rhaella doesn't mean he was. (Indeed, I think it's at least possible that Cersei had sex with him shortly before Harrenhal to secure Jaime's place in the Kingsguard.) It makes sense that Aerys would have been attracted to a Dayne woman with Targy eyes, since Maekar Targaryen married a Dayne and Aerys likely already had one bastard on a Dayne woman: Darkstar.
Another possibility consistent with Selmy's narrative? Ashara was "disgraced" by someone in the sense of being insulted, causing her to look to Brandon for succor. It's easy to imagine that Aerys might have come on to her in some kind of publicly humiliating fashion, given his track record:
Joanna Lannister brought her six-year-old twins… to present before the court. [Aerys] (very much in his cups) asked her if giving suck to them had "ruined your breasts, which were so high and proud." (TWOIAF)
Thus Aerys could for that reason, too, be "the man who had disgraced Ashara at Harrenhal".
Ashara also danced with Jon Connington—
The crannogman saw a maid with laughing purple eyes dance with… the lord of griffins… (SOS B II)
—who could have e.g. publicly rebuffed her or her father's offer of a marriage to her in a fashion that Selmy felt had "disgraced" her. (Connington treats the notion of marrying a Dornishman's daughter with contempt in ADWD tGR.) Connington was exiled, so again it's plausible that Selmy might wonder whether she grieved for the loss of him.
Still, I think it's far more likely that we'll eventually learn that Selmy is thinking of only Brandon throughout the passage: that Brandon is both "the man" who "dishonored" Ashara at Harrenhal (by bedding her) whom she later grieved for (since he was murdered by Aerys), and the "Stark" of whom Selmy thinks as he broods on Ashara's suicide, imagining that things might have been different is she'd hooked up with him instead of Brandon. Selmy is sober and measured enough to not fault Ned for Brandon's sins. Indeed, the contrast between the two may have impressed Selmy, contributing to his esteem for Ned.
So why were Edric and seemingly others told that Ashara had an affair with Ned?
The Daynes needed to assign responsibility for Ashara's pregnancy (which was surely known around Starfall and probably around King's Landing as well) to someone, if only quietly and when absolutely necessary. Ned had danced with Ashara, and as Harwin tells Arya there was nothing politically problematic about the two of them hooking up at that time. If it were put about that Ned had sired Ashara's child, sure, she might be seen as a "typically wanton Dornish whore", but at least she couldn't be accused of having seduced a promised man away from his bride-to-be, a prospect which could have threatened to shame Starfall and to foster hostility against the Daynes. The fact that Ned had married Cat dovetailed well with Ashara's suicide (whether real or not) to suppress questions which might expose Brandon's and her sins, as it opened the door to the idea that Ned's marriage broke her heart.
If it doesn't seem like the Daynes stood to lose much if Ashara's affair with Brandon was exposed, consider the way Serala of Myr was viciously vilified by all sides after the Defiance at Duskendale, whereas locally, at least, "they love Lord Denys still." (FFC B II) "Dorne" is seen as almost as foreign to the rest of Westeros as Myr was, and the reputation of Dornish women is already sordid. The exposure of Ashara's marriage to and child with Brandon simply couldn't have been a good thing for Starfall.
Besides this, the public existence of Ashara's trueborn Stark son could have been an internal inconvenience for the Daynes. First, it would put them on the wrong side of the civil war vis-a-vis their loyalist Martell overlords, who were also valuable allies. Second, Edric wasn't yet born, and thus Jon would have been poised to inherit Starfall. If Jon were acknowledged, the Daynes would have faced the prospect of Starfall being inherited by an absentee Lord of Winterfell who carried the blood of a man who was a hot-headed, oathbreaking womanizer. "Jon Dayne" would have seemed as fated to be a fuck-up as "Jon Stark". Declaring that Jon was Ned's bastard, on the other hand, maintained Starfall's flexibility. The Prince of Dorne could legitimize him as Ashara's son if Jon proved more Ashara's son than another wild wolf and if no other Dayne heirs were produced (besides Darkstar, who was presumably already an unwanted black sheep). Such a writ would apply only in Dorne, meaning Jon would inherit Starfall, but remain Robb's younger bastard brother in the North, eliminating the prospect of an absentee lord not named Dayne.
Given all this, I think Lyanna, Arthur and Ned—if not Ashara and/or Lord Dayne and/or Rhaegar—decided that the best thing for all involved (save for possibly Ashara herself) was for it to be declared that Ashara had birthed a stillborn daughter—daughters being last in the line of succession outside of Dorne—and for Ned to take home a "bastard" named Jon who he would claim he'd sired on a wetnurse named Wylla, even as it would be whispered that Ashara had loved Ned so as to erase Brandon's significance entirely.
Lord Dayne's esteem for Ned makes sense if Ned not only allowed Arthur to "die" at the Tower of Joy and therefore escape into anonymity, not only saw to it that Arthur's daughter Daenerys was spared from Robert's wrath and ferried to safety—deeds Ashara likely attested to—but also cleaned up the potentially messy baby situation. Ned may well have helped Ashara in the Vale as well, after she fled King's Landing (see below).
Notice that the whole thing rhymes with the baby swap Jon later engineers at the Wall. It's no accident that when Sam considers sending Aemon Steelsong to Horn Hill, Jon ironically describes essentially the same situation he was in as a baby vis-a-vis the Daynes:
"Growing up a bastard in his grandfather's castle?" Jon shrugged. "That depends in great part on your father, and what sort of boy this is." (SOS Sam IV)
A large part of the reason Jon was declared a bastard was out of concern for "what sort of boy" he would be—and what sort of man he would become—given that Brandon was his father. We don't know anything about Lord Dayne (although I've speculated that he may have remarried a grasping schemer), but we do know that it was only thanks to Jon's "father" Ned that his childhood is as decent as it is. Curiously, the last rightful lord to hold Winterfell was Jon's grandfather, meaning Winterfell remained almost literally "his grandfather's castle" even when it was nominally Ned's.

Ashara's Movements

In 1999, GRRM pretty clearly indicated that Ashara played a significant role in events around the time of Robert's Rebellion—a role that likely involved some movement, possibly involving boats:
Ashara Dayne was not nailed to the floor in Starfall, as some of the fans who write me seem to assume. They have horses in Dorne too, you know. And boats (though not many of their own). As a matter of fact (a tiny tidbit from SOS), she was one of Princess Elia's lady companions in King's Landing, in the first few years after Elia married Rhaegar. - GRRM (SSM July 11, 1999)
I therefore find it interesting that in addition to the stories of Ned hooking up with Ashara and of Ashara having a child, we also hear a rumor involving a boat, Jon Snow's mother, and, implicitly, Brandon's death in the Red Keep (which immediately preceded Aerys's demand for Ned's head):
"At the dawn of Robert's Rebellion. The Mad King had sent to the Eyrie for Stark's head, but Jon Arryn sent him back defiance. Gulltown stayed loyal to the throne, though. To get home and call his banners, Stark had to cross the mountains to the Fingers and find a fisherman to carry him across the Bite. A storm caught them on the way. The fisherman drowned, but his daughter got Stark to the Sisters before the boat went down. They say he left her with a bag of silver and a bastard in her belly. Jon Snow, she named him, after Arryn." (DWD Dav I)
I very much wonder if this rumor wasn't conditioned by certain facts: Did a newly-pregnant Ashara seek out Ned in the Vale at Brandon's behest (perhaps fleeing with the aid of Rhaella and/or Elia) sometime after she wed Brandon in the Red Keep but prior to Lord Rickard's arrival, "trial", and execution? Might Ashara and Ned have taken a boat to the Sisters, with Ashara turning south for the safety of Starfall, and perhaps subsequently the Tower of Joy?
Considering that Brandon was probably killed a few months into 282, the idea that Ashara left King's Landing shortly before that makes the most sense of GRRM's remark that she was in King's Landing for "the first few years" of Elia's marriage, which implies that Ashara left court at least a year before Rhaegar was killed in early-mid-283, but only after being there for at least two years. Since Elia only wed Rhaegar in very early 280, an early 282 exit is the "best fit": it means she was at court for perhaps a shade more than two years over parts of three calendar years, while Elia's marriage still had another year before it was violently ended.
One way or the other, the pregnant Ashara made her way to Starfall. (I wouldn't be shocked if she got there by boat with the assistance of a "fisherman's daughter" who Ned paid to shepherd her there, nor if that daughter became Wylla the Wetnurse, given that the name "Wylla" is used by the Manderlys, who are just across the Bite from the Sisters.) I suspect she then sought out her brother Ser Arthur at the Tower of Joy, where she grew close to Lyanna, who likely helped Ashara to deliver Jon, who'd been conceived in King's Landing, shortly before Ashara's flight. "Eight to nine months later"—
Jon was not born "more than 1 year" before Dany... probably closer to eight or nine months or thereabouts. - GRRM (SSM 7.11.99)
—Ashara Dayne likely helped Lyanna deliver Dany.

Dating The Births

Trying to date Jon and Dany's births is complicated by the deliberate fog placed over history by GRRM. We can glean a number of things from TWOIAF:
The False Spring of 281 AC lasted less than two turns. As the year drew to a close, winter returned to Westeros with a vengeance. On the last day of the year, snow began to fall upon King's Landing, and a crust of ice formed atop the Blackwater Rush. The snowfall continued off and on for the best part of a fortnight, by which time the Blackwater was hard frozen, and icicles draped the roofs and gutters of every tower in the city.
As cold winds hammered the city, King Aerys II turned to his pyromancers, charging them to drive the winter off with their magics. Huge green fires burned along the walls of the Red Keep for a moon's turn. Prince Rhaegar was not in the city to observe them, however. Nor could he be found in Dragonstone with Princess Elia and their young son, Aegon. With the coming of the new year, the crown prince had taken to the road with half a dozen of his closest friends and confidants, on a journey that would ultimately lead him back to the riverlands. Not ten leagues from Harrenhal, Rhaegar fell upon Lyanna Stark of Winterfell, and carried her off, lighting a fire that would consume his house and kin and all those he loved—and half the realm besides.
If the False Spring only lasted two months and if snow returned on "December 31", the False Spring tourney at Harrenhal must have taken place between roughly Nov. 1 and Dec. 25, most likely in late November. It seems that Rhaegar left Elia sometime early in 282, given that he was already gone when Aerys lit his "green fires", and given that the text states he took to the road "with the coming of the new year". It also seems that Elia must have been very pregnant at Harrenhal, since Aegon had been born in the interim.
Rhaegar and "his closest friends and confidants" (almost certainly including Oswell Whent, Arthur Dayne, Myles Mooton, and Richard Lonmouth) returned to the Riverlands, but the use of the term "ultimately" indicates that they may have headed somewhere else first, which gives the timeline some flexibility. Lyanna was surely "taken" no earlier than mid-January, but perhaps as late as early March.
Brandon was headed to Riverrun to marry Lysa Tully when he heard about Lyanna and reversed course for King's Landing. (ACOK Catelyn VII) He would presumably have needed at least a couple weeks to get there. Accounting for the time it took for news of Brandon's capture to reach Rickard and for the time it took Rickard to travel to King's Landing from wherever he was at the time (Winterfell or somewhere on the road between there and Riverrun), which may have been quite a while if he rode with the full retinue of men with whom he'd left Winterfell, Brandon was surely held captive for at minimum several weeks if not a month or more before Rickard arrived, which was more than enough time for him to impregnate and secretly wed Ashara, probably with the complicity of Rhaella and/or Elia if not Varys.
If we therefore place Jon's conception c. February-April 282, Jon would have been born in c. November 282-January 283. "Eight or nine months later" (in GRRM's words) it would be July-October 283, which coincides with when Ned probably arrived at the Tower of Joy, per the following calculation: In early 298, Catelyn remembers her wedding as occurring 15 years ago. (GOT C I) In early-mid 300, JonCon remembers the Battle of Bells occurring 17 full years ago. (DWD tLL) Since Hoster fought in the Battle of the Bells, and since Lysa's marriage to Jon Arryn was clearly payment Hoster's swords—
"Father said I ought to thank the gods that so great a lord as Jon Arryn was willing to take me soiled, but I knew it was only for the swords. I had to marry Jon, or my father would have turned me out as he did his brother…." (SOS San VII)
"You made him take her," [Catelyn] whispered. "Lysa was the price Jon Arryn had to pay for the swords and spears of House Tully." (SOS C I)
—we can deduce that both these events took place in tight proximity in either very late 282 or early 283 (again: 15 years before 298, 17 years before 300)—probably around the same time or shortly after Jon Snow was born and Daenerys Targaryen was conceived. At least three months surely passed before the Battle of the Trident, as Rhaegar had to leave the Tower of Joy and a Dornish army had to travel to King's Landing and then the Trident, marching all the way from Dorne, having been summoned in the aftermath of the Battle of the Bells:
"After dancing griffins lost the Battle of the Bells, Aerys exiled him. … He had finally realized that Robert was no mere outlaw lord to be crushed at whim, but the greatest threat House Targaryen had faced since Daemon Blackfyre. The king reminded Lewyn Martell gracelessly that he held Elia and sent him to take command of the ten thousand Dornishmen coming up the kingsroad. Jon Darry and Barristan Selmy rode to Stoney Sept to rally what they could of griffins' men, and Prince Rhaegar returned from the south and persuaded his father to swallow his pride and summon my father." (SOS Jai V)
After the Trident, Ned rode to King's Landing—
"Ned Stark was racing south with Robert's van, but my father's forces reached the city first." (Ibid.)
—before riding south with an army to lift the siege at Storm's End without a fight:
The siege of Storm's End… had dragged on a year to no result, and after the Trident was fought, the Lord of Highgarden had meekly dipped his banners to Eddard Stark. (SOS Ty III)
He then rode west with a small band of men to the Tower of Joy. These are long trips, even if they all involved only mounted men. Obviously, then, at least a couple more months passed between the Battle of the Trident and Ned reaching the Tower of Joy. Given the elasticity of the known time frame, GRRM's declaration that Dany and Jon were born roughly 8-9 months apart is no obstacle to the idea that Brandon sired Jon in King's Landing while Dany was born around the time of Ned arrived at the Tower of Joy, roughly 18 months later. (Indeed, it's even possible to just barely make things work if Jon was conceived at Harrenhal in December 281.)

Jon Snow's Appearance

Let's now change paths completely to wrap up another loose end: the matter of Jon's physical appearance.
What little we know of Jon's appearance is remarkably consistent with BAJ, especially if you believe that GRRM picks and chooses his (often deceptively simple) verbiage carefully such that it's consistent with ASOIAF's "hidden reality".

The Stark Look vs. Tully Blood: Jon's "Half-Siblings", Possible Parents, and Other Family

Let's establish some facts regarding Jon's supposed half-siblings, possible parents and other family to help us make sense of what we know about Jon's look.
Arya looks like Jon, and like a Stark:
[Arya] even looked like Jon, with the long face and brown hair of the Starks… (GOT S I)
Ned tells Arya she looks like Lyanna:
"You remind me of [Lyanna] sometimes. You even look like her." (GOT A II)
RLJ-theory points out that Jon must therefore resemble Lyanna. Fair enough. But is it really that Jon looks especially like Lyanna, or more that he, like Arya and Lyanna and unlike the other kids, has the "Stark Look"? Consider:
Ned saw Jon Snow's face in front of him, so like a younger version of his own. (GOT E IX)
Jon was never out of sight, and as he grew, he looked more like Ned than any of the trueborn sons she bore him. (GOT C II)


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2019.11.06 16:18 M_Tootles Mother of Theories: Jon "Snow" & Daenerys, Child of Three — Part 2 of 5 (Spoilers Extended)

On-screen reading is probably a bit easier on my blogspot, A Song of Ice and Tootles, HERE.
This post is a direct continuation of Part 1, which you can read [HERE]. By "direct continuation", I mean DIRECT continuation: this begins "in the middle" and makes no sense on its own. You've been warned, but you do you.


Catetlyn II is an absolute goldmine. It begins when Cat and Ned engage in some boring, thrust-y sex, with Cat thinking about the ambient temperature of all things, then this:
So when they had finished, Ned rolled off and climbed from her bed, as he had a thousand times before.
Is that how a woman describes passion? By thinking the sex has happened "a thousand times before" and immediately musing over pregnancy… especially after the dude "rolls off"? This is an early hint that Ned is not hot, and that a Dornishwoman like Ashara wouldn't have been remotely interested in him.
What's implicit here is made explicit in ASOS C V. First we're shown Ned's schlubiness:
She remembered her own childish disappointment, the first time she had laid eyes on Eddard Stark. She had pictured him as a younger version of his brother Brandon, but that was wrong. Ned was shorter and plainer of face, and so somber.
Then we're told Ned was/is dull (and that Brandon was a wildman):
He spoke courteously enough, but beneath the words she sensed a coolness that was all at odds with Brandon, whose mirths had been as wild as his rages.
And finally we're told the sex has always been crummy:
Even when he took her maidenhood, their love had more of duty to it than of passion.
There's actually further confirmation of this on a barely-concealed symbolic level. Cat tell us:
Ned always said that the man who passes the sentence should swing the blade, though he never took any joy in the duty. (COK C VII)
Consider that information in light of the linking of blades and sex by Cat's erstwhile betrothed and Brandon's brother:
"Brandon loved his sword. He loved to hone it. 'I want it sharp enough to shave the hair from a woman's cunt,' he used to say. And how he loved to use it. 'A bloody sword is a beautiful thing,' he told me once." (DWD Turncloak)
Ned and Brandon are nothing alike, in bed, out of bed, or when the two are metaphorically conflated. Does Catelyn enjoy the sex for what it is? Sure. Thus:
Her loins still ached from the urgency of his lovemaking. It was a good ache. She could feel his seed within her. She prayed that it might quicken there.
But when the "good" part of sex which sees one's mind wander to the room temperature and the way the room is heated is the "ache" from repetitive pounding, explicitly conflated with the prospect of making a baby, that speaks volumes.
AGOT C II continues. Cat tells Ned he "must not" refuse Robert's request that he serve as Hand. It's crucial that we realize this comes before Lysa's letter accusing the Lannisters of murder arrives, yet Cat is already passionately imploring Ned to accept. Ned, though, has no interest in titles, his Lordship being a shame-filled lie.
"My duties are here in the north. I have no wish to be Robert's Hand."
"He will not understand that. He is a king now, and kings are not like other men. If you refuse to serve him, he will wonder why, and sooner or later he will begin to suspect that you oppose him. Can't you see the danger that would put us in?"
Cat's an early POV, so readers aren't likely to question the purity of the motives behind her words, but on its face this seems specious, even desperate. Danger? For declining an office? Really? Or is Cat upset at a missed opportunity?
A monumental piece of evidence problematic for RLJ then slips by largely unnoticed:
Ned shook his head, refusing to believe. "Robert would never harm me or any of mine. We were closer than brothers. He loves me. If I refuse him, he will roar and curse and bluster, and in a week we will laugh about it together. I know the man!"
  1. It's easy to read that Cat means Ned is "refusing to believe" the truth, as if she somehow has a direct line to the divine, but literally, this means only that Ned doesn't believe what Cat's saying—or, to put it another way, buy what she's selling (which she may believe herself, as is human nature as regards self-interested arguments).
  2. Most if not all RLJ variants claim that Jon's safety from Robert is paramount, the literal content or at least clear spirit of his promises to Lyanna. Ned is allegedly so concerned for Jon's safety that in 15 years he never tells Catelyn who Jon is. But here, plain as day, Ned can't begin to fathom Catelyn's purported alarm, much to Catelyn's chagrin. He evinces no fear of Robert being wrathful towards "me or any of mine", a pregnantly broad phrase which clearly includes Jon. To the contrary, he thinks it impossible. (See: "never".)
It's worth noting that Varys, the best-informed, shrewdest operator in ASOIAF, more or less doubles down on this not long thereafter:
"If a day should come when Cersei whispers, 'Kill that man,' Ilyn Payne will snick my head off in a twinkling… . " He reached out and touched Ned with a soft hand. "But you, Lord Stark … I think … no, I know … [Robert] would not kill you, not even for his queen, and there may lie our salvation." - Varys (GOT E VII)
True, Ned's family isn't explicitly included, but it makes no dramatic sense to use Varys to reinforce Ned's stated belief that Robert would never harm his family if Jon's paternity is kept top secret so as to safeguard him from murder-by-Robert.
Catelyn shifts gears, and the feudal values with which she's been instilled, little different from those held by supposedly peculiar noble Houses readers love to hate (aspiration to wealth, titles and security for oneself, one's offspring and one's House above all) are made plain:
"…Robert came all this way to see you, to bring you these great honors, you cannot throw them back in his face."
"Honors?" Ned laughed bitterly.
"In his eyes, yes," she said.
"And in yours?"
"And in mine," she blazed, angry now. Why couldn't he see? "He offers his own son in marriage to our daughter, what else would you call that? Sansa might someday be queen. Her sons could rule from the Wall to the mountains of Dorne. What is so wrong with that?"
Cat is stupefied that Ned isn't enamored of the opportunity to fulfill what she was raised to believe is life's paramount purpose: securing the glory of her House and the legacy of her children. Cat's exaggerated concern that turning Robert down will endanger them all is exposed as a ploy when we see her thought process culminate in the frustrated exclamation "Why couldn't he see," just before she relents and voices what's really at stake for Hoster Tully's baby girl: Hot damn, Sansa gets to be queen!
Ned's bitter laugh makes perfect sense: Catelyn unwittingly and ironically assumes that "Queen Sansa" appeals to Ned as it does to her, but Lord Stark tastes tainted honors every day, and his usurpation of Jon's rights plagues him with guilt, even as it conditions the very possibilities over which Catelyn is blithely salivating, unaware that at any moment her dreams of greater heights for her children could be dashed should Ned choose to reclaim his sullied honor and acknowledge Jon's paternity.
GRRM's choice to have Cat refer to Robert's overtures as "honors" is intentional and loaded. The Tully words are Family, Duty, Honor, and this is the first hint of their true significance: they're far less banal than they first appear. It's hard to break through the sympathy inherent to a POV, but when we do we see the plain implication that Cat, like her father Hoster, is motivated by status and power. Like him, she quickly angers at obstacles to such. (I'll momentarily return to these ideas in greater detail.)
Ned points out that Joffrey's a douchebag, but Cat's eyes are on the very valuable prizes.
"Gods, Catelyn, Sansa is only eleven," Ned said. "And Joffrey… Joffrey is…"
She finished for him. "…crown prince, and heir to the Iron Throne. And I was only twelve when my father promised me to your brother Brandon."
That brought a bitter twist to Ned's mouth. "Brandon. Yes. Brandon would know what to do. He always did. It was all meant for Brandon. You, Winterfell, everything. He was born to be a King's Hand and a father to queens. I never asked for this cup to pass to me." (GOT C II)
For Ned, the irony of Cat obliviously citing her betrothal to the faithless Brandon as a way to remind him of his supposed duty to their children is palpable and painful. Ned knows that Brandon betrayed Cat and both their houses with Ashara. By holding that truth close, he does not disinherit Cat's sons, yet in return he suffers Cat's scorn for "fathering" Jon. Ned's uncharacteristically scathing outburst thus makes perfect sense if BAJ. His caustic remarks betray his innermost thoughts to us, but it's interesting to note that they might also threaten to clue-in Cat if only she'd step outside herself for a moment. (We'll see this isn't the first time Ned's poker-face regarding Brandon fails him.)
The passage also encodes BAJ on a textual level. How? Brandon's name "brought a bitter twist to Ned's mouth," right? Now, recall Benjen's response when Jon begs to join the Watch and says "bastards grow up faster than other children":
"That's true enough," Benjen said with a downward twist of his mouth.
I already argued that Benjen's brooding frown and subsequent silence is neatly explained by BAJ, but here we have a textual parallel to Ned, who we know is thinking about Brandon when he makes the same face. The parallel hints that Benjen's mind is on the same dark subject when his mouth twists at the prospect of Jon joining the Watch and thereby benightedly renouncing his rights as Brandon's trueborn son.
Some may insist that it's merely illustrating that the men are brothers. How this is dramatically interesting and hence worth putting on the page in such a subtle fashion I'm not sure, since we know they're brothers, but I certainly believe GRRM rarely gives us an important breadcrumb without painting it in a "nothing to see here" veneer. (To be fair: the interpretation isn't wrong, it's just incomplete. These are two brothers, yes: both reacting similarly to triggered memories of their late older brother.)
Ned's outburst also hints at BAJ by giving us precious insight into Brandon's fatally flawed character, which is at the core of why BAJ makes sense. When Ned bitterly says that "Brandon would know what to do. He always did," he's not reverently recounting Brandon's great wisdom. To the contrary, he's sarcastically remembering a cocksure, swaggering man-child who always "knew" what to do precisely because he always acted without thinking, right down to betraying Cat and riding off to start a war. As you'll hopefully see, once we begin to synthesize and internalize the scattered details we're given regarding Brandon, including this one, the notion of BAJ percolates almost organically from this emergent character sketch.
In any event, just as Ned had no interest in disinheriting Jon when Lyanna insisted on her deathbed that Ned usurp him in pursuit of a greater good, so now does Ned have no interest in grasping at power. Cat's rejoinder is very probably an eerie echo of Lyanna's response when Ned told her he had no wish to claim Jon as his bastard and thereby claim Winterfell:
"Perhaps not," Catelyn said, "but Brandon is dead, and the cup has passed, and you must drink from it, like it or not."
BAJRALD believes that Ned nearly revealed too much a moment ago, and that Catelyn is now triggering far more painful memories than she realizes by appealing to the same sense of duty-in-Brandon's-absence Lyanna successfully plied as she was dying. How might BAJ-Ned respond if this is so? Exactly as Ned in fact does:
Ned turned away from her, back to the night. He stood staring out in the darkness, watching the moon and the stars perhaps, or perhaps the sentries on the wall.
It is only then that Luwin brings them Lysa's letter inculpating the Lannisters in Jon Arryn's death, dramatically altering what is at stake, yet Ned still hesitates:
Catelyn looked to her husband. "Now we truly have no choice. You must be Robert's Hand. You must go south with him and learn the truth."
She saw at once that Ned had reached a very different conclusion.
"The only truths I know are here. The south is a nest of adders I would do better to avoid."
The verbiage of the last line is oddly redolent of snake-associated Dorne, where the dangerous truth of Jon's parentage lies. Indeed, Jon's hero, the Brandon-esque Daeron Targaryen, was killed in a treacherous episode that saw his cousin Aemon the Dragonknight literally imprisoned in a cage dangling over a "pit of vipers" (which are adders by another name) in Dorne, used as bait for his other cousin Baelor in a bizarre torture which recalls how Aerys baited Brandon to strangle himself to death in order to save his father Rickard from Aerys's flames.
Luwin points out that Ned could bring Jon Arryn's killers to justice, but notice that he doesn't echo Cat's (absurd) concern that Robert will be wroth if Ned refuses him but instead points to the threat to Lysa the Lannisters pose:
Luwin plucked at his chain collar where it had chafed the soft skin of his throat. "The Hand of the King has great power, my lord. Power to find the truth of Lord Arryn's death, to bring his killers to the king's justice. Power to protect Lady Arryn and her son, if the worst be true."
Ned glanced helplessly around the bedchamber. Catelyn's heart went out to him, but she knew she could not take him in her arms just then. First the victory must be won, for her children's sake. "You say you love Robert like a brother. Would you leave your brother surrounded by Lannisters?"
"The Others take both of you," Ned muttered darkly. He turned away from them and went to the window. She did not speak, nor did the maester. They waited, quiet, while Eddard Stark said a silent farewell to the home he loved.
Cat gets her way, but how? Not because Ned fears for his family, as RLJ might foresee (per "keep Jon safe") , but to the utter contrary because of Ned's love for Robert, the very man Cat minutes ago tried in vain to posit as a threat, the very man Ned is supposedly protecting "Jon Targaryen" from. There is no ambiguity: the idea that Robert's wroth might endanger Ned's family is a complete nonstarter; Ned finds it absurd. Nor does he care to be Hand or for Sansa to marry Joffrey. It is only when Catelyn points out that Robert will be surrounded by hostile Lannisters that he breaks. To say this is incongruous with a grand theory of our backstory that posits Robert as a mortal threat to Jon at this late date is an understatement.
It's just as important to take note of Cat's constant motivation, restated in marvelously explicit-yet-coy terms: she argues "for her children's sake." We are baited to read this as being solely about the children's safety, but she doesn't actually specify that, does she? The vague potential of unspecified future "danger" was merely the first argument she tried, and Ned all but laughed at it when Robert was its supposed font. By having Lysa's letter arrive to ratchet up the tension when it does, GRRM encourages us to forget that Cat is already strident before anything is known of the (faux) Lannister plot, the fervor of her Tully ambition causing her to "blaze" with anger not when Ned is unperturbed about Robert's would-be suspicions and the danger she claims would follow, but rather when he scoffs at Robert's "honors", singling out the betrothal of Sansa to Joffrey.
It's pretty clear Ned understands Cat is focused on the marriage given that one page later he uses it (successfully and instantaneously) to assuage her agony when he tells her he'll take all the children but Robb and Rickon south with him while she remains in Winterfell:
"I could not bear it," Catelyn said, trembling.
"You must," he said. "Sansa must wed Joffrey, that is clear now, we must give them no grounds to suspect our devotion."
Notice Ned doesn't even begin to accept Catelyn's earlier argument regarding Robert: it is the Lannisters ("them") surrounding Robert that are the problem. Thus while motives naturally co-mingle, Cat clearly wants Ned to accept in large part because it positions Sansa as Queen-to-be and Ned seems to grok this. Indeed, I will show that such ambition is precisely what moves a Tully. That Cat thinks of victory for "her children" rather than "their children" is not, I submit, merely maternal instinct, but a subtle nod to the entire purpose of her match with Ned: placing Tully blood in high places.

Catelyn Tully, not Stark

Since I'm claiming certain motivations drive Cat and suggesting they're endemic to House Tully, let's pause the "walk-through" to discuss House Tully and see how that discussion informs BAJRALD. First, let's get one thing absolutely clear. After all her years of marriage, Catelyn is still at core a Tully, and not a Stark. This is clear from the way she posits the Starks as something alien in her first chapter—
Winter is coming, said the Stark words. Not for the first time, she reflected on what a strange people these northerners were. (GOT C I)
—which is repeated in AGOT C III, when "her house" is clearly still House Tully:
Catelyn… had let them all down, her children, her husband, her House. It would not happen again. She would show these northerners how strong a Tully of Riverrun could be.

The Tullys Aren't The Freys/The Lannisters! Wait. They Aren't, Right? A Revisionist Family Portrait

Like Father, Like Daughter: Family. Duty. Honor.

Cat and Hoster have a special relationship. Her worldview was shaped by his:
Her father had always given her wise counsel when she needed it most… (GOT C V)
Their shared values are epitomized by their neither accidental nor incidental House words: Family. Duty. Honor. Seemingly generic, lacking the portentous tone and engaging wordplay of many credos in ASOIAF, the Tully words are in fact perhaps the most important in ASOIAF. They denote a specific ethos, and it is not a sentimental one, as Littlefinger understands all too well:
"A wife is allowed to yearn for her husband, and if a mother needs her daughters close, who can tell her no?"
Littlefinger laughed. "Oh, very good, my lady, but please don't expect me to believe that. I know you too well. What were the Tully words again?"
Her throat was dry. "Family, Duty, Honor," she recited stiffly. He did know her too well.
Littlefinger doesn't buy for a second that a Tully would be moved to action by familial warmth and affection, and for him, the Tully words betray this, even encapsulating the wholly unsentimental reasons he could not marry Cat:
"There was a time when Cat was all I wanted in this world. I dared to dream of the life we might make and the children she would give me… but she was a daughter of Riverrun, and Hoster Tully. Family, Duty, Honor, Sansa. Family, Duty, Honor meant I could never have her hand." (SOS San V)
The Tully words and their concomitant values were passed to/are shared by Cat::
Brienne asked, "What shall we do now, my lady?"
"Our duty." Catelyn's face was drawn as she started across the yard. I have always done my duty, she thought. Perhaps that was why her lord father had always cherished her best of all his children. Her two older brothers had both died in infancy, so she had been son as well as daughter to Lord Hoster until Edmure was born. Then her mother had died and her father had told her that she must be the lady of Riverrun now, and she had done that too. And when Lord Hoster promised her to Brandon Stark, she had thanked him for making her such a splendid match.
I gave Brandon my favor to wear, and never comforted Petyr once after he was wounded, nor bid him farewell when Father sent him off. And when Brandon was murdered and Father told me I must wed his brother, I did so gladly, though I never saw Ned's face until our wedding day. I gave my maidenhood to this solemn stranger and sent him off to his war and his king and the woman who bore him his bastard, because I always did my duty. (COK C VI)
Cat and Hoster both valorize duty and define it as what furthers the glory of her family and House, especially regarding marriage. Recall Cat's incredulity when Ned resists Robert's offer to wed Joffrey to Sansa: she expects him to accept without question, because for her it is clearly his duty, the honorable thing to do for his family, these being concepts she reflexively understands through the paradigm ingrained in her as Hoster's eldest daughter and surrogate son/Lady wife. It's no accident that one of her last thoughts en route to her doom at the Red Wedding is this:
Everything would turn on this marriage. (SOS C V)

Tully Bodies and Tully Politics

The Tully words, then, embody their understanding of marriage as a political instrument. It's not that this understanding is even remotely unique to the Tullys. Infamously, Walder Frey views marriage this way. But GRRM chose to specifically characterize the Tullys as believing marriage is the sacrosanct purview of the Lord, made not for love or lust but for political advancement. Again, this isn't aberrant in-world; it's just that the Tully's beliefs are made explicit. And actually, the force of Hoster's control over his daughters' bodies as political tools, and the depth of his scorn for sentiment that runs afoul of his purposes, are quite extreme:
"Jon [Arryn]'s a good man, good… strong, kind… take care of you… he will… and well born, listen to me, you must, I'm your father . . . your father… you'll wed when Cat does, yes you will."
Her father's hands clutched at hers, fluttering like two frightened white birds. "That stripling… wretched boy… not speak that name to me, your duty…"
She wondered who Lysa's "wretched stripling" had been. Some young squire or hedge knight, like as not… though by the vehemence with which Lord Hoster had opposed him, he might have been a tradesman's son or baseborn apprentice, even a singer. (COK V)
The "wretched boy" Hoster hates is Littlefinger, whose name he cannot abide, a vindictive peculiarity he revisits on the Blackfish—
Lord Hoster had not spoken his brother's name since, from what Edmure told her in his infrequent letters. (GOT C VI)
—whose great original sin was, quite conspicuously, refusing to marry as ordered. This detail serves to reemphasize that Cat is very much Hoster's girl, since she similarly refuses to say Jon's name, believing his presence is a stain on her own marriage. (GOT J II) But Hoster's response goes much further than this imparted idiosyncratic pettiness, as Lysa tells Littlefinger:
"She doesn't love you the way I have. I've always loved you. I've proved it, haven't I?" Tears ran down her aunt's puffy red face. "I gave you my maiden's gift. I would have given you a son too, but they murdered him with moon tea, with tansy and mint and wormwood, a spoon of honey and a drop of pennyroyal. It wasn't me, I never knew, I only drank what Father gave me…" (SOS San VII)
Hoster forcing Lysa to abort so he could retain her as an asset was a singular act of violent control over a woman's body in ASOAIF. But it wasn't random: It was the logical corollary of the ostensibly innocuous "Family, Duty, Honor" words, "properly" understood. Hoster wasn't motivated by malice, but by ambition, couched as "Family" and "Honor". While Catelyn may be quick to cast aspersions at other Houses—
"There is no limit to Lannister pride or Lannister ambition," Catelyn said. (GOT C III)
—Hoster's machinations and Catelyn's grasping make me question the "limit" of "Tully ambition". Prior to Hoster facing death, neither he nor Catelyn lost much sleep over the human costs of the marriage pacts they pursued. Indeed, Catelyn never evinces regret over her pivotal, probably decisive role in the decision to betroth Sansa to Joffrey. That's shocking when you think about it. Tyrion's maxim…
Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it." (GOT Ty II)
…seems applicable.
More than that, if GRRM is as intentional as I believe he is, I submit that part of Cat's Tully core doesn't regret seizing the brass ring when given the chance, regardless of Joffrey's transparent fuckheadedness. By doing so, she's no different than her father was vis-a-vis Lysa, and thus some of our "good guys" are no different than Tywin Lannister, as Tyrion tells Varys:
"My father once told me that a lord never lets sentiment get in the way of ambition…." (COK Ty IV)
This isn't fetishistically "realistic" but narratively/dramatically pointless moral ambiguity, it's intentional to the narrative, inscribed for a reason that is absolutely going to be paid off when the circumstances surrounding Ned's decision to disinherit Jon rather than blow-up the Tully alliance are made plain.
Returning to Lysa, Hoster's Machiavellian cruelty seemingly broke her, as was obvious to Cat in the immediate aftermath of their marriages:
She remembered the first time she gave her sister Robb to hold; small, red-faced, and squalling, but strong even then, full of life. No sooner had Catelyn placed the babe in her sister's arms than Lysa's face dissolved into tears. Hurriedly she had thrust the baby back at Catelyn and fled. (SOS C I)
It's not just the forced abortion. Lysa was categorically forced to marry Jon Arryn, and in fact the Blackfish's exile was imposed consequent to his refusal to marry:
"Father said I ought to thank the gods that so great a lord as Jon Arryn was willing to take me soiled, but I knew it was only for the swords. I had to marry Jon, or my father would have turned me out as he did his brother…." (SOS San VII)
Lysa is certain her marriage was about Arryn wanting "my father's swords, to aid his darling boys." (SOS San VI) Cat also thinks it was a nakedly calculated act of realpolitik:
Lysa's match with Lord Arryn had been hastily arranged, and Jon was an old man even then, older than their father. An old man without an heir. His first two wives had left him childless, his brother's son had been murdered with Brandon Stark in King's Landing, his gallant cousin had died in the Battle of the Bells. He needed a young wife if House Arryn was to continue… a young wife known to be fertile.
Catelyn rose, threw on a robe, and descended the steps to the darkened solar to stand over her father. A sense of helpless dread filled her. "Father," she said, "Father, I know what you did." She was no longer an innocent bride with a head full of dreams. She was a widow, a traitor, a grieving mother, and wise, wise in the ways of the world. "You made him take her," she whispered. "Lysa was the price Jon Arryn had to pay for the swords and spears of House Tully."
Small wonder her sister's marriage had been so loveless. The Arryns were proud, and prickly of their honor. Lord Jon might wed Lysa to bind the Tullys to the cause of the rebellion, and in hopes of a son, but it would have been hard for him to love a woman who came to his bed soiled and unwilling. He would have been kind, no doubt; dutiful, yes; but Lysa needed warmth. (SOS C I)
Thus the realization that Lysa was "soiled and unwilling" when she married Jon actually seems to cause Cat to empathize as much with "kind" and "dutiful" Jon Arryn as with her own sister—who essentially got to be regularly raped by a 60 year old man missing "half his teeth" with breath "like bad cheese". (SOS San VI) Of course, this makes perfect sense if Hoster was who I'm arguing he was and if he inculcated his values in Cat.
Also telling: despite Aerys murdering Catelyn's betrothed, Brandon, both Cat and Lysa clearly recall that Hoster didn't commit to join the rebellion beside House Stark until Jon Arryn agreed to take Lysa to wife. Given that it would obviously be perilously untenable to agree to marry Catelyn to the rebel Eddard Stark while simultaneously refusing to join the rebels, it follows that Hoster only agreed to marry Cat to Ned once Jon agreed to take Lysa—i.e. not immediately/automatically after Brandon's death as I suspect many have vaguely imagined—thereby trading the Tully swords he commanded for the prospect that the future Wardens of the North and East would be half-Tully. Indeed, this is implicit in Cat's recollection of events:
"[Littlefinger] wrote to me at Riverrun after Brandon was killed, but I burned the letter unread. By then I knew that Ned would marry me in his brother's place." (GOT C IV)
The words "By then" imply there was a length of time between the news of Brandon's murder and Littlefinger's letter when Cat did not know that she would marry Ned. The Tully's war-footing was thus determined not by squishy sentiment arising from an unfulfilled, erstwhile peacetime pact with House Stark, but by Hoster's belief that his daughters and their Duty had been leveraged to maximum benefit for their Family, with their sons destined to be Lords Paramount—a hard-line disposition that recalls nothing so much as Cat ensuring that Ned does what he must to get Sansa betrothed to Joffrey.
Hoster's tack regarding Catelyn's betrothal being what it was is a hint that even if we set aside the massive and clearly applicable historical evidence regarding the dire consequences of broken marriage pacts in Westeros in general (see: the Laughing Storm's rebellion, the Red Wedding, etc.), it's clear that Hoster, specifically, would have been furious and unforgiving if he ever learned that Brandon had sired a trueborn son on Ashara Dayne, thereby undermining the entire reason Hoster had agreed not only to marry Cat to "Lord" Eddard, but also to call his banners and go to fucking war. A canny Stark—perhaps one on her deathbed—would have understood this and acted to avert disaster accordingly.
There's more reason to believe Lysa's and Cat's marriages and hence the Tully-Baratheon-Arryn-Stark rebellion—which remember was begun by Jon Arryn, not Hoster nor even Robert or Ned—were not foreordained. Tywin tells Tyrion:
"I once hoped to marry your brother to Lysa Tully, but Aerys named Jaime to his Kingsguard before the arrangements were complete. When I suggested to Lord Hoster that Lysa might be wed to you instead, he replied that he wanted a whole man for his daughter." (SOS Ty III)
Jaime corroborates this:
Jaime, meantime, had spent four years as squire to Ser Sumner Crakehall and earned his spurs against the Kingswood Brotherhood [defeated in late 280]. But when he made a brief call at King's Landing on his way back to Casterly Rock, chiefly to see his sister, Cersei took him aside and whispered that Lord Tywin meant to marry him to Lysa Tully, had gone so far as to invite Lord Hoster to the city to discuss dower. (SOS Ja II)
It's certainly possible that this is "wishful thinking" on Tywin's part, but Tywin is the coldest fucker there is, not one prone to self-delusion, and Hoster eventually took issue with a match with Tyrion, not to House Lannister per se. So until Jaime's appointment, probably in mid-281 (since he wasn't formally invested until Harrenhal, in the last two months of 281)—at most a year before the murders of Brandon and Rickard Stark—it's likely that Hoster intended to marry Catelyn to Brandon, but also Lysa to Jaime. Thus if there was a grand anti-Aerys/pro-Rhaegar (and/or pro-decentralization) conspiracy, it seems it included Tywin Lannister, and not necessarily Jon Arryn.

Conspiracy? What?

Before the war, there was already a union between the North, the Riverlands and the Stormlands in the offing. It would have included the Westerlands if not for Aerys and Cersei's meddling (and Tyrion being viewed as an accursed creature). A glance at the family trees in TWOIAF and ASOIAF's appendices shows this is most unusual. Lords usually marry their children to bannermen or (when lucky) Targaryens. The number one (non-Rhaegar) suspect behind this quintessentially ambitious (albeit to unclear ends) network of marriages is Hoster Tully. The notion that he was in the inner circle of a plot to alter the balance of power in Westeros is not only consistent with the "revisionist" character sketch of House Tully I'm painting, it pays off a few strange "asides":
She had slept many a night [at the Crossroads Inn] in her youth, traveling with her father. Lord Hoster Tully had been a restless man in his prime, always riding somewhere. (GOT C V)
Her father had oft treated with the southron lords, and not a few had been guests at Riverrun. (COK C II)
Barbrey Dustin's diatribe suggests Rickard Stark was a partner—whether equal or a pawn—to Hoster's schemes:
"…Rickard Stark had great ambitions too. Southron ambitions that would not be served by having his heir marry the daughter of one of his own vassals." (DWD TC)
Why don't we hear more if there was an immense conspiracy to devolve power back to the Lords Paramount and/or overthrow Aerys and/or unite the Houses for the sake of peace, prosperity and/or prophecy? Well, why would we? We're told little and less about the pre-war years. For example, who realizes Rickard Stark is a knight? A knighted Lord Stark would be highly unusual according to TWOIAF—"knighthood is rare in the North"—and Luwin:
"To be a knight, you must stand your vigil in a sept, and be anointed with the seven oils to consecrate your vows. In the north, only a few of the great houses worship the Seven. The rest honor the old gods, and name no knights… but those lords and their sons and sworn swords are no less fierce or loyal or honorable. A man's worth is not marked by a ser before his name. As I have told you a hundred times before." (SOS B VI)
How do we know Rickard's a knight? As was properly the case in the middle ages, only knights wear golden spurs:
And Daario Naharis is only a sellsword, not fit to buckle on the golden spurs of even a landed knight. (DWD Dae VII)
Yet here is Jaime's account of Rickard's death:
"As for Lord Rickard, the steel of his breastplate turned cherry-red before the end, and his gold melted off his spurs and dripped down into the fire…." (COK C VII)
It's also intriguing that Ser Rodrik Cassel is a knight (dating from Lord Rickard's day?). There's no mention of him being anointed, and indeed he ignores a Faith-y greeting of "Seven blessings to you, goodfolk" in AGOT C V. We learn in ADWD Davos IV that Ser Bartimus keeps the old gods, but is a Ser nonetheless, so Rickard being knighted doesn't mean he was a religious convert. But it does suggest there is important history being hidden, opening the door to the notion of a preexisting cabal, perhaps guided by a prophecy-influenced Rhaegar.
It also means that Maester Luwin is misleading Bran a bit, which reminds us that Cat idly calls Luwin "a little grey rat" in AGOT C III, foreshadowing Lady Dustin's rant about maesters and Lord Rickard:
If I were queen, the first thing I would do would be to kill all those grey rats…. we give them a place beneath our roof and make them privy to all our shames and secrets, a part of every council. And before too long, the ruler has become the ruled.
"That was how it was with Lord Rickard Stark. Maester Walys was his grey rat's name…. Walys Flowers had a Hightower girl for a mother… and an archmaester of the Citadel for a father, it was rumored…. Once he forged his chain, his secret father and his friends wasted no time dispatching him to Winterfell to fill Lord Rickard's ears with poisoned words as sweet as honey. The Tully marriage was his notion, never doubt it, he—" (DWD Turncloak)
Is Luwin covering up history for a reason? Perhaps, but for now Rickard's knighthood is an important reminder of our ignorance and our reliance on Maesters for information. It raises my hackles that Yandel approvingly accents Rickard's role in the rebellion while mentioning Hoster only once, despite Riverrun seeming to finally tip the balance in favor of the rebels.
The nascent pre-war conspiracy clearly was to be solidified at Rhaegar's tourney at Harrenhal:
Many tales have grown up around Lord Whent's tournament: tales of plots and conspiracies, betrayals and rebellions, infidelities and assignations, secrets and mysteries, almost all of it conjecture….
If this tale be believed, 'twas Prince Rhaegar who urged Lord Walter to hold the tourney, using his lordship's brother Ser Oswell as a go-between. Rhaegar provided Whent with gold sufficient for splendid prizes in order to bring as many lords and knights to Harrenhal as possible. The prince, it is said, had no interest in the tourney as a tourney; his intent was to gather the great lords of the realm together in what amounted to an informal Great Council, in order to discuss ways and means of dealing with the madness of his father, King Aerys II, possibly by means of a regency or a forced abdication. (TWOAIF)
Aerys's attendance forestalled any Great Council. Was the Mad King's paranoia simply random? Well, who did he implicate?
Above all, King Aerys II was suspicious: suspicious of his own son and heir, Prince Rhaegar; suspicious of his host, Lord Whent; suspicious of every lord and knight who had come to Harrenhal to compete… and even more suspicious of those who chose to absent themselves…. (TWOIAF)
The Tullys were absent (since Catelyn never saw Ned until just before their marriage [SOS C V]), as were Rickard Stark (he's the Stark in Winterfell) and Tywin, which paradoxically buttresses the idea of a plot if Aerys was indeed "crazy like a fox" and the plotters were therefore keeping their heads down.
The Stark brood attended, flying in the face of the family's anti-tourney tradition:
"The gods frown on the gambler," Ser Rodrik said sternly. He was of the north, and shared the Stark views on tournaments. (GOT C V)
The question of who might win the tourney interested Eddard Stark not in the least. (GOT E V)
As knighthood is rare in the North, the knightly tourney and its pageantry and chivalry are as rare as hen's teeth beyond the Neck. (TWOIAF)
Moreover, Rhaegar was prepared to crown Lyanna. He won suspiciously (the rubies on his breastplate are always emphasized, and "it seemed as if no lance could touch him" [AGOT E XV]), and somehow had blue winter roses all ready to go, which doesn't seem easy under any circumstances:
"Now as it happened the winter roses had only then come into bloom, and no flower is so rare nor precious." (COK J VI)
Were the Starks there at Rhaegar's behest, possibly with Lord Rickard's complicity? Might it even follow that Rhaegar's "kidnapping" of Lyanna was undertaken with the advance knowledge and complicity of Hoster and/or Rickard and/or Lyanna?


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2019.10.31 17:00 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Mar. 9, 1987

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.

The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82

1-5-1987 1-12-1987 1-18-1987 2-2-1987
2-9-1987 2-16-1987 2-23-1987 3-2-1987
  • The biggest story of the week is still developing, but it’s being reported in Japan that Riki Choshu will be joining New Japan. For the past two weeks there have been rumors that Choshu or Masa Saito would face Inoki on the March 26th show. Saito showing up at Inoki’s 44th birthday party helped fuel these rumors, where he shook hands with Inoki and challenged him. All Japan was supposed to start their new series the night of that party, and missing from the card was Choshu, with the excuse that he had a bad cold. There’s all kinds of bullshit being called on this by reporters in Japan who have noted that he hasn’t missed an All Japan date since late 1984. It’s said that he tried to recruit a number of other wrestlers to join him in New Japan, but they turned him down, and no official announcement has been made by New Japan or All Japan about Choshu. The biggest factor here is that TV-Asahi has been considering canceling New Japan’s tv, so Inoki is trying to pop some big ratings to save the network slot.
  • In US news, we still don’t know the status of the Florida territory. No official word, and all three scenarios in play last week are still in play.
  • Back to Choshu, Japan seems on the cusp of its biggest feud since the Shingun-Seikigun feud of 1983-1984. Back then New Japan was drawing ratings on the level of a top-five show, not lurking near cancelation. Potential feuds with Maeda and Fujinami among others have the potential to be huge business for New Japan, and the arrival of Choshu could set up a power-struggle for who will replace Inoki as the face of the company. Choshu is far more popular than Maeda and Fujinami. It’s too early to speculate if they might jump ship at some point if the writing is on the wall about Choshu taking that spot.
  • AWA drew big at the Cow Palace with a $100k+ gate and a solid draw in Minneapolis against a WWF show in St. Paul. AWA drew 4500 in Minneapolis to 6500 for WWF (headlined by Hercules vs. Hulk Hogan), and the Cow Palace show was topped by a traditional battle royal. And if one thing is certain in wrestling, it’s that traditional battle royals always draw well at the Cow Palace. AWA is pumping money into radio and newspaper ads, and there was a lot of media coverage for the Minneapolis show.
  • Wrestlemania 3 has sold roughly 50,000 tickets so far. Randy Savage was reported to be scheduled for knee surgery after Wrestlemania, but Dave’s sources say that’s not true (lots of Canadian readers phoned in about this report, so Dave’s taking the time to dispel it). They hinted on tv at an extra-large belt being made for Andre to work the semi-smart crowd into thinking Andre’s going to win the title. Dave expects we might see the giant belt on tv the week before Wrestlemania. He also notes that all reports suggest Andre won’t be wrestling after that match and that there’s concern about him making it through Mania without exploding.
  • [WWF] Dave runs down and rates the Feb. 23 Madison Square Garden Show. Not a lot to report here. Roddy PipeJYD/Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage/Harley Race/Adrian Adonis wins the match of the night with an exceptional 4 star showing, while Jake Roberts vs. King Kong Bundy was so atrocious it got -1.5 stars.
  • Assorted WWF notes: TV has it looking like Beefcake will be turning face and starting to feud with Adrian Adonis, which kind of spoils the result at Mania for Adonis/Piper. Alice Cooper will be in Jake Roberts’ corner. JYD and Harley Race now has a stipulation of the loser bowing to the winner. Expect more stipulations announced to help boost ticket sales.
  • As Dave has been typing the newsletter, he’s gotten word confirming that JCP has bought the Florida territory. There may not be much of a shakeup, but Kevin Sullivan will be assistant booker (with Dusty as head), and Gordon Solie has been invited to stay on as announcer. Lots of potential new faces to be brought up for the Crockett Cup.
  • [JCP] The Ole Anderson face turn has happened, and it’s kind of dumb and reminds Dave of some of Vince’s dumber moments. So Ole’s been absent lately, apparently due to going to watch his son compete in local wrestling tournaments, and Tully made a crack about it so Ole punched him. Later J.J. Dillon asked Ole to apologize, so Ole called him a scumbag and punched him too. Dave thinks the turn was great, but he just can’t buy Ole as a face, and the McMahonish thing is how they’re having the guys talk about the “10 year” history of the horsemen when they never used that word until January 1986. It’s like when Paul Orndorff fired Bobby Heenan as his manager after the first Wrestlemania, ending the “long association” that never started since Heenan never managed him before the firing skit.
WATCH: A compilation of promos leading to Ole being kicked out of the Horsemen.
  • [JCP] Dave puts his foot in his mouth hard regarding Misty Blue. She was wrestling Linda Dallas and they interrupted the match and never aired or announced the finish on tv in order to focus on the Horsemen angle. I bring this up because Dave’s comment is going to spark some controversy within the letters section over the next several issues (there will still be letters touching on this in May), so we’re going to cover it in the rewind. Dave’s own words:
With the exception of Brenda Britton, Misty Blue has to be the ugliest girl ever described as beautiful in the human race. Her and Linda Dallas is almost embarrassing how bad it is. They are literally doing nothing but selling their asses. The best thing about Saturday’s show was they interrupted that match for the Ole Anderson angle.
  • There was an injury at the UWF show on February 24. Dark Journey jumped on Michael Hayes’ back and Hayes threw her to the mat, but she landed wrong and had to be carried out. Word is she’s got a broken back and she’ll be replaced by Baby Doll (using the name “Nickla” since she needed to drop the Baby Doll name to get out of her contract with Crockett).
  • Dave reviews the Cow Palace show the AWA put on. Notable events include Sherri Martel retaining the women’s title in a 2 star match against Candi Divine, a Bockwinkel/Hennig double countout for the AWA title at 3 stars, the Midnight Rockers retaining the tag titles against Zhukov and Somers in a really bad match. The main event battle royal saw Jimmy Snuka win, but it was bad. Dave also finally saw the full 60 minute draw between Hennig and Bockwinkel and he thought it was superb. The match built heat through the tension of the match’s length. Lots of people don’t like restholds, but Dave notes that the problem with restholds isn’t the holds - it’s when the guy in the hold doesn’t sell that he’s in pain. If both wrestlers have their working boots on, they can make a resthold as exciting as a top rope dive. But it’s rare to see guys actually work a hold these days. (Dave may have accidentally been glimpsing at 2019, because the same applies today).
  • One of Florida’s last shows independent of JCP saw an unusual happening. Bruiser Brody and The Sheik had a two minute match that ended in a double countout. They then spent the next 8 minutes in a wild, arena-sprawling brawl that went all the way into the popcorn stand. Brody got over massively, more than any babyface in the territory since Virgil. Dave gives the whole thing 4.5 stars.
  • [Florida] So the dream date with Ed Gantner thing has a winner. It’s Adrian Street. They’re also building a feud between Gantner and Scott Hall. Hall talks a lot about how they grew up as best friends, which could make for a great story, except his tone is less that there’s been a falling out and more of a “my good buddy wants to prove he’s better I guess, so that’s neat.” No wonder there’s no heat, it’s being booked like a WWE face vs. face feud.
  • Stampede Wrestling seems to be cursed, at least as far as the Viet Congs are concerned. Cong #2 (Fumihiro Nikura) never came back from Japan, which means they’re holding up the tag belts and putting on a tournament. Apparently Nikura had some kind of heart issue in December. So they brought in a young guy named Matsuda (no relation to Hiro Matsuda) as Cong #3. He nearly died of a brain hemorrhage in training and will probably never wrestle again. Nobody has volunteered to be Cong #4.
  • [Memphis] They did a really cool finish to a LawleBockwinkel vs. Austin Idol/Humongous match. Lawler and Bockwinkel hit a double suplex on Humongous, only Lawler never fell back. So Lawler goes to the ropes to do his fist drop, but jumps just as Bockwinkel covers and so Lawler hits Bockwinkel. Bockwinkel leaves Lawler high and dry to get double-teamed, and now we have an angle between Lawler and Bockwinkel.
  • Speaking of Lawler, he got on the radio and did a bit of an expose. Talked about Randy Savage hitting the fan in Miami, Bill Dundee being Bobby Eaton’s father-in-law, how Sam Houston is Jake Roberts’ brother and married to Baby Doll, made fun of Jake, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Michael Hayes, and Hulk Hogan’s real names, and said that Ricky Morton is married and has two kids (this last one was news to Dave). These young kids are exposing the business, I tell you.
  • [NJPW] Another development since the first page was typed. Inoki vs. Saito has been signed as the main event of the March 26 New Japan show. That same show is set to feature a World Karate Association Cruiserweight title bout, an International Boxing Federation Lightweight title bout, and Shinobu Kandori defending the UWA (Mexico) Women’s title (first time a men’s and women’s title will be defended on the same show in Japan). Dave says the Takada/Koshinaka match from the February 5 Sumo Hall show was a match of the year contender, by the way, and gives it 4.5 stars. Inoki/Bigelow wasn’t as good, and Bigelow isn’t a Steve Williams or Bruiser Brody… yet.
  • Future Dude with Attitude, ECW Tag Champ, and 1992 WON match of the year participant Doug Furnas is trying to break a weightlifting record. He’s training up for the World powerlifting championship this May (he won last year’s as a superheavyweight, benching about 650 and squatting 975). He wants to beat Bill Kazamaier’s total in bench, squat, and deadlift, and if he breaks the record, it’s likely he’ll take up wrestling full time (he works once or twice a week in Continental) with a legit World’s Strongest Man gimmick. Dave’s curious about this especially because Furnas, who’s 5’11” and 270 lbs with most of the weight in his legs, is the most flexible and agile big man Dave’s ever seen. He’s super green, but he does the splits and moves nothing like most of the stiffs and does a better top rope leg drop than Bobby Eaton. His height may work against him, but he’s a guy to keep an eye on (see you in 1992, Doug).
  • Some quick hits: Congratulations to Bill Apter on the birth of his first son. Sadly, Hulk and Linda lost their baby. There’s a guy in Montreal doing a gimmick where he’s the insane cousin of Bruiser Brody, Buster Brown Brody. WWF is suing George Napolitano and Bert Sugar (magazine publishers) for putting together some kind of book that uses WWF trademark names or something.
  • In the letters we get a small victory for Crockett in the wrestling war. Seems that Angelo Mosca’s NWA show has bumped WWF out of two of its three weekend time slots in Winnipeg, leaving only the 11 am slot for WWF (taking 6 pm Saturday and 1 pm Sunday). The commentary is shit, but it’s a small battle won against WWF.
  • Another letter asks some questions about New Japan and All Japan as they compare to the major US promotions in terms of finances. Dave notes that they’re definitely ahead of all US promotions except WWF and possibly JCP. There’s also a question about if it would hurt All Japan if WWF signed Riki Choshu, and Dave thinks it would hurt initially but not much in the long run as All Japan has a great well of talent to draw from to replace him if necessary.
  • Dave liked to do quizzes back before everything was easily available online and offers one at the last page of this issue, all answers due by May 1. The winner will get 20 free issues. Some questions from this quiz, let’s see what you’ve got: Who was the last wrestler to score a clean pin on Hogan/Andre/Choshu/Brody? Name every masked man to hold an NWA/AWA/WWF World title. Name 5 wrestlers who have scored clean wins on Andre the Giant. Only one wrestler has scored a clean pin on one of the Road Warriors on national US tv - who is he?
NEXT ISSUE: JCP takes over Florida, Riki Choshu resurfaces, Wrestlemania updates, World Class, and more
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2019.10.30 20:56 flappy1978 (OFFER) 10 Minutes Gone 4K, Stuber, Updated List (REQUEST) 4Ks, A24 Films, Lists

All 4K codes are in bold.
$2 Vudu Credit VTHN prefix
Disney Full Codes + DMR (unless noted differently)
Sony Movie Buff Pass (HD) MA
Looking for...
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2019.10.24 00:05 flappy1978 (OFFER) Large Updated List (REQUEST) Lion King '19 4K, Offers, Lists

All 4K codes are in bold.
Disney Full Codes + DMR (unless noted differently)
Sony Movie Buff Pass (HD) MA
Looking for...
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2019.10.22 19:36 cubekwing An Analysis of Recent Star Performances, or the Odd You Can Bet on a Star to Breakeven

Recently I become interested in how in general a star can imply profitability. Sometimes this is called star power, but as we all know the causal attribution here is always problematic. A movie starring certain actoactress making profit may be a result of boxoffice draw of the star, or just a good taste for scripts, or simply taking projects that are not too edgy. Nevertheless, I don't know a better indicator, so I just start with this rough analysis.
For the analysis, I look at the recent 10 wide releases (max. at 600+ theaters) of a star, based on following criteria:
1.Non-sequel (unless it's a reboot after a long time)
2.Starring the particular star at the top 3 slot of the credit list (for convenience, I look at BOM's actor list and count the first 3 linkable stars, which could be a bit different from an actual credit order from the movie/poster)
3.Acting, not voicing (barring exceptions like Her, where the only acting is voicing).
3.Excluding all movies of MCU and DCEU after (including) A1 and JL.
4.After 2000
The profitability is calculated based on theatrical revenue (50/40/25 rule based on BOM) vs. production budget (BOM figures, or Wiki if BOM has no number). A movie is deemed breakeven if theatrical revenue exceeds production budget.
Here is the result I find on some selected actors/actresses. I don't watch movies a lot so I just pull out names out of my memory (which is biased towards CBM movies). Feel free to remind me more "stars".
*Bold indicates movies failing to break even.

Boxoffice "Draws" (7+ out of 10 break even):

-Rachel McAdams: Game Night, Spotlight, Southpaw, Aloha,A Most Wanted Man, About Time, The Vow, Midnight in Paris, Sherlock Holmes, The Time Traveler's Wife
-Leonardo DiCaprio: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Revenant, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, Django Unchained, J.Edgar, Inception, Shutter Island, Revolutionary Road, Body of Lies
-Dwayne Johnson: Fighting with My Family, Skyscraper, Rampage, Jumanji:Welcome to the Jungle, Baywatch, Central Intelligence, San Andreas, Hercules, Pain and Gain, Snitch
-Tom Hanks: The Post, The Circle, Inferno, Sully, Bridge of Spies, Saving Mr.Banks, Captain Philips, Cloud Atlas, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Larry Crowne
-Emma Stone: The Favourite, Battle of Sexes, La La Land, Irrational Man, Aloha, Birdman, Magic in the Moonlight, The Help, Easy A, Zombieland
-Brad Pitt: Ad Astra, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Allied, Fury, 12 Years a Slave, World War Z, Killing Them Softly, Money Ball, Inglourious Basterds, The Curious Case of Benjamin
-Will Smith: Gemini Man, Aladdin, Collateral Beauty, Suicide Squad, Concussion, Focus, After Earth, Seven Pounds, Hancock, I Am Legend
-Jennifer Aniston: Office Christmas Party, Mother's Day, We're the Millers, Wanderlust, Just Go With It, The Switch, The Bounty Hunter, Love Happens, Marley and Me, The Break-Up
-Scarlett Johansson: Rough Night, Ghost in the Shell, Lucy, Chef, Her, Don Jon, We Bought a Zoo, The Spirit, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Nanny Diaries

Boxoffice "Hit-and-Miss" (5~6 out of 10 break even):

-Ryan Gosling: First Man, Blade Runner 2049, La La Land, The Nice Guys, The Big Short, The Place Beyond the Pines, Gangster Squad, The Ides of March, Drive, Crazy Stupid Love
-Chris Evans: Gifted, What's Your Number, Captain America: The First Avenger, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Losers, Push, Street Kings, Fantastic Four, Cellular, The Perfect Score
-Keanu Reeves: Replicas, John Wick, 47 Ronin, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Street Kings, The Lake House, Constantine, Something's Gotta Give, Hard Ball, Sweet November
-Adam Sandler: Pixels, Men Women Children, Blended, That's My Boy, Jack and Jill, Just Go With It, Grown Ups, Funny People, Bedtime Stories, You Don't Mess with the Zohan
-Margot Robbie (only 7 counted): Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Mary Queen of Scots, I Tonya, Suicide Squad, The Legend of Tarzan, Whiskey Tango, Focus
-Jennifer Lawrence (only 7 counted): Red Sparrow, Mother!, Passengers, Joy, Silver Linings Playbook, House at the End of the Street, The Hunger Games
-Angelina Jolie: Maleficent, The Tourist, Salt, Changling, Wanted, A Mighty Heart, The Good Shepherd, Mr.&Mrs.Smith, Alexander, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
-Amy Adams: Vice, Nocturnal Animal, Arrival, Big Eyes, Her, American Hustle, Man of Steel, Trouble with the Curve, The Master, The Muppets
-Nicole Kidman: The Goldfinch, The Upside, Boy Erased, The Beguiled, Lion, The Secret in Their Eyes, Paddington, Before I Go To Sleep, The Railway Man, Just Go With It
-Natalie Portman: Annhilation, Jane Got A Gun, Thor, Your Highness, No Strings Attached, Black Swan, Brothers, Mr.Magorium's Wonder Emporium, V for Vendetta, Closer
-Jessica Chastain: Molly's Game, The Zookeeper's Wife, Miss Sloane, Crimson Peak, The Martian, A Most Violent Year, Interstellar, Mama, Zero Dark Thirty, The Help
-Tom Cruise: American Made, The Mummy, Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion, Jack Reacher, Rock of Ages, Knight & Day, Valkyrie, Lion for Lambs, War of the Worlds
-Matt Damon: Downsizing, Suburbicon, The Great Wall, The Martian, The Monuments Men, Elysium, Promised Land, We Bought A Zoo, Contagion, The Adjustment Bureau
-Paul Rudd: Admission, This is 40, Wanderlust, Our Idiot Brother, How Do You Know, Dinner for Schmucks, I Love You, Man, Role Models, Over Her Dead Body, Knocked Up
-Jim Carrey: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Mr.Popper's Penguins, A Christmas Carol, Yes Man, The Number 23, Fun with Dick and Jane, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Minds, Bruce Almighty, The Majestic
-Ben Affleck: Live by Night, The Accountant, Gone Girl, Runner Runner, Argo, The Town, Extract, State of Play, Smokin' Aces, Hollywoodland
-Clint Eastwood (only 6 counted): The Mule, Trouble with the Curve, Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, Blood Work, Space Cowboys
-Chris Pratt (only 6 counted): Passengers, The Magnificent Seven, Jurassic World, Delivery Man, Jennifer's Body, Bride Wars
-Henry Cavill (only 5 counted): The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Man of Steel, The Cold Light of Day, Immortals, The Count of Monte Cristo

Boxoffice "Averager" (4 out of 10 break even):

-Ryan Reynolds: The Hitman's Bodyguard, Life, Criminal, Deadpool, Self/Less, Woman in Gold, R.I.P.D, Safe House, The Change-Up, Green Lantern
-Robert Downey Jr.: The Judge, Chef, Due Date, Sherlock Holmes, The Soloist, Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, Charlie Bartlett, Zodiac, The Shaggy Dog
-Liam Neeson: MIB International, Cold Pursuit, The Commuter, Silence, Run All Night, A Walk Among Tombstones, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Non-Stop, The Grey, Unknown
-Vin Diesel: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, The Last Witch Hunter, Riddick, Babylon A.D., The Pacifier, The Chronicles of Riddick, A Man Apart, Knockaround Guys, XXX, The Fast and the Furious

Boxoffice "Poison" (3 or less out of 10 break even):

-Charlize Theron: Long Shot, Tully, Gringo, Atomic Blonde, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Snow White and the Huntsman, Young Adult, Hancock, In the Valley of Elah, Aeon Flux
-Christian Bale: Vice, Hostiles, The Promise, The Big Short, Exodus: Gods and Kings, American Hustle, Out of the Furnace, The Fighter, Public Enemies, 3:10 to Yuma
-Jason Statham: The Meg, Spy, Homefront, Parker, Safe, Killer Elite, The Mechanic, The Expendables, Crank:High Voltage, Death Race
-Mark Wahlberg: Instant Family, Mile 22, All the Money in the World, Patriots Day, Deepwater Horizon, Daddy's Home, The Gambler, Lone Survivor, 2 Guns, Pain and Gain
-Chris Hemsworth: MIB: International, Bad Times at the El Royale, 12 Strong, In the Heart of the Sea, Blackhat, Rush, Red Dawn, The Cabin in the Woods, Thor, A Perfect Getaway
-Johnny Depp: Murder on the Orient Express, Black Mass, Mortdecai, Trancendence, The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows, The Rum Diary, The Tourist, Alice in Wonderland, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
-Nicolas Cage: Left Behind, Drive Angry, Season of the Witch, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Kick-Ass, Knowing, Bangkok Dangerous, Next, Ghost Rider, The Wicker Man
Edit: Add Liam Neeson
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2019.10.15 03:46 zorave Any 2019 Halloween Events?

Friends and I are looking for something to do on Halloween. Any suggestions?

Here are some events I found that seem accessible to all SJSU students (including students without cars and/or under 21). Please share more!
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2019.07.10 07:38 destocot Trip Report [June 12, 2019 - June 28, 2019] Kinda Mess But I Tried

I was going to a detailed trip report but I feel most of it would be stuff constantly repeated so I’ll try to just keep it minimal and mainly make this a any kind of advice post I could give ^^.[I know I’m going to end up writing a long post but whatever!]

Also, I’d like to thank this subreddit for helping me with my itinerary, I ended up making my own little binder and was so excited to used everything I learned.
Trip Dates: June 12 – 28
Airline: Air Canada, economy, ~ $1,200.00 Round Trip
Booked In-Advance:
Kichi Kichi Omurice
Ghibli Museum
Pocket WiFi (Global Advance Communications)

Dead Pop Festival [Special Thanks to , 100% recommend to buy any tickets you can’t unless you’re a Japan citizen]
Day 1:
Arrived in Osaka, Kansai International Airport KIX
Exchanged Money at the first money exchange booth I saw in the airport,
Picked up Pocket WiFi from airport ~ $76.00
NOTE about Pocket WiFi, I chose pocket wifi instead of x2 sim card because my partner didn’t have a phone with a sim card slot. However, when we arrived in japan we had free access to 2G internet via my t-mobile and my partner’s sprint, and that was just enough for us to use google maps.
We didn’t realize out phone internet would be so reliable that we didn’t even need the pocket wifi at all (so probably wont get one in the future trip) but for $75 for reliable internet isn’t so bad, but we barley used since we only took out our phones for internet
Main Point if you have t-mobile or sprint check if you get internet in Japan it is honestly good enough to get you anywhere.
Got the ICOCA and Haruka combo for foreigners, ICOCA is the transportation card I used for Osaka, nara, Kyoto, and Tokyo, and haruka was a ticket for the airport train that we used to go to Tennoji station and from there took a subway to our hotel.
2 random Japanese people just walked up to us and helped us figure out how to get on the train, it was such a warm welcome to the country, they even walked us to the platform honestly that already made the trip for me the kindness of these people. Anyways we were able to line up first with out luggage and we got to put it in the luggage area.
We arrived to tennoji station and took the subway to out hotel,
Hotel we used in Osaka:
Doutonbori Crystal Hotel II, when we found it on It was so cheap $409 all together for 7 nights, that felt too good to be true to me, but we booked it.
I enjoyed this hotel a lot, it was about 15 minutes walk from Doutonbori and if I went back I’d use the same hotel again if the price was the same, favorite hotel out of 3 that I stayed at in Japan
Nothing special hotel, they have breakfast buffet that we never went to, and the room was small, but that complaint never bothered me when people spoke about it.
Also, bidets are my life, will get one if I ever get my own place.
Headed to family mart and they helped us print our concert tickets, bought our first egg salad sandwich fell in love, end of day 1.
Day 2:
Kuromon Ichiba Market, Shinsekai, Denden Town, Namba Parks, Arcades, Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, Dotonbori
Skipped: America-mura, Hozenji Temple
We walked the entire day from the hotel, everything was doable, but we got tired towards the end.
Day 3:
Tenjinbashisuji, HEP Five, Grand Front Osaka, Daimaru Umeda/Osaka Station City
Skipped: Nakanoshima Rose Garden, Minamitenma Park, Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, Umeda Sky Building
Train to tenjinbashisuji, walked rest of the day, we could of done everything but we felt like skipping what we did
We had CoCo Curry this day, and I fell in love again.
Day 4:
Nara, took the wrong train at one point but It was all good Kinetsu-Nara line folks, we did all the main temples, played with deer, enjoyed the park, checked out the mochi stand
Skipped: Mt. Wakakusa, Mochi Pounding (wasn’t sure when it was happening to be honest xD)
Only took half the day we spend the rest back in dotonbori.
Day 5:
Kiyomizu-dera (main hall under construction), Sannen-zaka, Ninen-zaka, Yasaka shrine, Maruyama Park, Chion-in Temple, Murin-an
Skipped: Nanzenji Temple, Hojo Garden, Heian Shrine, Philosopher’s Path, Ginkakuji
Random fact; for day 5, 6, and 7 we took the keihan line from Osaka to Kyoto and I have to say it was my favorite line to take in Japan xD.
Everything was doable but we got lazy again, Murin-an is very pretty was recommend it and I will recommend it back.
Day 6:
Fushimi Inari Taisha (went to the top finally wasn’t lazy, haha), Tofukuji temple, Demachiyanagi shopping street, Shimogamo-jinja shrine, Nishiki market, Teramachi street
Skipped: Kyoto imperial palace, Kamo river, gion
Had kichi kichi omurice the show was great, the chef really put a smile on my face, but honestly the omurice was nothing special, I wouldn’t recommend it for the taste, it was just okay, but I enjoyed the experience.
Day 7:
Otagi Nenbetsu-ji Temple (one of my favorite temples), Sage Toriimoto Preserved Street, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove (was I in the right place, it seemed pretty small o-o), Arashiyama monkey park, Pug Café (was pretty fun)
Skipped: Adashino Nenbetsu-ji Temple – Bamboo Grove (was closed), Shijo Dori, Sanjo-kai Shotenai
Felt really confident that I conquered how to go about using the buses (its not that hard but still, I got joy from it)
Day 8:
Check-out, Bye Osaka ☹, I honestly missed “my neighborhood” I felt like I fully knew it, walking home to it without google maps every night.
The day before we went to a JR station, and wrote down all the info for the shinkansen we wanted to take, we reserved a green car, we wanted to sit together alone, so we didn’t mind paying a bit extra
Was a fun experience, we planned out trip so that we would only need to take the shinkansen once
AKA land in Osaka -> shinkansen -> Tokyo, fly out. We did NOT BUY A JR PASS for this trip as a result.
Checked-in the capsule hotel in Shinjuku, The Global Hotel Tokyo. ($56.00 for 2 people)
The capsule hotel experience was actually quite nice, the capsule was big enough for two of me, but I did not like the area at all, immediately made me miss Osaka, but we were only there for one night just to try out the experience.
I’d do capsule again if I came alone to Japan, but not with my partner.
Shibuya, Harajuku, hachiko statue
Skipped: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Meiji Jingu, Yoyogi Park
Day 9:
Checked-out went to our last hotel for the rest of the time there, got there early and they held our bags, Hotel Mystays Asakusabashi, this hotel was pretty nice, the area was not bad either but Osaka was still missed haha. Out hotel was connected a lawson, which was actually pretty nice, I didn’t have to go outside to get my late night munchies.
The washer and dryers were always being used in this hotel, and the dryers were so bad at drying, was my only main complaint. But I’d stay here again was $503 for 7 nights, I think that’s a great price.
Tokyo tower
Skipped: Tsukiji fish market
Had the fluffy pancakes for the first time in my life, they were so pretty and tasted alright, honestly, I think I really overhyped myself, I’d rather have regular pancakes over these. From a happy pancake
Day 10:
The French Toast Factory, was great would recommend.
Day 11:
Dead Pop Fest, was awesome, Japanese people are crazy at these things, they actually do mosh pits and and crowd surf. AND NO CELL PHONES, was a great experience, definitely would go to a concert in Japan again.
Also whats with everyone and these dickies shorts I was so interested, and they had like bottle holders on there shorts was so fascinating to me haha
Day 12:
Me and my partner reserved a day to split up, I just derped around to be honest, but I went to Tully’s coffee for breakfast and honestly their pancakes (which were literally premade and reheated) were so damn good, I honestly enjoyed them more than the fluffy pancakes, I might have bad taste, but I don’t care.
Day 13:
DiverCity Tokyo Plaza (honestly, just wanted to see the giant Gundam), the mall itself was pretty uninteresting to me, barley spent half the day here, poorly planned day on my part, but honestly the free time to just enjoy walking around was nice on every day we had it.
Day 14:
Ghibli Museum, was such a nice experience, I don’t need to go back for at least a few year I was very happy I got to go, although they need more The Wind Rises representation in there!!! xD, tickets were only ~ $10
Nakano Broadway (I think I was overhyped, or I missed half the store, or I went on the wrong day? Was Wednesday) but I felt like there was nothing inside and a lot of shops seemed closed or maybe that’s really all there was.
Day 15:
Went to Yoyogi park, Meiji Shrine, Suga Shrine, Shinjuku Goen National Park
Day 16:
Last minute shopping, and flight home basically,

The direct connection to the airport wasn’t working that day, thank god I asked someone, and they were so helpful.
Final thoughts; yeah this was hella long I wonder if it was helpful or entertaining to anyone.
Google maps, is all you need for transportation, I felt so great conquering the trains and buses, although being used to the metro in new York might have been helful.
Whenever switching from a JR station to Subway you have to like exit and then re-enter, that confused me in the beginning
Pocket Wifi isn’t that necessary if you have 2G or better cell reception
Don Quijote, was very overhyped for me as well, I don’t know how to explain but I thought it would be amazing, but just felt like a large souvenir shop.
Bidets are amazing
Egg salad sandwiches from convience stores are amazing
Japan trains are amazing
Hope to go back again in a year or two, now I know that things I enjoyed from my first trip
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2019.05.26 23:39 ozba [Spoilers] The Goal and the Way – my finale review

One of the most important lessons that every person learns during his lifetime is that not only is the goal important but also the way to reaching this goal. It’s this lesson that D&D, the creators of the series, did not internalize, but after the angry fan responses around the world and a negative record of 4.4 in imdb, they will soon learn.
And what do I mean? It all starts with a meeting of the author George Martin with the creators of the series in his home, way before they began filming the last two seasons, and over coffee and pastries told them what’s the end he is aiming for in his books, an end to which he wants to arrive and they should arrive there as well. But what he did not explain to them, or did not adequately explain, was the way to reach that longed-for goal, to that spectacular ending that would leave shocked, surprised but satisfied audience.
And that's exactly where our pair of creators sinned, because for all their glory they are not George rrrr Martin, not David Lynch nor the Cohen brothers, they are just a great “coverists” but uninspired ones. And the goal was, as in the army, divided into three - to turn Daenerys into the mad queen, to exile Jon beyond the wall, and to crown Bran. Let's see how they destroyed every fertile field of the road leading to the three goals that Martin had set for them.
We’ll begin with Daenerys for starters. If you would ask anyone watching the series what Daenerys represents for them up until the fourth episode of the eighth and final season, they would tell you without hesitation that Daenerys, like Jon, is a representation of the good vs evil, the liberator vs the occupier, of life vs the cold death.
And, quite suddenly, for the average viewer, the fourth episode shown sparks of something else. Daenerys part gives an ultimatum to Jon, part begging him as if she were in a scene from a telenovela, that he must keep his dynasty a secret or else he would not be with her, as her only aspire in the whole world is to sit on the Iron Throne. Mmm something is a little rotten in the state of Denmark, but okay, we keep going, it is still our beloved Dany isn’t it?
Then in episode 5, in a sharp transition of only one episode from sparks of a power craven she becomes a full blown Genghis Khan in his worst days and decides to burn an entire city on its citizens! The innocent! After they surrendered! I still tried to defend her motivation as fear, that she wanted to create a balance of terror so that they would not try to overthrow her, that for her it was a tactical move necessary to preserve the iron throne. So I said.
And there comes episode 6, and what do we discover? That our beloved Dany did not undergo a momentary nervous breakdown, yet undergone a personal transformation, quite overnight, from a tactical crazy to the Wicked Witch of the West who wants to destroy the whole world, not just King’s Landing, starting tomorrow. The disappointment of the fans, not just Daenerys biggest admirers, was tremendous, and quite understandable as how can you watch seven and a half seasons of a character with a certain nature that makes a 180 degree personality transformation to the dark side in only one and a half episodes?
Again why is that? Because Martin told them she had to go crazy at the end, that's the goal, that's how it must end, but they don’t have the way, they know they have to come up with a logical route from point A to point B. But instead they come up with a crooked, clumsy line, which lost itself somewhere along the road and somehow reached the not awaited end which is the finale.
When you make such a radical change in a character, you have to provide enough foreshadowing so that you do not reveal what’s going to happen, yet slowly lead the viewers toward the recognition of the change that occurred in her, and here it simply was not. There was a single iron bat blow to a character to bend her to the scriptwriters' wishes and their ultimate goal.
*** Breaking Bad Spoiler ***
Remember Walt's wife telling him in season 4 episode 6, "You're not some hardened criminal, Walt, you’re in over your head" and "A school teacher cancer desperate for money?" Then remember Walt replies in the unforgettable phrase "I am the one who knocks!”? This phrase is the ultimate foreshadowing that revealed to us what is really happening in the soul of Walter White, that there is a situation we do not read correctly, and he is not a good person who happens to be drug trafficking following the discovery of his cancer. And in the next seven episodes of this season and another 16 (!) in the next one this character will gradually be morphed to a narcissistic, megalomaniac, and greedy personality. This is exactly how a change in a character and the attitude of viewers to it should be built, and because of that Breaking Bad will be remembered as an excellent series in every aspect and Game of the Thrones will be remembered as an excellent series until it went downhill.
*** Till here Breaking Bad Spoiler ***
Let's continue with Jon - how reliable was it for you that Tyrion should convince him in length that Daenerys is an evil tyrant that should be assassinated? As Jon saw in his own eyes the destruction of an entire city with no provocation, and he heard Saruman's speech in front of the Dark Armies (with the Babel fish in his ear probably because the speech was in Dothraki) how Dany was going to destroy every town in Westeros as she did in King’s Landing!
How reliable was it that Jon was in love with her? Where is the love story built between them? In a single sex scene last season? In some Disney’s Dragon’s flight they have taken together? After all, if he had really loved her, Dany would not have gone ballistic and thought that only fear was the right way. So please decide D&D, he loves her, and it makes it harder for him to assassinate her, or does not love her and that is not an issue for him.
How reliable was Arya saying to Jon: "I know a killer when I see one." Oh, really Sherlock? really? Not anyone with eyes in his head sees an insane killer in front of him now?
Credibility level: your blind date is really as cute as you were told.
There's a concept when you see a series or a movie called “Suspension of Disbelief”, that's the space where the viewer is, as long as he manages to hold his mistrust of watching just tv, and still believes that that the things he sees on his screen are happening now. As long as the viewer is in this space, he can relate to what is happening on the screen, even when he knows that what he sees is fantastic and does not exist in our reality. But there is a limit to this space. If you cross it the viewer's mind stops believing what it sees on the screen, and in response any dialogue and scene seems to him unreliable, not as if he sees things that could have existed somehow, but sees actors, however good they are, who simply recite a script in front of a theatrical scenery and maybe some CGI effects and nothing more.
And that's exactly how it felt in each of the scenes in the finale, some more and some less absurd, because this barrier is broken to pieces, when the characters do not act the way we expect them to behave, as we know them, and as we know the world works.
After all, how reasonable it sounds that Jon is removed from King’s Landing, and from the life of the Seven Kingdoms, after all the “he’s a Targaryen and a Stark” buildup, how the kingdom loves him, and how great a leader he is, and how he’s next in line to inherit the throne, while doesn’t even want it which means (according to Tyrian saying it later on Bran) he deserves to sit on it.
What a crazy eight seasons buildup of a character, and for what? So that in the end he would be sent to join the Night Watch, impotent now that there is no Night King, but it just existing, and Jon was going to join the free folk with his wolf, who quite frankly if I was her I would lift one leg and leave after his attitude at their last meeting? That's what Jon deserves after he saved the entire kingdom from total destruction of a crazy queen, because one Grey Worm wanted his head and a second later left for Naath? How all of that supposed to connect in our heads?
A total script disaster.
And finally, the most horrific part of the episode, and perhaps of the entire series, the Dragonpit Summit, which chose Bran as the next king of Westeros. First, what’s with the Comedians Club atmosphere guys?
Edmure Tully peaching while abruptly silenced and hit his sword in a chair as if we are watching Kramer in the Seinfeld Finale. And then Sam proposes democracy and everyone laughs at him, which is clearly happened at a screenwriters' meeting where one offered this solution and everyone was crack laughing, and some other Incompetent scriptwriter said - oh let's put this In the script, it'll be cool! Well, it's not, it's weird and shameful.
And finally Tyrion decides to do "King’s speech" of his own, designed to convince us viewers that Bran must sit on the (nonexistent) Iron Throne, because he has the best story of them all. Here they just gone too far, this is a point where D&D told us, go to hell! We want to end this farce Martin stuck us with, he told us the goal is for Bran to rule the seven kingdoms, that's what you're getting, and dammit if the way there sounds illogical to you!
Bran says, why do you think I come this far? I'll tell you why Bran, because Martin told you to come! And nothing else makes sense.
What a good story has the one who sat on his ass all season, literally, did not use a bit of all the abilities they gave him, and at the most critical moment for him, the Battle of Winterfel, the only thing the unsuccessful scriptwriters managed to let him do, is warg into ravens, gather intelligence and keep it to himself. What did you do to deserve this Bran?!?
Remember that Tyrion told Bran in episode 4 this season that he is now the legal heir as Ned Stark's only eldest son, but Bran says that "he will never be a Lord now," and we get it as he is the three-eyed raven who removed himself from all human matters. And Tyrion says he is jealous of him for his powers, but Bran says he is not - because he lives only in memories of the past. So where does this dialogue work out with what happened at the summit? How can they think that we will not cross our barrier of disbelief and cry shame for making a fool out of us? I just do not understand what they had in mind in episode 4 with this dialogue when they already know the end game? Why do you include this contradictory dialogue? Only God knows.
If anything, Jon has the best and logical story – a Targaryen, who was raised as a bastard, was exiled to the Night Watch and eventually commanded them, resurrected by the god of light, fought great battles, risen to prominence till becoming king of the north, The queen’s hand, and finally the saver of the kingdom from her!
Who can compete with this story Tyrion? Really Bran? Or is the only story that competes with Jon's story is the one Martin sold to D&D that Bran should be the King Of Westeros and they ate it and in a transitive way they tried to feed us with it too?
Because this is the true story of everything that happened behind the screen of the last two seasons, a story of no story, because there are no books of Martin, and we only have to hope that perhaps one day when they are published, they will do justice to this farce called Game of Thrones, as it deserves far more than the notorious David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.
Now after we had a good laugh we'll move on to the artistic part, bonus holes in the plot:
How do you know that Jon killed Daenerys with a dagger? The Dragon took her, so who told about it?
How can grey worm and all the Unsullied kill anyone who opposes their queen, but take her murderer captive and not kill him on the spot? How can it be that Tyrion does not appear in the (ridiculous) book song of ice and fire when he was the hand of the king, the king’s slayer, the Kin’s slayer, battles commander, etc, etc, etc? It's a joke so not funny that it’s just plain sad.
Why does Sansa think the North should remain an independent kingdom as it was for thousands of years under Stark when the King now is Stark himself?!? What is the logic in that? And how is it that all the other lords beside her do not raise their voice and demand an independent kingdom too? Didn’t they not suffer in a war as her people? Is it so much joy for them to be under Bran the broken when even his sister does not want to?
And how and how and how ... but I'm tired of this series, I no longer have the strength to continue digging where everything is already hollow below, so So Long, and Thanks for All the Dragons.
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2018.07.19 04:08 solo89 (OFFER) Super Troopers, Mosaic, Paddington 2, Aladdin, Batman Begins, Black Panther, Coco, Early Man, GOTG2, Sopranos, Thor Ragnarok, Wonder, A Wrinkle In Time, and MORE! (WANTS) James Bond, Purge, LONG wants list... make me an offer! :-)

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2018.07.14 17:58 solo89 (OFFER) Large List - Aladdin, Batman Begins, Black Panther, Coco, Early Man, GOTG2, Lean On Pete, Sopranos, Thor Ragnarok, Wonder, A Wrinkle In Time, and MORE (WANTS) - Den of Thieves, Every Day, Father Figures, Hurricane Heist, Molly's Game, Paddington 2, Rampage, and more!

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2018.06.21 04:11 WrestleFan89 Matches I watched last summer (with star ratings). Soon to be starting a new project for this summer.

Wrestling matches and events watched this summer (2017)
0. Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant--WrestleFest 1988 Steel Cage Match 7/31/88 **1/2 0. AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler vs Shinsuke Nakamura--MITB 2017 **** 0. Road Warriors vs Samoan Swat Team--Clash of the Champions VIII **1/2 0. Ricky Steamboat vs Tully Blanchard--Starrcade 1984 NWA TV Title **** 0. Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes--Starrcade 1984 NWA World Title *** 0. Bret Hart vs Hakushi--In Your House 5/95 **** 0. Stan Hansen vs Jerry Blackwell--AWA World Title Oakland 1986 *** 0. The Fabulous Ones vs The Moondogs--Memphis 1/9/84 *** 0. Ricky Steamboat, Shane Douglas, and The Rock 'n' Roll Express vs The Hollywood Blonds and The Heavenly Bodies (Prichard & Lane)--WCW Worldwide 2/27/93 ***1/2 0. The Steiners vs Steve Williams & Terry Gordy (Non-Title)--WCW Worldwide 9/26/92 ***3/4 0. Jerry Lawler vs Rick Rude--Memphis CWA Southern Heavyweight Title 6/11/84 *** 0. Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff--WWF Big Event WWF Championship Match 8/86 ***1/2 0. Shawn Michaels vs King Kong Bundy--King of the Ring Qualifying Match RAW 5/22/95 **1/2 0. Dynamite Kid vs Mark "Rollerball" Rocco--World of Sport unknown date *** 0. The Road Warriors vs The Midnight Express--Crockett Cup '87 4/11/87 *** 0. Lex Luger vs Michael Hayes--NWA Worldwide U.S. Title 6/10/89 ** 0. The Eliminators vs The Dudley Boys--ECW Hostile City Showdown 1997 ECW Tag Team Title *** 0. Dean Malenko vs Ultimo Dragon--WCW Starrcade 1996 Cruiserweight and J-Crown Title ****1/4 0. The Smoking Gunns vs Yokozuna & Owen Hart vs Razor Ramon & Savio Vega vs Psycho Sid & 1-2-3 Kid--RAW Bowl Match Raw 1/1/96 ***1/2 0. The Rock 'n' Roll Express vs Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo--Memphis 6/25/84 ****1/4 0. Carlos Colon vs Stan Hansen--Bullrope Match WWC (Puerto Rico) 1/6/87 **** 0. Nobuhiko Takada vs Kazuo Yamazaki--UWF Japan 2/27/89 *** 0. Sixteen Man Torneo Cibernetico Match Negro Casas, Atlantis, Ultimo Dragon, El Dandy, Mascara Magica, Shocker, La Fiera & Brazo de Oro vs. Black Warrior, Dr. Wagner Jr., El Hijo del Santo, El Satanico, Felino, Kevin Quinn, Scorpio Jr. & Silver King--CMLL Super Viernes – 41. Aniversario de Arena Mexico @ Arena Mexico, 4/18/1997 ****1/2 0. Petey Williams vs AJ Styles vs Chris Sabin--TNA Final Resolution 2005 X-Division Title Ultimate X Match ***** 0. 20 Man Battle Royal--Saturday Night's Main Event 3/14/87, taped 2/21/87 ***1/2 0. The Funks vs Abdullah the Butcher & The Sheik--AJPW RWTL Finals 12/15/77 **** 0. Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs Sting & Dusty Rhodes--NWA Clash of the Champions II World Tag Team Title Match 6/8/88 *** 0. The Super Powers, The Road Warriors, & Paul Ellering vs The Four Horsemen (Flair, Arn, Tully, & Luger) & The War Machine--NWA Great American Bash 1987 War Games 2 7/31/87 ***** 0. Kiyoshi Tamura vs Masahito Kakihara--UWFi 2/25/94 **1/2 0. Jerry Lawler vs Dutch Mantell--Memphis Barbed Wire Match, No Time Limit, No DQ Southern Heavyweight Title 3/29/82 *** 0. Ric Flair vs Terry Funk--NWA Great American Bash 1989 NWA World Title 7/23/89 ***** 0. Hulk Hogan vs King Harley Race--Saturday Night's Main Event 3/12/88 ***1/2 0. Randy Savage vs Ted DiBiase--Saturday Night's Main Event 3/12/88 **** 0. Kevin Von Erich vs Terry Gordy--WCCW 1/26/83 **1/2 0. Brian Pillman vs Jushin Liger--WCW Monday Nitro 9/4/95 ***3/4 0. Ricky Steamboat vs The Honky Tonk Man--WWF Superstars Intercontinental Title Match 6/13/87 ** 0. Tiger Mask II (Misawa) vs Kuniaki Kobayashi--AJPW 6/21/85 **** 0. Riki Choshu & Killer Khan vs The Road Warriors--AJPW 3/14/85 *** 0. Rick Rude vs Hercules--WWF Wrestling Challenge Non-Title Match 4/30/89 ** 0. Jerry Lawler vs Randy Savage--Memphis Cage Match 12/12/84 **** 0. Scott Steiner vs Ricky Steamboat--WCW Worldwide TV Title 9/92 *** 0. Stan Hansen vs Kenta Kobashi--AJPW 7/29/93 ***** 0. Bret Hart vs Mankind--WWF Shotgun Saturday Night 1/25/97 ***1/2 0. Dick Togo, Mens Teioh, & Taka Michinoku vs Great Sasuke, Gran Naniwa, and Gran Hamada--ECW 4/7/97 ****1/2 0. Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs The Midnight Express--Clash of the Champions IV ****1/4 0. Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk vs Raven & Brian Lee--ECW CyberSlam 1997 2/22/97 *** 0. Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk vs Raven & Shane Douglas--ECW Hardcore TV 4/3/97, taped 3/30/97 *** 0. Sting & Lex Luger vs The Steiner Brothers--WCW Super Brawl World Tag Team Title Match 5/19/91 ***** 0. Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs Kevin Sullivan & Butcher--WCW Clash of the Champions 30 1/25/95 **1/2 0. Ted DiBiase vs Junkyard Dog--Mid-South Wrestling North American Title No DQ Match 6/26/82 **1/2 0. Edge vs John Cena--WWE New Years Revolution WWE Championship (MITB Cash in) *1/2 0. Demolition vs Strike Force--WrestleMania IV World Tag Team Title Match 3/27/88 *** 0. El Generico vs Chris Hero--ROH Epic Encounter 3 3/20/10 *** 0. Bret Hart vs Rowdy Roddy Piper--WrestleMania VIII Intercontinental Title Match 4/5/92 **** 0. Bret Hart vs Vader--WWF Friday Night's Main Event WWF Championship Match 8/29/97 *1/2 0. Jun Akiyama vs Stan Hansen--AJPW 9/3/94 ***1/2 0. Jerry Lawler vs King Konga (The Barbarian)--Memphis Southern Heavyweight Title 2/18/84 *1/2 0. Mitsuharu Misawa vs Vader--AJPW Triple Crown Title 10/30/99 **** 0. Bret Hart vs The Warlord--WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/19/91, taped 4/16/91 ** 0. Greg Valentine vs Ron Garvin--WWF Superstars 4/22/89 **1/2 0. Greg Valentine vs Ron Garvin--WWF Superstars 4/29/89 *** 0. The Killer Bees vs The Islanders--WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/17/87 **1/4 0. The Can-Am Connection vs The Islanders--WWF Superstars 6/6/87 ** 0. Dusty Rhodes vs Akeem--WWF Wrestling Challenge 11/19/89 * 0. Legion of Doom vs Demolition--WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/10/91 ** 0. The Superpowers, The Road Warriors, & Paul Ellering vs The Four Horsemen (Flair, Arn, Tully, & Luger) & JJ Dillon--Great American Bash 1987 War Games 1 7/4/87 ***** 0. Super Calo vs Psychosis--WCW Nitro 3/24/97 ** 0. Sid Vicious vs La Parka--WCW Saturday Night 8/7/99 * 0. The Skyscrapers vs The Ding Dongs--NWA Pro 8/?/89 *1/2 0. The Rockers vs The Colossal Connection (Andre & Haku)--WWF Ultimate Challenge Special 3/25/90 ** 0. The Ultimate Warrior vs Andre the Giant--WWF Intercontinental Title Match MSG 10/28/89 1/2* 0. The Barbarian vs Vader--WCW Main Event 2/7/93 **1/4 0. Stan Hansen vs Jumbo Tsuruta--AJPW Triple Crown Unification match 4/18/89 **** 0. Vader vs Mitsuharu Misawa--AJPW 3/28/99 ***1/2 0. Andre the Giant & Antonio Inoki vs The Strong Machines--NJPW 12/14/84 *1/2 0. Rick Martel vs Michael Hayes--AWA Non-Title Match 7/27/85 ** 0. Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Soldat Ustinov & Doug Somers--AWA World Tag Team Title 10/11/87 **1/2 0. The Rock 'n' Roll Express vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard--NWA Pro 9/29/87 World Tag Team Title Match *** 0. Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, Lex Luger, Steve Williams, and Paul Ellering vs The Four Horsemen (Flair, Arn, Tully, & Windham) and JJ Dillon--Great American Bash Tour War Games 7/16/88 ****1/2 0. The Rockers vs The Twin Towers--WrestleMania V 4/2/89 *** 0. The Rockers vs The Orient Express--WrestleMania VI 4/1/90 *** 0. The Midnight Express vs The Freebirds--Clash of the Champions VII World Tag Team Title Match 6/14/89 *** 0. Ricky Steamboat vs Terry Funk--Clash of the Champions VII 6/14/89 **** 0. Bobby Roode vs Roderick Strong--NXT NXT Title Match 7/5/17 ***3/4 0. Toshiaki Kawada vs Gary Albright--AJPW 10/25/95 ****1/4 0. Scotty Riggs vs Loch Ness--WCW Nitro 2/12/96 1/2* 0. Scott Norton & Steve Doll vs The Grappler & The Equalizer--PNW 11/17/90 *1/2 0. Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs Yuji Nagata--WCW Worldwide 4/4/98 *1/2 0. Grandmaster Sexay & Steve Blackman vs X-Factor-Heat 4/1/01 (WrestleMania X-7 pre-show) ** 0. Demolition vs The Twin Towers-WWF House Show Copps Coliseum WWF Tag Team Title Match 5/1/89 ** 0. Matt Hardy vs The Miz vs Mark Henry vs Finlay vs Chavo Guerrero--WWE Unforgiven 2008 ECW Championship Scramble Match 9/6/08 **** 0. Batista vs JBL vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho--WWE Unforgiven 2008 World Heavyweight Championship Scramble Match 9/6/08 **1/4 0. Diesel vs Jeff Jarrett--WWF Raw WWF Championship match 2/20/95 **1/2 0. Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels--WWF House Show Portland, ME Intercontinental Title Ladder Match 7/22/92 **** 0. Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe--WWE Great Balls of Fire Universal Title Match 7/9/17 *** 0. The Road Warriors vs Ivan & Nikita Koloff--NWA Superstars on the Superstation 2/7/86 ** 0. The Road Warriors vs The Samoan Swat Team--NWA Power Hour 6/23/89 ** 0. Barry Windham vs Arn Anderson--WCW Slamboree 1993 NWA World Title Match 5/23/93 ***3/4 0. Midnight Express vs Southern Boys--WCW Great American Bash 1990 US Tag Team Title Match 7/7/90 ***** 0. Big Van Vader vs Tom Zenk--WCW Great American Bash 1990 7/7/90 *1/2 0. Doom vs The Rock 'n' Roll Express--WCW Great American Bash 1990 World Tag Team Title Match 7/7/90 ***3/4 0. Sting vs Ric Flair--WCW Great American Bash 1990 NWA World Title Match 7/7/90 **** 0. Jumbo Tsuruta vs Terry Gordy--AJPW Triple Crown Title Match 6/5/90 *** 0. Steve Williams & Terry Gordy (The Miracle Violence Connection) vs Big Josh & Marcus Bagwell-- WCW Saturday Night Unified Tag Team Title Match 8/15/92 ** 0. Rick Rude vs Marcus Bagwell--WCW Saturday Night US Title Match 3/28/92 ** 0. Tatsumi Fujinami vs Genichiro Tenryu--NJPW 4/29/96 **** 0. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Psicosis--12/5/95 WAR Super J Cup 1995 ****1/4 0. Mitsuharu Misawa, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, & Jun Akiyama vs Toshiaki Kawada, Akira Taue, & Masa Fuchi--AJPW 2/26/95 **** 0. Goldberg vs Raven--WCW Nitro US Title Match 4/20/98 **1/2 0. Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue (The Holy Demon Army) vs The Can-Am Express (Furnas & Kroffat (Phil Lafon))--AJPW 11/17/93 ***1/2 0. Akira Taue vs Steve Williams--AJPW Champions Carnival Final 4/20/96 **** 0. Terry Funk vs Stan Hansen--AJPW 9/11/82 *** 0. The Fabulous Ones vs The PYT Express--Memphis 6/25/84 ***1/2 0. The Enforcers vs Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes--WCW Clash of the Champions XVII WCW World Tag Team Title Match 11/19/91 ***** 0. The Brain Busters vs The Rockers--WWF MSG 1/23/89 ****3/4 0. Mitsuharu Misawa & Jun Akiyama vs The Holy Demon Army (Kawada & Taue)--AJPW Real World Tag League Finals 12/6/96 ***** 0. Genichiro Tenryu & Jumbo Tsuruta vs Riki Choshu & Yoshiaki Yatsu--AJPW Tag Team Title Match 1/28/86 ***** 0. Dusty Rhodes, Magnum T.A., & Jerry Lawler vs Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, & Ole Anderson--Memphis Bunkhouse Match 11/18/85 *** 0. Randy Savage vs Jimmy Snuka--WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 10/28/89 ** 0. Hulk Hogan vs Ted DiBiase--WWF Saturday Night's Main Event WWF Championship Match 10/28/89 **1/2 0. Shawn Michaels & Triple H vs The Undertaker & Mankind--WWF Raw 8/18/97 ***1/2 0. 2 Cold Scorpio vs Eddie Guerrero--ECW Hardcore TV ECW TV Title Match 4/11/95 *** 0. Masato Tanaka vs Bam Bam Bigelow--FMW 4/30/98 ***3/4 0. The Road Warriors vs The Fabulous Ones--AWA World Tag Team Title Match 10/21/84 **1/2 0. The Destruction Crew vs Paul Diamond & Greg Gagne--AWA World Tag Team Title Tournament Finals 10/1/89 *1/2 0. Scott Norton vs One Man Gang--WCW Pro 4/6/96 *1/2 0. The Great Muta vs Scott Hall--WCW Saturday Night 7/15/89 ** 0. Hulk Hogan & Junkyard Dog vs The Funk Brothers--WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 5/3/86 *** 0. The British Bulldogs vs The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff--WWF Saturday Night's Main Event Tag Team Title Match 2/3 Falls 5/3/86 *** 0. CM Punk vs Justin Credible--WWE ECW 8/1/06 **1/4 0. The Crush Gals vs The Jumping Bomb Angels--AJW 3/20/86 ***** 0. Kenta Kobashi vs Terry Gordy--AJPW 5/21/93 ***1/2 0. The Rock 'n' Roll Express vs Ole & Arn Anderson--NWA Worldwide 8/2/86 **1/2 0. Rick Rude vs Nikita Koloff--WCW Worldwide US Title Match 7/25/92 ** 0. The Brain Busters vs Tim Horner & George South--WWF Superstars 1/7/89 * 0. Sid Vicious vs Bobby Eaton--WCW Main Event 9/30/90 *1/2 0. Hulk Hogan vs Big Boss Man-- WWF 12/17/88 **1/4 0. Hulk Hogan vs Meng--WCW Pro 3/23/96 *1/2 0. El Canek vs Mil Mascaras--WING (Japan) Be Ambitious 8/15/92 1/2* 0. The Red Rooster (Terry Taylor) vs The Widow Maker (Barry Windham)--WWF Prime Time 8/28/89 ** 0. Stan Hansen, Tracy Smothers, & Ted DiBiase vs Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi, & Jun Akiyama--AJPW 9/26/93 *** 0. Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels--WWF Survivor Series 1992 WWF Championship Match 11/25/92 ****1/2 0. The Rock 'n' Roll Express vs The Nightmares--Memphis 1/13/85 *** 0. Randy Savage vs Austin Idol--Memphis 5/14/84 ** 0. Ultimo Dragon vs Kanyon--WWE Heat 7/27/03 **1/2 0. The Legion of Doom vs The Orient Express--WWF Superstars 11/10/90 ** 0. WWE World Heavyweight Championship 20-Man Battle Royal--WWE Smackdown 7/20/07 **1/2 0. Rick Martel vs Riki Choshu--AJPW AWA World Title Match 10/18/85 **1/2 0. Kwang vs 1-2-3 Kid--WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/15/94 *3/4 0. Jerry Lawler vs King Kong Bundy--Memphis Jimmy Hart's $10,000 Challenge Match 7/26/84 *** 0. Jerry Lawler vs Ric Flair--Memphis NWA World Title Match 8/14/82 ***1/4 0. Tommy Rich vs Masao Ito--Memphis International Title Match 7/9/84 **3/4 0. Aja Kong vs Chapparita Asari--WWF Raw 12/11/95 **1/4 0. Davey Boy Smith vs The Berzerker--WWF MSG 12/29/91 *1/2 0. Cactus Jack vs Terry Gordy--IWA King of the Death matches 9/20/95 **1/2 0. Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, Sid, & Davey Boy Smith vs Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Dean Douglas, & Razor Ramon--WWF Survivor Series 1995 11/19/95 ***3/4 0. Kronik vs Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Candido--WCW Thunder 6/14/00 *1/2 0. The Perfect Event vs Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire--WCW Worldwide WCW World Tag Team Title Match 7/1/00 **1/4 0. Big John Studd vs King Haku--WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/7/89 * 0. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs The Rock 'n' Roll Express--WCW Main Event 2/18/90 **** 0. The Steiners vs Arn Anderson & Barry Windham--WCW Main Event 6/24/90 **1/2 0. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs The Rock 'n' Roll Express--WCW Pro 10/6/90 ***1/4 0. The Midnight Express vs The Samoan Swat Team--NWA Clash of the Champions VI 4/2/89 *** 0. The Great Muta vs Steven Casey--NWA Clash of the Champions VI 4/2/89 ** 0. Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage--WCW Nitro WCW World Title Match 4/20/98 **1/4 0. Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Savage--WCW Worldwide 1/31/98 *1/2 0. Bill Goldberg vs John Nord--WCW Worldwide 7/4/98 * 0. Taz vs Tracy Smothers--ECW CyberSlam 1997 2/22/97 ** 0. Nikita Koloff vs Mike Rotunda--NWA Super Bouts World TV Title Match 1/23/88 *1/2 0. Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich--World Class Parade of Champions NWA World Title Match 5/6/84 ***1/4 0. Bob Backlund vs The Narcissist Lex Luger--WWF Wrestling Challenge King of the Ring Qualifying Match 5/2/93 ** 0. The One Man Gang vs Ted DiBiase--UWF World Title Match 2/21/87 **1/4 0. The Hart Foundation vs The Rougeau Brothers--WWF Prime Time Wrestling WWF Tag Team Title Match 9/10/87 **1/4 0. The Honky Tony Man vs Bam Bam Bigelow--WWF Prime Time Wrestling Intercontinental Title Match 5/9/88 *1/2 0. Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe vs Christian Cage vs AJ Styles vs Chris Harris--TNA Slammiversary 2007 TNA World Title King of the Mountain Match **** 0. Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage--WWF Championship Match 8/9/89 ***1/4 0. Rick Rude vs Jake Roberts--WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 10/29/88 ** 0. Demolition vs The Hart Foundation--WWF Saturday Night's Main Event WWF Tag Team Title Match 10/29/88 ** 0. Hulk Hogan vs King Haku--WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 10/29/88 ** 0. Bret Hart vs The Patriot--WWF Ground Zero: In Your House 1997 WWF Championship Match 9/7/97 ***1/2 0. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker--WWF Ground Zero: In Your House 9/7/97 **** 0. Mitsuharu Misawa vs Jumbo Tsuruta--AJPW 6/8/90 ****3/4 0. El Dandy vs Negro Casas--CMLL 7/3/92 ****1/2 0. AJ Styles vs Abyss vs Raven vs Sean Waltman vs Monty Brown--TNA Slammiversary 2005 TNA World Title King of the Mountain Match 6/19/05 ***3/4 0. Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) vs Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan)--ROH Southern Navigation 5/9/08 **** 0. Mitsuharu Misawa vs Takeshi Morishima--NOAH Second Navigation GHC Title Match 3/2/08 **** 0. Sting vs Cactus Jack--WCW Beach Blast 1992 Falls Count Anywhere Match ****1/4 0. Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage--WWF Boston Garden House Show WWF Championship Match 5/24/86 **** 0. Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard--NWA Great American Bash $100,000 Barbed Wire Ladder Match 7/18/87 **1/2 0. The Midnight Express vs The Rock 'n' Roll Express--NWA Main Event 8/26/90 *** 0. The Midnight Express vs The Rock 'n' Roll Express--NWA Superstars on the Superstation NWA World Tag Team Title Match 2/7/86 **** 0. America's Most Wanted vs Triple X (Daniels & Skipper)--TNA Weekly PPV NWA World Tag Team Title Steel Cage Match 6/25/03 ****1/2 0. Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage--WWF Boston Garden House Show WWF Championship Match 6/26/86 ***1/2 0. The Rock vs Triple H--WWF Summer Slam 1998 Intercontinental Title Ladder Match 8/30/98 ****1/2 0. Batista vs The Great Khali--WWE No Mercy 2007 World Heavyweight Title Punjabi Prison Match 10/7/07 **1/2 0. The Steiners vs Vader & Mr. Hughes--WCW Clash of the Champions XVIII 1/21/92 ***1/4 0. Bret Hart vs Razor Ramon--WWF Royal Rumble 1993 WWF Championship Match 1/24/93 ***3/4 0. Mitsuharu Misawa vs Jun Akiyama--AJPW 2/27/00 ****1/2 0. Bret Hart vs The Undertaker--WWF One Night Only WWF Championship Match 9/19/97 ****3/4 0. Ric Flair vs Barry Windham--NWA Crockett Cup 1987 NWA World Title Match 4/11/87 ***** 0. The Steiners vs Doom--NWA Halloween Havoc 1989 10/28/89 *** 0. Lex Luger vs Brian Pillman--NWA Halloween Havoc 1989 US Title Match 10/28/89 **** 0. Jake Roberts vs Konnan vs Cien Caras--AAA 8/28/93 ** 0. The Hart Foundation vs The Powers of Pain--WWF Prime Time Wrestling 2/5/90 **1/2 0. The Road Warriors vs The Skyscrapers--NWA Halloween Havoc 1989 10/28/89 **1/2 0. Sting & Ricky Steamboat vs Rick Rude & Steve Austin--WCW Clash of the Champions XVIII 1/21/92 **** 0. Bam Bam Bigelow vs Typhoon--WWF Raw King of the Ring Qualifying Match 5/10/93 *1/2 0. Chris Candido vs Tim Horner--SMW 7/3/93 ** 0. Shane Douglas vs Ron Simmons--ECW World Title Match 12/17/94 ** 0. Robert Gibson vs Dirty White Boy--SMW TV Title Match 9/25/93 ** 0. The Giant vs Dave Sullivan--WCW Saturday Night 3/2/96 DUD 0. The Sandman vs Raven--ECW World Title Match 1/27/96 ** 0. The Eliminators vs Sabu & Rob Van Dam--ECW Cyberslam 1997 ECW Tag Team Title Tables and Ladders Match 2/22/97 ***1/4 0. Yokozuna vs Kamala--WWF Raw 5/17/93 *1/2 0. Bret Hart vs Diesel--WWF King of the Ring 1994 WWF Championship Match 6/19/94 **** 0. The Midnight Rockers vs The Original Midnight Express--AWA World Tag Team Title Match 12/27/87 **3/4 0. The Can-Am Express vs Kenta Kobashi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi--AJPW 5/25/92 ***** 0. The Great Muta vs Hiroshi Hase--NJPW Battle Final 1992 IWGP World Title Match 12/14/92 ***** 0. Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat--NWA Chi-Town Rumble 1989 NWA World Title Match 2/20/89 ***** 0. Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat--NWA Clash of the Champions VI NWA World Title Match 2/3 Falls 4/2/89 ***** 0. Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat--NWA Wrestle War 1989 NWA World Title Match 5/7/89 ***** 0. Ric Flair vs Terry Funk--NWA Clash of the Champions IX NWA World Title I Quit Match 11/15/89 ***** 0. Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant--WWF WrestleMania III WWF Championship Match 3/29/87 *** (historical significance is ***** though) 0. The Undertaker vs Triple H--WWE WrestleMania XXVIII End of an Era Hell in a Cell Match Special Referee: Shawn Michaels 4/1/12 ***** 0. Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels--WWF WrestleMania XIV WWF Championship Match Special Enforcer: Mike Tyson 3/29/98 **** 0. Sting's Squadron vs The Dangerous Alliance--WCW Wrestle War 1992 War Games 5/17/92 ***** 0. Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon--WWF WrestleMania X Intercontinental Title Ladder Match 3/20/94 ***** 0. John Cena vs CM Punk--WWE Money in the Bank 2011 WWE Championship Match 7/17/11 ***** 0. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart--WWF Summer Slam 1994 WWF Championship Steel Cage Match 8/29/94 ***** 0. The Rock vs Steve Austin--WWF WrestleMania X-7 WWF Championship No DQ Match 4/1/01 ****3/4 0. John Cena vs Daniel Bryan--WWE Summer Slam 2013 WWE Championship Match Special Referee: Triple H 8/18/13 ***** 0. Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff vs Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger--NWA Crockett Cup 1987 Finals 4/11/87 *** 0. The Midnight Express vs The Road Warriors--NWA World Tag Team Title Match 10/29/88 ** 0. The Crusher & Baron Von Raschke vs The Road Warriors--AWA World Tag Team Title Match 8/25/84 *1/2 0. Diesel vs Bret Hart--WWF Royal Rumble 1995 WWF Championship Match 1/22/95 ****1/4 0. John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura--WWE Smackdown # 1 Contender's Match 8/1/17 ***1/2 0. Diesel vs Bret Hart--WWF Survivor Series 1995 WWF Championship No DQ Match 11/19/95 ****1/2 0. Randy Savage vs Steve Austin--WCW Saturday Night US Title Tournament Match 5/27/95 ** 0. Bruno Sammartino vs Ivan Koloff--WWF MSG WWF Championship Steel Cage Match 12/15/75 **3/4 0. AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels--TNA Destination X 2006 X-Division Title Ultimate X Match 3/12/06 ***3/4 0. Shawn Michaels vs Diesel--WWF In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies WWF Championship No Holds Barred Match 4/28/96 ****1/2 0. Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior--WWF Summer Slam 1992 WWF Championship Match 8/31/92 ****1/4 0. Kurt Angle vs Val Venis--WWF Smackdown European Title Match 2/8/00 ** 0. Kurt Angle vs Rikishi--WWF King of the Ring 2000 Finals 6/25/00 **1/2 0. Big Van Vader vs Stan Hansen--NJPW Super Fight in the Tokyo Dome IWGP Heavyweight Title Match 2/10/90 ***3/4 0. Kazunari Murakami & Naoya Ogawa vs Shinya Hashimoto & Takashi Iizuka--NJPW Wrestling World 2000 1/4/00 **** 0. Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask--NJPW Big Fight Series II 1983 4/21/83 **** 0. Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog--WWF Summer Slam 1992 Intercontinental Title Match 8/31/92 ***** 0. Hulk Hogan vs Earthquake--WWF Summer Slam 1990 8/27/90 **3/4 0. The Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude--WWF Summer Slam 1990 WWF Championship Steel Cage Match 8/27/90 ***1/4 0. Jim Duggan vs Terry Gordy--UWF World Title Match 5/30/86 *1/2 0. Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton--WWE One Night Stand 2006 ***1/2 0. Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty--WWF Raw Intercontinental Title Match 5/17/93 ***3/4 0. The Steiners vs The Quebecers--WWF Raw WWF Tag Team Title Quebec Province Rules Match 9/13/93 *** 0. Bret Hart & British Bulldog vs Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart--WWF Raw 11/7/94 ***1/2 0. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Psicosis--ECW TV 2/3 Fall Match 10/17/95 ****3/4 0. Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes--NWA Great American Bash 1986 NWA World Title Match 7/26/86 ***3/4 0. Steve Austin vs Bret Hart--WWF WrestleMania 13 Submission Match Special Referee: Ken Shamrock ***** 0. Jushin Liger vs Brian Pillman--WCW Super Brawl II WCW Light heavyweight Title Match 2/29/92 ****3/4 0. Midnight Express vs Rock 'n' Roll Express--WCW Wrestle War 1990 2/25/90 ****1/4 0. Bret & Owen Hart vs The Steiners--WWF House Show Florence, SC 1/11/94 ****3/4 0. Rick Rude vs The Ultimate Warrior--WWF Summer Slam 1989 Intercontinental Title Match 8/28/89 **** 0. Mitsuharu Misawa vs Stan Hansen--AJPW Triple Crown Match 8/22/92 ***3/4 0. Vader vs Sting--WCW Super Brawl III White Castle of Fear Strap Match 2/21/93 ****3/4 0. Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs Ric Flair & Vader--WCW Slamboree 1995 5/21/95 ***1/2 0. The Steiners vs Money Inc.--WWF Summer Slam Spectacular 1993 WWF Tag Team Title Steel Cage Match 8/22/93, taped 8/16/93 ****1/4 0. Mitsuharu Misawa & Toshiaki Kawada vs The Miracle Violence Comnection--AJPW Tag Team Title Match 7/24/91 ***1/2 0. Sabu vs The Sandman--ECW House Party 1998 Stairway to Hell Ladder Match 1/10/98 **3/4 0. Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome--ECW Heat Wave 1998 8/1/98 ***3/4 0. Diesel vs Bam Bam Bigelow--WWF Raw WWF Championship Match 4/24/95 ***1/2 0. The British Bulldog vs Shawn Michaels--WWF One Night Only WWF European Title Match 9/20/97 **** 0. Brock Lesnar vs The Rock--SummerSlam 2002 WWE Undisputed Championship Match 8/25/02 **** 0. El Dandy vs Satanico--EMLL 2/3 Falls Hair vs Hair Match 12/14/90 ****3/4 0. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs AJ Styles & Matt Sydal--ROH 4th Anniversary Show ROH World Tag Team Title Match 2/25/06 ***1/2 0. Sabu vs Abyss--TNA Turning Point 2005 Barbed Wire Massacre Match 12/11/05 *** 0. The Midnight Express vs Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk--WCW Capital Combat 1990 US Tag Team Title Match 5/19/90 ****1/4 0. Raven vs The Sandman--ECW World Title Barbed Wire Match 12/7/96 ***3/4 0. Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka--ECW November to Remember ECW World Title Match 11/7/99 **** 0. Atsushi Onita vs. Terry Funk--FMW Barbed Wire Exploding Ring Death Match 5/5/93 **** 0. Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich--WCCW Christmas Wrestling Star Wars NWA World Title Match 12/25/82 **** 0. Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe--TNA Genesis 2006 11/19/06 ****1/4 0. Combat Toyoda vs Megumi Kudo--FMW 7th Anniversary Show Barbed Wire Exploding Death Match 5/5/96 **** 0. Ted DiBiase vs Jim Duggan--Mid-South No DQ, Loser Leaves Town, Coal Miner's Glove on a Pole, Tuxedo, Cage Match 3/22/85 **** 0. Lord Steven Regal vs Arn Anderson--WCW Saturday Night World TV Title Match 12/7/96 **1/2 0. Doom vs The Steiners--WCW Capital Combat 1990 NWA World Tag Team Title Match 5/19/90 ***3/4 0. Ric Flair vs Lex Luger--WCW Capital Combat 1990 NWA World Title Steel Cage Match **** 0. Stan Hansen & Genichiro Tenryu vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu--AJPW Real World Tag League Finals 12/6/89 ****3/4 0. Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero--CMLL 81 Anniversary Show 2/3 Falls Mask vs Mask Match 9/19/14 **** 0. Barry Windham vs Lex Luger--WCW Great American Bash 1991 WCW World Title Steel Cage Match 7/14/91 *** 0. Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine--NWA Starrcade 1983 Dog Collar Match 11/24/83 **** 0. Ric Flair vs Rick Rude--WCW Fall Brawl 1993 WCW International World Title Match 9/19/93 **3/4 0. Negro Casas vs El Hijo del Santo--CMLL Mask vs Hair Match 9/17/97 **** 0. Seth Rollins vs Rob Van Dam vs Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston vs Dean Ambrose--WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Money in the Bank Ladder Match 6/29/14 ****1/2 0. Shawn Michaels & Steve Austin vs Owen Hart & British Bulldog--WWF Raw WWF World Tag Team Title Match 5/26/97 ****1/4 0. Steve Austin vs Triple H vs The Undertaker--WWF No Mercy UK 1999 WWF Championship No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match 5/16/99 ***1/4 0. Authors of Pain vs Sanity--NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 3 NXT Tag Team Title Match 8/19/17 ***3/4 0. Bobby Roode vs Drew McIntyre--NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 3 NXT Title Match 8/19/17 ***1/2 0. Vader, Sid Vicious, & Harlem Heat vs Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes, & Shockmaster--WCW Fall Brawl 1993 War Games 9/19/93 **1/2 0. Honky Tonk Man & Hart Foundation vs Randy Savage & Strike Force--WWF House Show Boston Steel Cage Match 3/5/88 *** 0. Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels--TNA Unbreakable 2005 X-Division Title Triple Threat Match 9/11/05 ***** 0. Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg--WWE WrestleMania 33 WWE Universal Title Match 4/2/17 ***1/2 0. The Steiners vs The Hell Raisers--NJPW Tokyo Dome 1/4/93 ***1/2 0. John Cena vs Baron Corbin--WWE Summer Slam 2017 8/20/17 ** 0. New Day vs The Usos--WWE SummerSlam 2017 Smackdown Tag Team Title Match 8/20/17 *** 0. Natalya vs Naomi--WWE SummerSlam 2017 Smackdown Women's Title Match 8/20/27 **1/2 0. Big Show vs Big Cass--WWE SummerSlam 2017 8/20/17 DUD 0. Randy Orton vs Rusev-- WWE SummerSlam 2017 8/20/17 DUD 0. Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss--WWE SummerSlam 2017 Raw Women's Title Match 8/20/17 **1/2 0. Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt--WWE SummerSlam *** 0. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus & Cesaro--WWE SummerSlam 2017 Raw Tag Team Title Match 8/20/17 **** 0. AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens--WWE SummerSlam 2017 US Title Match Special Referee: Shane McMahon 8/20/17 ***1/4 0. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jinder Mahal--WWE SummerSlam 2017 WWE Championship Match 8/20/17 **1/2 0. Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe--WWE SummerSlam 2017 Universal Championship Fatal 4 Way Match 8/20/17 ****1/2 0. Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi vs Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue--AJPW World Tag Team Title Match 6/9/95 ***** 0. Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat--WWF WrestleMania III Intercontinental Title Match 3/29/87 ***** 0. Andre the Giant vs Stan Hansen--NJPW 9/23/81 ****1/4 0. MS-1 vs Sangre Chicana--EMLL 9/23/83 ****3/4 0. Genichiro Tenryu vs Keiji Muto--AJPW Triple Crown Match 6/8/01 **** 0. Hulk Hogan & The Great Muta vs The Hell Raisers--NJPW 9/23/93 ***3/4 0. Bryan Danielson vs Takeshi Morishima--ROH Manhattan Mayhem II ROH World Title Match 8/25/07 ***** 0. Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy vs Genichiro Tenryu & Toshiaki Kawada--AJPW RWTL Finals 12/16/88 ***** 0. Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake vs Randy Savage & Zeus--WWF SummerSlam 1989 8/28/89 *** 0. Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka--ECW on TNN ECW World Title Match 12/24/99 ***3/4 0. Mitsuharu Misawa, Toshiaki Kawada, & Kenta Kobashi vs Jumbo Tsuruta, Akita Taue, & Masa Fuchi--AJPW 10/19/90 ****3/4 0. Midnight Express vs The Fantastics--NWA Clash of the Champions 1 US Tag Team Title Match 3/27/88 ****1/2 0. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker--WWF Bad Blood: In Your House Hell in a Cell Match 10/5/97 ***** 0. Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.--WCW Halloween Havoc 1997 Cruiserweight Title Match Title vs Mask 10/26/97 ***** 0. John Cena vs Umaga--WWE Royal Rumble 2007 WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match 1/28/07 ***** 0. Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho--WWE WrestleMania XIX 3/30/03 ****1/2 0. Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage--WWF The Main Event WWF Championship Match Special Referee: James "Buster" Douglas 2/23/90 ***1/2 0. Sting vs Big Van Vader--WCW Great American Bash 1992 WCW World Title Match 7/12/92 ***** 0. Sting, Brian Pillman, & The Steiners vs Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Larry Zbyszko, & Sid Vicious--WCW Wrestle War 1991 War Games 2/24/91 ***** 0. Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi vs Steve Williams & Johnny Ace--AJPW RWTL Finals 1994 12/10/94 **** 0. Brock Lesnar vs John Cena--WWE SummerSlam 2014 WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match 8/17/14 **** 0. Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon--WWF SummerSlam 1995 Intercontinental Title Ladder Match 8/27/95 ****3/4 0. Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker--WWE No Mercy 2002 WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match 10/20/02 ****3/4 0. Jack Brisco vs Giant Baba--AJPW NWA World Title 2/3 Falls Match 12/2/74 ***1/2 0. Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle--WWE WrestleMania 21 4/3/05 ***** 0. Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho--WWE No Mercy 2008 World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match 10/5/08 ****3/4 0. Akira Hokuto vs Shinobu Kandori--AJW Dream Slam 4/2/93 ****1/2 0. Tully Blanchard vs Magnum T.A.--NWA Starrcade 1985 US Title I Quit Steel Cage Match 11/28/85 ***** 0. Ric Flair vs Tatsumi Fujinami--WCW Super Brawl WCW World Title Match 5/19/91 *** 0. Strike Force Team vs Hart Foundation Team--WWF Survivor Series 1987 11/26/87 **** 0. Mitsuharu Misawa vs Toshiaki Kawada--AJPW Triple Crown Title Match 6/3/94 ***** 0. Demolition Team vs Powers of Pain Team--WWF Survivor Series 1988 11/24/88 ****1/2 0. Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage--WWF WrestleMania V WWF Championship Match 4/2/89 **** 0. Takashi Iizuka & Yuji Nagata vs Toshiaki Kawada & Masa Fuchi--NJPW 2nd Judgment 12/14/00 ****3/4 0. Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair--WCW Bash at the Beach 1994 WCW World Title Match 7/17/94 **** 0. Hulk Hogan vs Big Boss Man--WWF Saturday Night's Main Event WWF Championship Steel Cage Match 5/27/89 ***3/4 0. Kenta Kobashi vs Mitsuharu Misawa--AJPW Triple Crown Title Match 1/20/97 ***** 
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2018.06.03 08:51 clearliquidclearjar TALLAHASSEE EVENTS 6/3 – 6/12

The 10th is my birthday, which makes this Buy Hank A Beer If You See Him Out Week.
At Myrtle Creek Farm, June 2 and 3 are Opening Weekend of the U-Pick Blueberry Season. “We’ll be open Saturday and Sunday (June 2 & 3) from 8am to 7:30pm. Check out our Facebook page and website for more details. We’ll start normal hours the second weekend in June (Saturday and Sunday 8am to noon and 4pm to 7:30pm-ish). Hope to see y’all there!”
Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:
  • Goodwood Museum: Ice Cream Social with Apalachicola Riverkeeper. “Join supporters of Apalachicola Riverkeeper for an Ice Cream Social and live music with Below the Dam Band. Meet our RiverTrek 2018 team and hear a watershed update from our Riverkeeper.” 2pm/$10
  • Levy Park: 1st Kickball Game Of The Year. 4pm
  • The Wolf’s Den (135 Dixie Drive): Palberta, Permanent Makeup, Galion, BSBM. 7:30pm/$5
  • Junction @ Monroe: Monday Night Bingo. “Good food, good drinks, good friends, and a chance to win some big cashola! It doesn't get any better than [email protected]. Every Monday from 7pm-9pm we've got cash payouts up to $250 per game with multiple games each night PLUS a 50/50 drawing each week benefitting the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild.” 7pm-9pm
  • Lofty Pursuits: Game Night. 7pm
  • Blue Tavern (N Monroe St): Lost Mondays hosted by Belmont & Jones. “Antique blues played acoustical.” 8pm/$2
  • Waterworks: Singles Patio Theater. “It’s summer with temps in the 90s and this week’s movie, too! Set in ‘92 Seattle, we get grunge, Gen-Xers, and even the SuperSonics! Directed by Cameron Crowe and starring Matt Dillon, Kyra Sedgwick, Bridget Fonda, and indie film guy of the 90s, Campbell Scott! We’ll watch it under the stars on The Patio!” 7:35pm/21+
  • Finnegan’s Irish Pub: Karaoke with DJ Paul Cornish and Hospitality Night. “If you're a hospitality worker, don't forget to bring your most recent paystub or work schedule to receive that sweet 25% discount!” 10pm
  • Gamescape: Board Game Night. “I am trying to get a bi-monthly board game group together to play at Gamescape Cafe. We are trying a few different days. Please come out and join us, or vote for the your preferred day (Mondays and Wednesdays seem to have the most interest so far). We have some demo games at Gamescape, but also feel free to bring a games (or games) of your choice.” 5pm
  • GrassLands Brewing: Green Drinks by Sustainable Tallahassee. “Our speakers, Cara Fleischer, Sam Adams, and Patrick Love, will be covering the three major components of Citizens Climate Lobby and the positive momentum that CCL is building in Congress to significantly address climate change. Sustainable Tallahassee has endorsed Citizens Climate Lobby’s Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal to Congress. You'll learn what it is and how we can support the CCL efforts.” 5:30pm
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “Find your favorite local goodies now on Tuesdays! Join us at Frenchtown Farmers Market for all-local produce, eggs, gourmet jelly, and more. The market opens at 3pm and we're here until 7pm, so come after you pick the kids up from school or on your way home from work. We can double SNAP benefits through the Fresh Access Bucks program. Our farmers accept WIC and Senior farmers market nutrition program coupons.” 3pm-7pm.
  • Junction @ Monroe: Live Rehearsal Tuesdays. “Tuesdays are Live Rehearsals at [email protected]. Sponsored by the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild. Utilize our complete backline and PA for rehearsals, jams, or hold auditions. Up to one hour slots (or more depending on number of signups) per artist/group.” 4pm
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Trivia. 7pm
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. Lively and fun. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Trivia Factory. 7:30pm
  • Midtown Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. Food! Beer! Something random in a bag! 8pm/free
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Karaoke with DJRah. 9pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Trivia Tuesday! 9:30pm
  • Applebee’s on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • Tully Gym: Bachata Lesson New Location! “Come out and learn to dance Bachata! No partner or experience needed!! Please note that we will be in a NEW LOCATION. This week we are meeting in Tully Gym on FSU campus, located across from the Leach. Please call me if you have any questions (850)322-4399.” 7:30pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: The Disaster Artist & The Room: Trash Cinema Tuesday. 7:30pm
  • Bird's Oyster Shack: Lab Sessions featuring Jim Crozier featuring Holly Riley. 6pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Trivia. 7pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings: Trivia With Greg. 7pm
  • Burrito Boarder: Dungeons & Dragons. “Different adventures every week. Beginners welcome.” 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: BYOBG! Bring Your Own Board Game. “Our gracious host, Trevor Bond, will be featuring one game each week. Feel free to bring your own games to play & share.” 7pm/21+
  • Junction @ Monroe: Bike Night, Bingo, and Karaoke. 7pm
  • Black Dog on the Square: Settlers of Catan Game Night. 7pm
  • Proof: Bar Trivia With Hank. “Drink delicious brews and show off all those random factoids you thought you’d never use. Local beer, local trivia in the heart of Tally’s Art District. They now have the MoBi food truck every week! Bar tab for 1st and 2nd place teams.” 7:30pm/21+/no cover
  • Cancuns: Singo (like Bingo but with music). 8pm
  • Island Wings: Wine Down Wednesday featuring Steve Johnson. 8pm
  • All Saints Club: The Warehouse Open Mic Lives! 8pm
  • Finnegan’s Wake: Waxy Wednesdays. “Feelin' waxy, Tallahassee? That's probably just because it's Wednesday. At Finnegan's Wake, Waxy Wednesday means DJ Ryze will be hitting our floor again to spin some vinyl and get your feet moving tonight. Feeling a bit sour, girls? Not to worry- we'll also have some fantastic $5 drink specials going for all those Tallahassee ladies looking for a bit of fun. Come out and help us get the party started!” 8pm
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Mark. 9pm
  • Krewe de Gras: DÉJÀ VU Latin Wednesdays. “FREE Salsa/Mambo classes by Barry C. Williams. The duration of the class is 9-10 and having a partner is not necessary. If you've never danced Salsa/Mambo before then don't worry about it. The classes are made to be easy and fun so you can come learn some moves and then stay and dance until 2am to the sounds of DJ Jimmy Suave.” 9pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Corner Pocket: Karaoke. 9pm
  • Bird’s: Comedy Night. I’m pretty sure this is both a performance and an open mic. 9:30pm/free
  • The Bark on All Saints: Karaoke with Nathan. “Nathan has all the songs you could ever want, The Bark is a great space, and there’s a very friendly crowd. If you’re not really into the fratty or country karaoke scene, this may be your spot. They have mixed drinks, bountiful beer options, and amazing vegan/vegetarian food until 2 am – and I say that as a staunch omnivore.” 9:30pm
  • Fire Betty’s: Karaoke with DJ Paul Cornish. 10pm
  • 926: Dragged Out Wednesday. “We have Twice the Show! Twice the the DJ and Twice the Fun! Start the night with Cole during The Hours Of Happy and then finish the evening with Rebecca as they sling the magic behind the Bar. Hungry? Well Chris NoChill has you covered! He'll be rocking the kitchen all night! Then join the KingzKru for Showtime at 10:30 and Midnight while our DJ and She-J's Garion Djgg Grant and Izzy B (Isabella Berrios) keep the Dance Deck moving and you enjoying the party!” 10pm
  • Mission San Luis: Archaeological Site & Lab Tour. “Join our Mission San Luis archaeologist on the first Wednesday of the month for a tour of Tallahassee’s only National Historic Landmark from an archeological perspective. Learn how the site was excavated and what was discovered about the Apalachee and Spanish residents from over 300 years ago!” 11am
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II. 7:30pm
  • Sharkey St: Yalla Stockings, Morgan Eldridge Tba. 8pm/$5
  • Lake Ella Area: Food Truck Thursday with the Avis Berry Band. 5:30pm
  • Kleman Plaza: Free Downtown YOGA! 6pm
  • Hurricane Wings: Double Take. 6pm
  • Beef O’Brady’s: AJ Johnson Trivia. 6:30pm
  • Hurricane: Ballistic Bingo. 7pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: RuPaul Drag Race Viewing Party. 7pm-10pm
  • Skybox: $10 Cornhole Tourney. 7:30pm
  • La Fiesta: Trivia. 7:30pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Karaoke and Dance Party. 8pm
  • Warhorse: AV Trivia Night, Hank’s Birthday Style. “5 rounds, from pop culture to serious subjects. ALL SOUND AND PIC ROUNDS THIS WEEK! Covers, backwards, movie themes, pop stars, classic rock, 90s hip hop, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT ALL! And yes, we'll be having a Lip Sync round, and yes it'll be Disney songs this week.” 8pm
  • Dux (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Big Bob. $25 bar tab given away every week. 8:30pm-12:30pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Open Mic Night. “Sign-ups will begin at 7:30pm and be on a first come, first serve basis. Each getting around 12-15 minutes to perform. The first artist will begin at 8:30pm. Each artist will receive a FREE beer for their performance.” 8:30pm
  • Midtown Caboose: Trivia Factory. “General Knowledge, 20 questions + Wager Final. $35/$25/$15, and Best Team Name gets a round of shots.” 8pm
  • Island Wings: Bike Night. “A night dedicated just to you! We have a special menu just for those who ride their motorcycles to the restaurant, there is designated up front parking for your bikes, and live music on the patio from 8pm-11pm. There's no better place to eat, hang out with your friends, and show off your ride.” 8pm
  • Unique Wonders: Live Comedy with Big Hou! 8:30pm/$5
  • Junction @ Monroe: Comedy Zone: Frank Del Pizzo & Mark Evans. 9pm
  • Pockets: Karaoke Dance Party with Keith Welch. 9pm/21+
  • Brass Tap Midtown: Karaoke with DJ Rah. 9pm-Midnight
  • 926 Bar and Grill: Bass Parade: Ladies of Bass. 9pm
  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke with Nathan. All the songs. $1 Pabst drafts. 10pm
  • Black Dog on the Square: Faith Eidse and Trish MacEnulty. 7pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: The Final Sacrifice: MST3K Thursday Special Screening. 7:30pm
  • Blue Tavern: Old Porch Swing Featuring David Langston, Dennis Hardin, Dave Dickel, and Jim Crozier. 8pm/$2
  • Finnegan’s Wake: Kevin Whoo. 8pm
  • American Legion Hall: THE SHED LIVE - It's not just a show, it's a vibe! “MUSICMASTERS proudly presents THE SHED LIVE! From the creators of Tallahassee Nights Live, it's a place where the best musicians and vocalists gather to show off their individual talents. 3-4 piece band competitions for prizes! A controlled open mic for the serious performers. Do you think you have what it takes to shed with your peers? Come prepared to "shed" with the best at THE SHED LIVE!” 8pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Pat Puckett in the Backstage Garden. 6pm-8pm
  • Hobbit South: Karaoke with Paul. 8pm-Midnight/all ages
  • Leggetts: Karaoke presented by Galen Goram. 9pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Island Wing Company: Friday Night Unwind. “End your work week on the island with live music on the patio at 9pm. Come enjoy some great food, drinks with your friends, and unwind.” 9pm
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Devin Cywinski. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Hobbit West: Melody Trucks Band. “Friday night at the Hobbit we will be having a variety of comedy! From stand Up to Improv where the whole crowd can participate. 2 fro 1 drink specials all night with some of the best food in the city. All hosted by Big Hou!!” 10pm
  • 926 Lounge: The Hot Friday Night Party - May the Fourth Edition. “Tallahassee's premier LGBTQA Hot Friday Night Party returns to kick off your weekend with another fabulous Friday night! This Friday is May The Fourth (insert Star Wars reference here) - so feel free to bring out your nerdy best. If that's not enough, after midnight, it becomes Cinco de Mayo as well - it's an amazing party weekend!” 10pm
  • Geo's Pub & Pool (both locations): Karaoke. 10pm-1am
  • John Wesley UMC: Capitol Bells "Elements" Concert. 7pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Hank's Singalong Birthday. “You know how, when you watch porn, you skip any "plot" and just go to the good scenes? This is like that, except with musicals. Join Hank in celebrating his 42nd birthday with a choice selection of just the musical numbers from a number of movie musicals. Sing along - indulge your inner dork. If you don't know Hank but this sounds like fun, come on down!” 7:30pm
  • Elk’s Club: Energy Ball 2018. “SAVE THE DATE! Join us for fun dancing, great food and drinks, a silent auction, and recognition! We are excited for our bands: Avis Berry and Friends, Garnet and Soul, and the Jerry Thigpen Trio.” 8pm
  • Black Dog on the Square: Cameron Gilson. 8pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Melody Trucks Band. 8pm
  • Proof: Southern Latitude Band. 8pm
  • The Wilbury: Tuesday Supper Club/Lil' Grizzly/Dusty Gravelers. 8pm/free
  • Fifth & Thomas: Catfish Alliance. 9pm/21+/free
  • Market Square: Tallahassee Farmer's Market. 8am-3pm
  • Downtown: Tallahassee Downtown Market. “Fresh from the garden local produce for fixing up that cool melon bowl. Fresh baked bread with jams and jellies just like granny made. Unique arts and craft gifts for you and yours all hand made by the artist in the booth. Come relax under the majestic oak on Park Ave at Monroe street as you listen to our own singer song writer Paul Harbin across the street from the Doubletree by Hilton. Want to be a vendor please join us! Information is available at or call the office at 850-224-3252. Thanks.” 10am-2pm
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “Find your favorite local goodies! Join us at Frenchtown Farmers Market for all-local produce, eggs, gourmet jelly, and more. We can double SNAP benefits through the Fresh Access Bucks program. Our farmers accept WIC and Senior farmers market nutrition program coupons.” 10am – 2pm.
  • Gamescape: Game Tally Saturday Board Gaming. “Meeting weekly in Tallahassee, Florida, we seek to promote and offer public opportunities to learn new games and make new friends in a relaxed, fun environment.” Noon
  • The Plant: Open Mike Jam Session. “Come to the plant and jam! Singing, music, spoken word, dance, all are welcome at this weekly open mic jam session.” 4pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke presented by Galen Goram. 9pm
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Mark. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary: Tallahassee’s Longest Running Goth Night. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Tallahassee Nurseries: FNGLA Scholarship Plant Sale. “Tallahassee Nurseries is hosting the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscapers Assoc. Scholarship Plant Sale. Many nurseries from around the Tallahassee area donate plants for this sale, and the proceeds go towards a scholarship for someone furthering their education in horticulture. Come in early for best selection.” 9am
  • Native Nurseries: Forage a Meal from Your Own Back Yard! “Medicinal and edible native plants are growing all around us! Join St. Marks’ Ranger, Scott Davis, as he shares his comprehensive knowledge in a two-hour presentation, which will be followed by a walking tour of the nursery grounds to scout and receive some hands on-on guidance of edible and medicinal plants. Class size limited; call 386-8882 to register.” 10am/$10
  • Fred George Greenway: Daisy Lou & The J Crew Book Release. “There will be a book signing, music provided by @boogieg305, All-You-Can-Eat mini pancakes and taste-y treats curated by Chef CC, Slime station, a special performance by @andthejcrew AND MUCH MORE. This is a FREE but ticketed event so get your ticket NOW! A special "Thank You" will be given to the first 20 people who pre-orders the book! Daisy Lou & The J Crew is a brand new children’s book series dedicated to keeping your young reader engaged. Take a journey with Jolt, Jazzy, Joy and Jay as they discover and learn life’s ups and downs with their fairy Godmom, Daisy Lou.” 10am
  • Challenger: SCIturday at the CLC - Bee-Bot Scramble. “Bits and Bees! Have a great time learning how to program these adorable robot bees. Through simple programming, the bees will follow your commands and complete challenges.” 10am
  • Esposito: Getting fired up for Father's Day. “We're getting fired up for Father's Day by grilling your favorite BBQ items Saturday afternoon, June 9th. Father's Day is around the corner. What better way to get your dad, or a dad you know a grill related gift? A spokesman from Weber grills will be there to answer any grill related questions you may have. While you're tasting the delicious food from our multiple grills, we also have plenty of gift ideas for dad throughout the store. Bring your family, bring a friend, and bring your appetite!” 11am
  • Studio D: Kizomba Summer Bash. “KIZOMBA: Davidson from Kizflo is our Kizomba specialist. Kizflo is a Dance company focused on educating and promoting awareness of Kizomba, Kompa and Bachata. Davidson has come to Tallahassee every 3 months to get our dancers trained and comfortable with kizomba.” 3pm
  • Blue Tavern: Warren Sutton, Andrew Grimm & Ellen Cherry. 7pm/$5
  • Centre of Tallahassee: Nashville Night in The Saloon. “Featuring live music by Eric & Ben from Tobacco Rd... Special guest Old Soul Revival.” 7pm/21+
  • The Warrior at the River: LD 50 led by Justin Lee Partin featuring Caliber. 7pm/$10
  • Backwoods Bistro: Acme Rhythm and Blues with the FZB Horns. 7pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Tallahassee Punk & Indie Karaoke. “LAST PUNK AND INDIE KARAOKE NIGHT IN TALLAHASSEE! I'm moving away from my beloved Tallahassee, so this will be the last punk and indie karaoke night at Cap City Video Lounge. Sing the songs you won't find anywhere else. Video karaoke with The Misfits, The Dead Kennedys, NOFX, The Mountain Goats, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Talking Heads, Screaming Females, Pixies, and more! Check out for the complete catalog.” 8pm
  • Black Dog on the Square: The Bob Dogan Quartet. 8pm
  • Michee Faust Theater: Pulse Wake. “June 12th marks two years since the tragedy of the Pulse shooting. This year, Mickee Faust will be honoring lives lost and looking at how our lives- and others- were impacted by the shooting. Join us for a night of performances in the air-conditioned Faust Schnittman Theater, followed by a commemorative champagne toast and dance party in the Faust backyard. Suggested donation: $10 at door. All proceeds will benefit organizations in the Orlando area continuing to support survivors and families of the Pulse shooting.” 8pm
-The Wilbury: Earthless, Here Lies Man, Smoke Mountain, Dreadship. 8pm/$15/18+
  • All Saints Club: pOp Up 2.5 Warehouse Dance Party. 8pm/21+/free
  • Junction @ Monroe: Frank Jones Band. 8pm/$10
  • Fifth & Thomas: Two Foot Level. 9pm
  • Indianhead Factory: Kitty Palooza. “Join us at Indianhead Factory for a benefit for Black Cats & Old Dogs Animal Rescue. There will be live music from Astronaut Therapy and Andrew Vinson. Also art and vendors!” 5pm
  • Athena’s Garden: Herb Class. 2pm
  • The Junction @ Monroe: Sunday Afternoon Bingo. “This isn't your grandma's bingo! We have a blast with some very cool folks. Cash prizes.” 5pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Cancuns: Reggae Sunday. 6pm
  • Finnegan’s Wake: Irish Music Session. 7pm
  • 926: Sunday Rewind. “Your favorite songs and videos are back again this Sunday at 926 with no cover before midnight!!! 926 is proud to present another addition of the Sunday Rewind - join us as we revisit some of the best music and videos from the last 40 years. Start your night with happy hour featuring Trivia Rewind with Erik from 7 to 9 in the pub. The club side opens up at 10 when DJ Matthew East and VJ Carben will be spinning all your favorite hits and videos from the 80s, 90s and 2000s even throwing in a few from the 70s as well. Rebecca and Branden will be serving up all your favorite drinks along with our amazing 926 food.” 7pm/No cover if you are in line before 12. After 12, cover is just $5 for 18+
  • Birds: Sunday Funnies Free Comedy Show. 7:30pm
  • Turkey Hill Farms: 2018 Tomato Festival. “The perfect way to kick off summer in Tallahassee! Tomato tasting, Tomato competitions - biggest, smallest, ugliest, best-tasting and most colorful, Cake walk & kid zone, Dunking booth & photo booth, Tomato sandwiches! Silent auction packed with local restaurant & farm basket certificates. Families are encouraged to bring a covered-dish to share and their picnic gear, complete with utensils. Camp chairs or picnic blanket suggested. Food, including tasty tomato sandwiches, can also be purchased at the Tomato Festival.” 4pm/$10
  • All Saints Club: June Shimmy Caravan. 6:30pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Magic Mike Tour. “Attention ladies, direct from the entertainment capital of the world, the Magic Mike Tour All Star Male Revue. We are the hottest male revue in the nation. To date, 3 million women have witnessed our first class stages hunks, live and in the flesh! Appearances include VH1, Fox News, GQ, International Male magazine, and countless others. The ultimate Vegas experience is coming to perform for one night only, so plan to be part of the biggest ladies night ever and come out to see the 2018 Magic Mike Tour! Guaranteed to entice and intrigue women of all ages!! This hard body team is ready to bring you the most electrifying show that you don't want to miss! Grab your girlfriends and plan to have a girls night out like no other! Ladies, buy your tickets early to beat the crowd at the door!” 8:30pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Monday Night Bingo. “Good food, good drinks, good friends, and a chance to win some big cashola! It doesn't get any better than [email protected]. Every Monday from 7pm-9pm we've got cash payouts up to $250 per game with multiple games each night PLUS a 50/50 drawing each week benefitting the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild.” 7pm-9pm
  • Lofty Pursuits: Game Night. 7pm
  • Blue Tavern (N Monroe St): Lost Mondays hosted by Belmont & Jones. “Antique blues played acoustical.” 8pm/$2
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 7:35pm/21+
  • Finnegan’s Irish Pub: Karaoke with DJ Paul Cornish and Hospitality Night. “If you're a hospitality worker, don't forget to bring your most recent paystub or work schedule to receive that sweet 25% discount!” 10pm
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “Find your favorite local goodies now on Tuesdays! Join us at Frenchtown Farmers Market for all-local produce, eggs, gourmet jelly, and more. The market opens at 3pm and we're here until 7pm, so come after you pick the kids up from school or on your way home from work. We can double SNAP benefits through the Fresh Access Bucks program. Our farmers accept WIC and Senior farmers market nutrition program coupons.” 3pm-7pm.
  • Junction @ Monroe: Live Rehearsal Tuesdays. “Tuesdays are Live Rehearsals at [email protected]. Sponsored by the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild. Utilize our complete backline and PA for rehearsals, jams, or hold auditions. Up to one hour slots (or more depending on number of signups) per artist/group.” 4pm
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Trivia. 7pm
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. Lively and fun. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Trivia Factory. 7:30pm
  • Midtown Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. Food! Beer! Something random in a bag! 8pm/free
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Karaoke with DJRah. 9pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Trivia Tuesday! 9:30pm
  • Applebee’s on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Barbarella & Space Thing 50th Anniversary: Trash Cinema Tuesday. 7:30pm
  • The Bark: Sammy Heck (MD), Tragwag, Soft Pink, Cooper. 8:30pm/$5/all ages
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